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Hi, I'm already mining this is the reboot review of the iecs this extreme memory and extra is left string memory of kamen rider double from the 2010 series we will not see the packaging that looks camera that the joker station joker itself would like it opens and shows that it is a photo of camila from the joker stream memory this so double the two that includes 12 the idea is that each part of it of would be the 22 simple memory 9 different colors and you need the direct one from the driver an image of the extreme memory in its bird mode does not this and here we are given that is transformed into extreme memory this we can see here that including the memory extreme very extreme this this one gives you sounds press the button and it gives you and gives you different sounds put it in memory in the build driver text open the left of the two sides left and right and this and you to the sounds xtreem marc simon drive I spoke twice is that milk will help you left side letter right and It will give you the sound doubles is the maximum a drive stream here to that end, since these here are transformed into what and it says here and now then and then here two all the borders of here you have to call us if you swallow it and if you make pacman cry to a boy with a very round head who eats cubes and so forth and so forth from the sides it is seen here joined the end the memory on the other hand the other other image of six with me that I like more this right and Well, from here, you can see the memory here bird mode for this cyclone joker here he gets a I think string with with normal I did not expect it, he has not fixed me this well here is the memory as you can see it is in shape like a haystack are the three legs the head the two wings of a bird this all this is hard metal except this part is soft This is soft and the head is the bird, how bad is the head of the bird that for security reasons and more apart because it was going to be a very fragile for children this as it is a very soft plastic when you want it paste the memory will start is difficult to open a few times and once and when the land is already closed is not completely safe you always have to doing this is also the truth I don't like they were thinking of another way but because you can't do it anymore see here are the memories here is the cyclone klaus side the audio that the cyclone has those same sounds of the plants they will travel four sounds like a bird this is the other then in the same colors they can be removed I don't know why what could be removed for you are here they are the pieces fruits I do not understand these do not have the same function that the others do not if you make the movement to put them like this carry the sound no but not if they don't have the second button it sounds the same because they are not different buttons with which each button is home to these two buttons are different and simple that if when you crush it it will give you different sounds this is the difference is that the two are the same the two buttons are the same it does not matter let the side do it this not the same and already opening the memory here you can see that circuit this works like this this side smash this button makes this move Alex was going to be returned if you can see here to this extreme vertex house if it has like a little bit of the others memories you have to reach from behind the word that means extreme here is the xx is the disk We are going to put the silver and gold pieces on it let's put it in the double driver ace It is an epic sound and instant this can keep crushing you here and it will keep turning if you want to keep doing also to simulate the maximum drive if you want to make the maximum drive and the box explains it easily you close and do it again And the truth is that I do not remember, I do not believe what a drive is called to the maximum this maximum a try because I remember that they use it with him the prism to verify they use the prism fun and illusion they use as 34 versions at most a rave like that and this one they don't use it many times because it also uses the version that use the memory prison lines are in the maximum one drive slot and I don't remember I don't know which one is the only one and to close it access to this what happens if you put it in it It is one of these pieces in the maximum of the slot nobody it's the other side na and the expenses nothing only works here because we are going to put them in the haystack and here you see the blue and human colors in lilac and green or purple with regions does not last as long as in the other in what is done with joker the common memories Well then we are going to put they are rare and it is going to do a maximum drive what is the problem this is the truth has 2 but for me it has two major problems first this is the belt too heavy too heavy this is not like him the advice the one that hitachi does not do so heavy that people this is very heavy and almost everything is useless props because it knows very clear that it tastes very good but it is not the end of the story they are still the memories have been liked more as it brings it to memory which is props but all are he uses this nothing is used all he does not look good but he does nothing more from memory less bring a game and the price your suggestion of this is like three thousand yen is more expensive than it brings to mind this truth recommend it only if you are a fan not of kamen rider the hoax and its final form only if you are a fan if not, I do not recommend this have these factory safety issues no having this has to be closing this of this if I say that if you can bend over time or if the pp a wave of heat where you live if you can have it if you could bend it not the whole piece, but if the month a bit or the paint falls off this is all comment subscribe if any questions or comments and this one put them down there and I'll try to answer them all, it's all I say goodbye see you later

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