Review: Kamen Rider OOO DX Medal Holder

hello YouTube it's the more 64 back with another video today I'm gonna be reviewing the deluxe metal holder from camera ohs there's the metal holder and before I get into a review let me go over my all my favorite parts the box like I said in my last video this is one of my favorite parts so yeah on front box we see the metal holder right there opens up comes with a cell metal says Kamen Rider and that is blocking it well the rest ohs japanese wedding i'm guessing that says holds 24 medals I think that's what it says I'm not quite sure but to say that I'm more Japanese writing from Tom nachos airs those right there and I was taught about combo I'm right here it's a it possibly says metal holder I'm piping off some dust back on top I'm just driving that then before I show you the top because I don't want then be dust son box so yeah now for this box there's actually a top sides in the bottom so i'll show you guys up right here we got four of his combos that have been seen in show thus far well as of when this came out we got got the kitty ba combo right there it says names we have the pageant dole combo it's actually supposed to be door but the spell dull so yeah you got the not alotta combo I just pronounced Oh worded locked or poor tar and we have sodoes 0 which is spelt with an H here so when there is no H anywhere in the three males that you used we have the some Japanese wearing right there so yeah there's a on the bottom we have the for combos the neighborhood product because they want you to know at all times what this what the name of this product is we got everything that it comes with from coming our hose on side we got some metals cell and core metals I'll get into that in a minute we got the name of the product cuz again they want you to know the name of this toy at all times auto everything that comes with logo for rose on the outside the exact same thing with the name of the product because they want you to know the name of the product at all times and I know that that's gonna become a one my things on the back you got your oblique a torrid product shops use the metals from the O's driver set 01 I'm set 02 come in here you can also use candy toy well now gashapon metals and candy toy metals and you could poem in here you can put all these metals and while these machines which are not available in America name and product because they want again they want you to know the name of this toy at all times we got um some Japanese learning i'm guessing it says holds 24 medals more japanese writing even more japanese writing and more lots of japanese writing all over we got the contents of what you get in here and we got warnings so yeah and also that zios logo so ya dumb box now let's get into the review well let me grab something to put the camera on because i'm gonna be using both hands for this so yeah so we see them a little for right there got some detail right there and it does have that same detailing on the back but it's not painted so yeah and we got some stuff right here like that's made in china in 2010 so there's up now I'll open this up for you and show you what we got now to open this up you got sliders right here Swan I might bring up it up same on this side so yeah now opening up and it's a big squeak on wake up all my medals which I have reviewed all of these so yeah except for that cell mail now let me explain to you what Sal metal does and the core metal does in the show come so medals moment can be used with a memento jelly bar which I don't have the meta gabru you which I don't have and um the barf system so he uses cell metals and O's uses for metals these could be used for combos and stuff so yeah and eight and core metals are use for on so I'm trying to think core metals are used by the greed which already and meat and show- ANCA so yeah and also some metals are use to make yummies and now not I'm not not food but yummies hasn't monsters I liked it agreed take the cell metal I might have a person with desire like a slot comes up on their head they saw out in there or place it in there and yeah now one thing is um in the shell on koo imma describes the difference between a core metal and a cell metal I'm as a popsicle stick so I had thing huh I'm um now I can't remember which 1i might be mixing these up but because i haven't seen shown so long i perish i've done research before i didn't did this review I'm it he explains that I'm like a popsicle stick I'm the cell metals Arnie ice part and the core metals are the stick so now that there's that so now this cell middle ye have here is the Condor me grab a condor metal so you can compare them so yeah they look exactly alike and you can see in detail there now one thing is this is all plastic there's no die casting so yeah there's that hmm now on the back just get that x oh yeah well now let me show you hola let me grab the O's scanner right here and now scan it for you so yeah that's all it does I'm not gonna show you it in the of driver because that is just have a waist and yes yeah trying to put this in with one hand I'll put the camera back on the box cuz i have no tripod so yeah there's that now the way i have it set up here is at the way it's up on the show actually minus the puto taro and broke armani metals so yeah now that's basically it so yeah yeah now let me turn to my final thoughts okay now for the final thoughts um now I think this is a great way to store your medals because this could hold 24 medals and there's 21 any in the show so yeah enough space for every single metal on show so yeah um and also this is so accurate this was actually use on the show so if you want what if you get you actually get something MEPs use I'm show sorry I'm kind of cleaning this it's got stuff on it so yeah um so yeah if you want it you could get it um now one thing is I'm i just want to point this out but it's not very important and this actually does look like a laptop like one of those small laptops so yeah now my mom got this off of amazon for whole money see what she paid she got this off of amazon for 71 dollars and thirty-five cents so now let me check what the parts of this is on amazon now now for on amazon it's now well as of this recording it's $64 in ten cents now um um i'll put the link in the description for way goodbye this it's going to let you take amazon so yeah that's basically it so I'm please leave a like comment and subscribe my next review will be a Bionicle I think I'm gonna start off with jen one i think i'm gonna review topeak first because that's the earliest my uncle died have one while them um I'm gonna start off with 2003 so yeah I don't have 2001 or want any of two thousand one or two thousand two so i'll start off with co peak and go from there and also that's basically wraps up my camera ohs reviews so yeah this has been more 64 and i'll see you guys next time later

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