Review: Kamen Rider Decade FFR (Final Form Ride) Series 04 Faiz

henshin welcome back guys you've had me here once again and after decade went to blades world he went to Pfizer's world whoo this is the video review for Fito farm ride zero for kamen rider Faiz and kamen ratifies comes with quite a bit of stuff and he is definitely one of the better better figures out there so yeah let's get started so Faiz here has some pretty good articulation we have a ball jointed foot a bend in the knee we have a swivel right here we have a waist joint we have a ball jointed head we have this nice little pin and socket over here bicep swivel wrist swivel though I haven't utilized mine yet so it's still there we go I didn't break it in for the first time and fingers move two at a time now as far as all the kibble on him goes there is lots of options you have we'll take a look at him with everything on and then everything off in a minute so here he is as he is when he comes out of the packaging the most you can do action will do the off first is you can pull these little foot bits off so I think that looks pretty good to be honest I mean except for this big back like this is almost just a straight up Phi's figure like no extra crap as you can see you can't take this off without a screwdriver right there there you go you can see the screw on both sides so yeah I mean you could take this off and you just have a little bump there for the hinge but you know that's a lot more work than just snapping these these just slide in and out so that is about as little as you can go again without a screwdriver you could take that off also so he is definitely one of the better figures in the for just for the simple fact that I mean he can be a just regular Phi's he doesn't have to why can't I pop this back in he doesn't have to there we go he's not bound by his his transformation like some other riders are there's definitely definitely a lot worse riders out there as far as you know being limited in aesthetics based on their transformation fives definitely got lucky on this one now for the rest of his accessories he comes with the case that FISA stores his belt in all his gear in so there's the case he has these two bits as you can see right here which for some reason pop apart I don't know what these that's supposed to do for them popping apart but you can plug these on under his arms there's little pegs right there and there's little pegs in here I forget which way these go like so that's right because you want them covering the hands because this this is mostly for blaster form but nothing stopping you from putting it on you know thighs like this and you can pretend that they're little like flamethrowers are little like blasters that he's holding underneath kind of like um what's his name Saiga Saiga has something like this attached to his backpack which is also a jet pack and he shoots like from right over here so you can do that he comes with his gun which is very nice he comes with his sword which is very nice and he comes with this little bit right here which can plug onto the side of him like that and Faiz is the only one to come with extra pieces that I can think of off the top of my head because yeah he comes with his sword and his gun which aren't gonna do anything in transformation but he's the only one to do that because I'm thinking real quick koogler doesn't do what Auggie Ito doesn't do it Ryu key all his bits he has a lot of accessories too but all his pieces are utilized for the transformation blade sword is using the transformation I know Hibiki I like heaping he comes with his little drumsticks and those aren't using that in the transformation but you do give them to technically you give them to decades so you can kind of argue that oh and momotaro's comes with his weapons so yeah I guess I guess he's not the only rider but not all of them come with extra pieces that aren't necessary for the transformation speaking of transformation let's get into it so if these aren't on you want them on basically fold the head so it's forward or not full but just make it forward flip this over pop both of these out so you can get a little extra you can see there's in there's out flip them up and rotate them around like so so they're facing this way plug the legs together this bit the legs action don't plug together you plug them together at this bit and fold it out and for the most part you're done I mean this is you can see the blaster form right there kind of fold this fists away it's just a bunch of like little adjustments to get what you want you take this piece off and you plug it in on the side now so that way you do have a handle for decade to grab on to and then you come right here to his chest and you pull this out so now you have your handle and there's the Phi's blaster in all its glory but as you can see it's difficult to stand on its own doesn't stand very high and we both know that there's no way a figure is going to be able to hold it without some sort of support that is what this case is for I really appreciate that they included this and I really appreciate that it actually I mean the case was in Phi's so it's something that we recognize and it's something that helps with this form so open it up rotate the handle away so you have this little peg and then flip this down so you have a stand like so so if we split his legs you can see that there's two little divots in his inner thigh and you just plug this in either way close it up plugging it in to the other side as well and then just reclip the tip of the gun together and now you have a stand he doesn't really balance super well on his own with this you really do need a figure on this end count oh no there we go I got it oh I lost it I lost it um you kind of do need a figure on this end to counterbalance it but I like that they included some sort of stand and that is the Phi's blaster in a nutshell guys so definitely one of the better I'm just gonna kind of do this there we go balances like that so definitely one of the better figures in the line and one of the ones I highly recommend over a lot of the other figures out there Phi's is definitely in the top tier of the final form ride figures but anyways guys that's gonna just about do it for this video thank you so much for watching to find out what world decade travel to next stay tuned tomorrow for the next video until then guys have a wonderful day and I'll see you next time

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