Review: Kamen Rider Decade FFR (Final Form Ride) Series 08 Den-o

henshin welcome back guys Japan may here once again and from ugly toes world two demos we're looking at kamen rider demo final form ride number eight so denno here is an interesting one he's very silly he just turned into Momotaro sand we're gonna do a comparison with these so Taku henshin momotaro's to see how good this momotaro's is spoiler alert this one's better but it's a good attempt I like it I would've been really interested in seeing if the end had the card that made his final form ride the dead liner I would have been really interested to see how they pulled that off but yeah so as far as accessories he does come with his den gasher in sword mode which is actually pretty nice he can hold it and then he comes with his uh I think it was the common saber or something like that I've it's been a while since I said I know really great season this is one of my favorites though I am forgetting the names of stuff these masks do come off so you can put you have to put them on yourself and I think I got the order right if that's wrong I'm sorry but you do have to put them on yourself and yeah it's really cool that we got this weapon because he never used it in this form in the decades show at least um so I I wasn't expecting it to come with that but it did so that's really nice deados actually got all the articulation he actually even has extra because his knees can go the other way because it was transformation as you can see on the back I mean we're starting I like how they still you know we still got the the ax form motif going on so it still feels like denno but the legs are clearly Momo so yeah he's actually got the best articulation out of all of them cuz it's all the articulation a little limited in the head but all the articulation that decade did and then a little bit more because of the way his joints have to you know go backwards and stuff so pretty cool pretty cool overall and now we'll just get into the transformation so rotate the feet around and then rotate him around and just spin them at the waist now rotate the arms and fold it in so we do have these little red bits showing you can't really change the feet or the actual hands but it's okay now take his chest and split it fold it up on his shoulders and last but not least open this rotate the head around and plug it back in and there is momotaro's looking okay it's you know it's not a bad most harvest by any means would have been cool if you had a foot swap or a hand swap because I mean these foots are just ball joints anyway these can just pop off already the hands not so much but it would have been kind of cool to see and again what's nice about this figure is it retains all the same articulation because it really hasn't changed all that much and here he is with again the social apprehension momotaro's and neither of these are super great the SH figure is clearly the best version but I mean clearly if you're looking for momotaro's the final farm ride figures not the way to go if you're looking for a fun two-in-one figure then yes the final form ride is the way to go do I like this motor oh absolutely is he the best for momotaro's representation your collection no you definitely want to go with something else if you're looking for just a moment Aros figure but again you know this is the final form ride line so if you're looking for something a little more exciting there you go and you can you know you can give him this sword either one the blade does not come off on this weapon so you can't you can't shove it up Kouga and pretend that he's doing the final attack where he shoves the blade up his ass and swings him around like a weapon so you can't do that but you can kind of pretend if you enjoy sodomy amongst your toys that's an assumption but anyways guys another quick video but there's not a whole lot to say about denno he's a solid figure he makes a really good denno I think and he makes an okay momotaro's ultimately so not the most extensive final form ride we've seen but definitely the one that is hindered the least by his gimmicks so anyways guys let's see what happens tomorrow with the next final form ride figure and yeah to find out what it is hit that subscribe button I will see you guys next time

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