Review Onsa Onkaku, Onibue Onteki, Kigen Onjou! Kamen Rider Hibiki!

Review Onsa Onkaku, Onibue Onteki, Kigen Onjou! Kamen Rider Hibiki!

Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team toys review channel! Today I won’t talk about Zero-One! Instead, I’ll introduce to you items of Riders in 2005! They are Onsa Onkaku, Onibue Onteki and Kigen Onjou from Kamen Rider Hibiki! I’ll talk shortly about this series! Kamen Rider Hibiki was published in 2005.

The story of it is about Kamen Rider who can be called Oni. They were trained by a organization named “Takeshi”,

And became a “Oni” fought against monster which was called “Makamou”. The common weapon of these Riders are instruments. By using their “pure sound”, they can defeat monsters and protect people from it. As far as I know, this series is made based on the will of Mr. Ishinomori Shoutarou.

He’s also the creator of many famous Manga, Anime in Japan. And Showa Kamen Riders are also one of his masterpiece! So that the story & background of Hibiki quite antique. That’s why many people nowadays don’t like this series much! The main Riders of this series are: Hibiki, Ibuki and Torodoki!

Each of them represent each style and their transformation device also depend on 3 type of instrument: percussion, brass and string! The boxes were designed to show the product inside. It also has the mix between kanji and ancient Japanese calligraphy. All of them has Kamen Rider images, including: Hibiki, Ibuki and Torodoki and all of them holding their transformation device!

Under it is the product’s name and BANDAI’s logo. All of them have instruction in the backside. First, I’ll talk about Onsa Onkaku, transformation device of Kamen Rider Hibiki. Which means “Tuning Fork: Sound Angle”! It was designed based on turning fork, which is a U-shaped bar of elastic metal, …

It was use to amplify sound, when it vibrate to a fixed frequency, it will emit a pure musical tone. The main color are black, gold and silver.

In front view is a demon face.

Which is also the symbol on the forehead of Hibiki after transformed! The forks are made of soft plastic .

.. and we can fold it! There’s a button on the handle used to activate sound. On the pommel is a latch which is used for playing with Disk Animal!

Next is Onibue Onteki! The transformation device of Ibuki! It means “Demon Whistle: Sound Whistle”. It shape was designed base on a whistle with main colors are gold and blue! It has 2 horns that can be opened or closed!

There are 2 buttons on the handle which use to open the horn! When we open the horns, we’ll see the demon face on the forehead of Ibuki after transform.

The pillar underneath can be play with Disk Animal! Upper it is where we activate the sound, however it can’t be blown, only just press it. The last is Kigen Onjou, the transformation device of Torodoki.

It means “Demon String: Sound Lock”. It shape is a bracelet with strings inside it. It main colors are gold, green and black. The strings was painted in red. In front is a demon face which is the one on the forehead of Torodoki after transformed.

This demon face can be slided down. Under it is a level, when we pull it, the demon face will slide up and reveal strings inside. The strings are in a button, press it to transform.

In term of sound, first is Onkaku! Press the button to turn up the horns.

Then strike it to something you as you like. And press to complete! When we attach Disk Animal into it, rotate the disk for sound effect! In the series, this function is used to search and locate Makamou location! Next is Onteki, first we press both buttons to open the horns.

The press the top button to complete! Press again to hear whistle sound effect! And the last is Onjou, first drag down the level! And press the strings to complete! Press again will emit electric guitar sound effects in random!

However, when we attach Disk Animal to Onteki and Onjou and rotate, it doesn’t activate any sound, unlike Onkaku! Clearly it just for shown! Although less sound and function, due to it was one of the first Heisei product. In return, they’re very valuable in term of the design, not only antique but also simple and specific! With the mysterious of Oni, the ancient demon in Japanese fairytale.

And the purity of the instrument.

All of them are really worthy with Kamen Rider Hibiki fans in particular and Kamen Rider fans in general! However, because they were made a long time ago, so the quality is quite not good. You should be careful when play, especially Onkaku, strike it to hard can cause damage like broken latch or electronic circuit! And that’s all I want to introduce to you in this video!

Thank you for watching! And don’t forget to hit like and subscribe to encourage us! Goodbye and see you later!

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