Review: Kamen Rider Ouja Veno Visor & Advent Deck

all right this is my review of a Kamen Rider Ultra Ben Eliezer and Evan duck you know matches right here I'll show more in a minute or so older Zevon duck put the cards in order to pop this out and press on this put the cards there's a perfect easy as that's cuz this group this one holds like four cards and there are others five Evan Carlos it won't be like it's kind of hard to close once you optionally like open up of a card zone okay the Advent cards are steel vent I don't believe also use this well I think Conrad rolled Anita just once come router writers final event come right over guys final went over the sword vent and come right over just final meant like if you have not seen a righty or Dragon Knight book counterpart to righty for marathon presentment that's dragon it all just steals a rising guys final event he still isn't where AB and BC like via blunt contract cards and so I once we're all dead Bay he made form into a doomsday final event card has like this logo right here right right and it's a little bit about right there I believe rises random left hand corner and guys right about bottom right hand corner too bad that car didn't coming this to a sort of a box real clock all japan vanos snicker app app abuse card into a carburetor of a venal Iser vandal snicker right there and hold on staff at them that can legalize er and some instructions here wish I knew what the Japanese Way was all right okay and this is picking close to the mouth of the fan keep it open low strip it looks really nice okay takes two triple A batteries just unscrew it right there took me about five seconds to unscrew it very easy button once you turn it on just right there's what's that deal and when you switch it on of eyes light up and you press this button in the back like I showed you then to do to get the carburetor just lift this up and just put a card facing downwards put that down for some reason there's no sound effects when I put the cards in don't know why Devils should be some sound effects either the final then sounds of a sword vent steel vent not sure what is number walking in you put these cars have a best bet if I push this down and slide them in a like when you have these five cards in you could tell it doesn't really close this stays like that there's a we wanted free or four cars from actually but fit over here that it will actually close let's get my lesson driver series belt I revealed up it was like a few months back I'll post a link in the description if you wanna check it out – right arm this foot there slide it in oh my god I got the legend writer series right if you bail I also got rabies Evan deck and Knights Evan deck okay that's it for my review of a Kamen Rider OSHA Ben Eliezer and Evan duck do I recommend this yes most definitely only downside is that there's no sound effects for the event cards and be analyzer well I got in this on eBay took a while to get here I order like in June right it 20th of June so I've got 26 and I just got any yesterday it's coming from Hong Kong so it it will sail around July at wind ride July 12th and law 25th and it came on what's today's date fingers like the 18th today purpose at any of you yes I was a seventeen always I was it all arrived here so it's good my next review I'm not sure when it's going to be I'm getting involved Paula Rangers mega set with DVD from a shelf pecker season one at MMPR for Paula Rangers lost galaxy and that I believe it ships out August 6 so whatever I give it I'll be doing an unboxing of it and my next review will probably come some kind of after I'll probably do Kamen Rider doubles or and from a camera excel upload his driver but xlg driver from come around good double and okay that's it hope you enjoy the reveal and catch next time

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