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hello youtube this is generic JD or just JD and it is space-time space yes today we have the brand-new henshin belt deluxe fours driver from the new series kamen rider fours also known as Kamen Riders in space I do want to apologize first off if you hear crickets in the background there are some in the room and I can't find them anyway moving right into it looking at the front of the box we can see the huge ass crazy belt the four switches in the background fours and his huge spacey face that goes all the way up onto the top of the box where you can see the Rockets which with its rocket arm launcher launcher drill and radar those are the four switches that this comes with over on here we can see the belt the switches and four is doing some crazy upside-down zero-g stuff on the other side we can see his off crazy PlayStation appendages the circle X triangle square and the belt and for Astro switch fours driver on the back we have box contents up top we have three two one it's fours we got the belt the lever shows it's got the crazy lighting on it press down the buttons flick the switches Limit Breaks mentions the food droid it mentions the candy toys capsule toys the belt and the gamba ride because now the gamba ride machines have slots for Astro switches anyway oh yeah send the bottom OOP okay on the bottom half the belt and the box contents nothing fancy so let's get to it what everyone has been waiting for the fors driver in all of its 4z goodness and I've got to say this thing while being kind of bulky looks wonderful it's got this off really nice clear well not clear but mostly clear kind of transparent bluish plastic thing going on for the whole thing so you can see into it pretty nicely uh see some of the wires the the terminals inside the asterisks which is attached to which you can actually use some chopsticks to get different effects for different tile switches that aren't out yet the lever as well as the terminal appears a nice black got some silver and some white for the lever darker gray he's nice off shiny red switches some more silver here a nice kind of circular design for the battery door on back which is right here takes three triple A's a nice little gold piece going on over here the molding on this thing is just wonderful your status screen here speaker here the molding switch so we'll set that down for a minute we've got the other part of the belt yes the entire belt detacher they're still doing that awesome you can see my belt extender I've been wearing it the belt itself clear plastic again with these little black dots here got the nice gray off belt the loop whatever you want to call it and the other end button press them in pop it in we've also got the four switches starting from the number one rocket switch which is mostly black out a nice sparkly off orange down here with us number one on a rocket got the the gold plug here which is kind of a standard thing and this nice kind of smoky transparent uh switch up here that you push in for the switch which will show you in a minute that's a nice orange up there and this is a circle switches can tell by the vaguely circular shape going on here we've got the don't cha switch with a nice sparkly blue number two got a launcher here arrow switch nice blue X on the top this switch is also it's more of a darker black got the plug design like the other one looks awesome number three switch the drill which we've got kind of a triangle thing going on here got the switch which goes like that a same kind of black coloring and gold for the plug there vr they're really similar as far as the basic design for them which makes sense so got the drill sparkly yellow number three we've got radar number four with the radar dish if you can see it now this weird kind of odd cracky mouse wheel kind of switch up here that you turn other than that the design looks like the other ones and square shaped so with that oh by the way I brought along my magic hand from my metal set which I probably should have saved for when I did the metal set review but whatever if the belt just came out let's check it out yeah and what came with my food droid the camera got this kind of weird switch up here number 6 got a picture of a camera on their silver top we'll try those out too let's turn this Bell 21 make some sounds screen pops up and then we put the switches in look at the screen up here here rocket the the arm for the rocket lights up launcher the leg lights up drill the other leg lights up and radar with the other arm lighting up next we flip the switches pull the lever get some crazy sound effects and its space-time you've got the nice LED display up here with the arms which as I'll show you in a minute will actually blink depending on which switches are on if you don't touch anything this display will go off after about 30 seconds but I'm not waiting for that so let's get right to it with the rockets which get the rocket horn rocket sound effect launcher on and you can see the switches that are on start blinking if I turn a switch off stop blinking got the drill on and radar on now depending on which switches you have set when you pull the lever it will do a off limit break if you pull the lever without the switches any switches set then it'll do your henshin noise again also if you flip any of these switches off then back on you get the nice three two one and then tension sound so let's demonstrate the limit break we'll just slip all of them for the sake of it and then you hear what sounds like the birth driver going they may its break which is awesome of course I don't see what kind of move could possibly be done with those the finishing move that's actually been done in the show so far would be rocket arm and drill leg for the crazy drill Kiki thing so let's look at these other switches I brought over pull the rockets which out and pop in the magic and and we got the magic boo hondo on which is awesome and then we got four over here reach over and get it the camera coming out and you pop the switch here get camera one and then you flick it over to off turn it off so basically then if you want to um I guess see henshin you just flick each switch and then each limb goes off on the display up here and then the whole LED goes off which is kind of cool and then do it again if you want to I'm doing it again because I love it got the nice seven color LED thing going on in here for the main body everything else is red that is actually about it I don't think I'm forgetting anything else with this off belt overall it's a really interesting belt there's supposed to be a total of forty Astro switches coming out so far we have as you seen six I do intend to collect them all because that's the kind of obsessive person that I am that's about it I've also got a burger meal kind of chilling over there quick little cameo appearance burger meal I'll do a review of that if someone puts in a request otherwise i'm probably going to go back to my blade stuff i hope you like the belt i personally would buy it just because uh i love the sound that makes and even if you don't have any other switches you can just aw pop a chopstick in there and kind of make your own sounds out of it it's a lot easier to ought to do that kind of thing with then i was with the O's driver so um definitely I'd get it if you're able to find one they're probably sold out a lot of places already it's probably going to run you somewhere between eighty dollars and up I guess depending on when you buy it from but um personally i like it i would get it ah it's the first thing i'd say you can get without getting something else to go with it if only because there's nothing else to go with it yet those series just came out anyway that will about end it here if you are like the review if you have any comments request saw comments thumbs up subscribe all that good stuff so that's about it this review actually ran kind of long you probably because there's so much stuff that you can do with this belt I but um that's about it for the fours driver I guess I will see you all next time I'm going to go play with this some more

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