Review: Kamen Rider OOO DX Panda and Kangaroo Medals

welcome back guys Japan anime here and this is something I'm super excited to own um i-i've been looking into these and I've been trying to find them excuse me everywhere and I just absolutely couldn't and I found out that came in my box I didn't actually pay for these like individually these actually came with something else I ordered but we have the Panda metal which looks fantastic and that kangaroo metal let's see it goes this way which also looks fantastic I'm surprised it's such a light color there'd be a darker Brown and then on the back we just have three stars now for those of you who don't know these are diecast by the way these are nice heavy metals I don't know if they came that way if somebody maybe moded them um those of you who don't know this was a gamba ride exclusive it is essentially what it gives oz is what again is essentially a recolored Tora power the center chest is changed to the Panda of course but he just has claws that look exactly the same just done up in silver so let's see that combo beam taka Panda and bhakta now this is not a full combo as I'm sure you guys already know so we're not getting anything special very nice there's that in scanner by itself panda and kangaroo another kangaroo metal and and this is an interesting one because to kind of advertise this one so to speak there was that episode if you recall where I think it was dr.

Mackee or it might have been cause re may know was it was cause we made it from dr. mackee being the host of the yummy he made a panda yummy and I when I first saw OHS back in I think that was oh nine arm now could have been oh nine but anyway when I first made o saw I was like oh maybe the metal is gonna premiere from that mummy but now it was was gob right exclusive that's how they kind of hyped it up by having a panda yummy um kangaroo on the other hand just kind of came out of nowhere it was in one of those um hyper DVD things and this one's cool because this one's interchangeable this can be boxing gloves on his hand if you put it in the middle slot but you could switch it out so if we put Torah back here take bought two out now if you put kangaroo in the bottom section we're able to get what is essentially recolored cheetah legs and now we have instead of fast punches we have these like little quick legs not like cheetah like fast moving but good for dodging and stronger for kicking so and just for the hell of it let's do taco panda kangaroo very nice so I'm super super happy to have these medals like I said I never thought I would own them but luckily luckily for me excuse me um they did come in my box so there is that there nice addition to any set but there is no way to store them if you do have a full set of medals because obviously these aren't like a full combo I don't know what else would go with kangaroo and Panda um for a full set but I think it'd be cool if there was one more medal like a head medal and they can make a full combo with those three but anyway really glad to have them and they're fairly cheap on the aftermarket depending on how you define cheap for metals I think you can probably find them for like 10 bucks each and it all depends on how much you want them and I would gladly paid that price but great medals great addition to any collection they're actually readable like I said they do say panel wear stuff like as we've seen Rider metals um tend to not always say what they're supposed to these absolutely say what they're supposed to so two thumbs up for me thank you guys so much for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe for videos similar to this one I'll see you guys next time

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