[REVIEW] Kamen Rider Joker rechargeable helmet 充電式仮面ライダージョーカーヘルメット

JOKER Henshin JOKER JOKER MAXIMUM DRIVE The helmet is painted with metallic black color It's glossy and glitter This helmet is split type, but I'm sorry, I was too focused on the rechargeable feature, so I forgot to show it's open-closed mechanism If you want to see the open-closed mechanism, you can see it in my other videos, the link is in the description The horn is attached by velcro There are some paddings inside the helmet This is the peeping hole, below the eyes This is the light up switch And this is the charger port This is the charger It comes with a LCD panel And also a USB slot This is the charger jack When connected to the helmet, the LCD panel will show the remaining battery percentage When plugged in, the percentage indicator bar will move, and it'll stop at 100% (4 bars)
when the helmet is fully charged The eyes can still be lighted up while being charged But the charging time will be longer, and it could reduce the battery life, as well as damaging the bulb So I prefer to keep the lights off while being charged

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