Review Request:Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Den-O Liner Form

hey YouTube Dawson Ryder here with another review request this time of the so choco henshin kamen rider denno liner form this request is from the Army 2010 so thank you to him for this request I'm glad to do a common write a review after all the sentai ones so as with ryouki and night ones i got all the pieces that I'm gonna build them because it's fun sort of anyway I actually had the box for this I'm open my closet just out of curiosity and actually found the box this wasn't that recent recent of a purchase so I'm surprised I had it so let's go ahead and go over it I always kind of like the struggle engine boxes you know with a half and half they're a little more colorful than figure arts obviously this obviously is where the feet was and then it shows you know half of them how he's built and it's like my mask shows his mask shoulder armor body armor weapon belt logos his masked rider denno liner form he's a cool picture of him here on the top so child car engine series masked rider dental liner form the same picture of the dental logo picture of his side of his face there's a dental logo on the side him in like an epic pose child connection series again there whoring themselves a picture of him right oh my god stupid please hold I don't know what you're talking about that piece of armor was totally off the whole time I don't usually I don't know you're just seeing stuff anyway picture of how I have him and then another action shot in the back here have a picture pin looking all epic like damn I'm cool sort of depending on if you like my formula his face you know more action poses action poses but yeah I always like these boxes so for what he comes with let me show you this all the armor obviously but he's got more than that he's actually this is when I started giving some chocolate engines more than one kind of hands they have like the standard punchy fists like figure arts and then we got the holding hands I believe I have one punchy fist on him we got the splayed out relaxed hands right here and then on him I obviously got a punchy hands and then yeah we got these hands here which are I'm think I'm missing one I don't know where what I might have lost it at some point but these are like the articulated hands that all the old striations came with so very cool this what I like to call figure its phase blonde like this one nice started to transition from cycle hinge into figure arts Donna was the first phase Kiva was the second and they're like it were just doing figures and then obviously all the accessories that go on the armor which I'll show you in a minute and then let's show this off go ahead right now is the den common sort which is really beautifully detailed in here you can see all the different colors in here and the beautiful red paint I was just really beautifully detailed and sculpted all the masks are very well done as you can see ax gun rod die sword form this opens up like this you're like yeah I'm sorry for him and then it spins so you can choose which form powers you want to be using so that's very cool this is really great accessory highly detailed and very functional Soundwave functional anyway let's go over the finger base the base a little heavier than the real key ones it's basically like platform with on it because it's liner form but articulation very good the boo-boo-boo-boo better than the Ryu key ones is a nice joint right here ball joint we got a double joint here swivel swivel so like I said this is like starting to get into figure out territory same deal over here waist swiveling probably go 360 I want to force it 360 head up and down nice leg joint ball joint right here double knees right there swiveling swiveling not the toe joint as a figure out thing but it does move around so very cool we're studying in figures territory the figures were very posable alright so once we start with folks let's start with this arm piece which is already on here just put it on there's pegs and holes snaps on very securely actually kind of trouble getting it off so very secure such open tension and now we're going to take the two shoulders which are also diecast metal and we're going to make sure they're on right oh yeah okay and then they kind of slide on the holes here and kind of lean them forward so that they stay on yeah okay smiley face ah probably excited I'm on the wrong side it's probably lighter giving me trouble I mean this is just going so fantastic there we go now it's not gonna give me trouble looks like you're not being a anymore Dawson I'm like I know alright so these are a little different you put on the back and it kind of slides around stop I'm sorry if this goes worse than usual but it's chocolate engines tend to give me trouble at times okay now secure it so the shoulders are secured and then just kind of fold the plates around make sure it's all secured come on there we go snaps and now the plates cover up the holes so what not to focus there sorry anyway very secure here we got you know the holders for his den gasher and just to demonstrate him I can do with all of them here's the pieces unpainted there's you just have to line up as like a puzzle and put it on there I lost one I think this just happened in transit when I was moving Kamen Rider displays it's probably why I lost that other hand too anyway so those attach on there like normal here's the cat Rose phone which is actually in bad cast metal which is really nice and it's really beautifully detailed which I'm really happy with it it goes right on and it stays in securely don't make a liar out of me anyway liner form face fits on there's two holes one on in front of his face one on the top secure it and there you have liner for articulation you're relatively the same not even babish plenty have Leonard hindered by the shoulder pads let's just get him to hold the well let's look at the details like okay here's his face very well done no compound eyes but they still look nice and I mean really show accurate the armor is diecast metal looks really shiny and great and I like it obviously already showed the cat Rose phone and overall like once you have them all together it looks really beautiful and definitely looks like a pre figure you know bleeding between social engine and figure arts like I said let's kind of get him to pose yeah so I was saying that I'll repeat myself again is like I'm getting a feeling they're testing the waters with no articulation they did this and dentals were the best of Chagossians first and then Kiva got better and then they just scraps of chocolate engine after that exclusive arc and reset so do you know what figures is better and I do agree but these are actually still pretty awesome so overall this is a really great so chocolate engine figure personally I'm really glad I have it I don't forgot the purchase of most of my dentist or chocolate engines just due to the fact that even though I know it's inevitable that they're gonna make oh my god don't know figure out I think it they'll be a while just because they already have these molds here which are pretty close to figures and they did exclusives with them so if there's any such tackle hinges you're on the fence about I would just go ahead for the dental one of their great representations in the meantime and they fit in really well with figure arts most the joints are tight they look great I can just I definitely recommend him he's really cool figure even on the figure out sky this is really great figure I like it it's all I'm going to say so thank you to the armor 2010 for this request it was fun filming and glad to do another writer review like I said passing out with a request please check out the podcast at variety range ramble calm and the sprouted up for the RSS feed or the iTunes and help us out with your donations donations your donations not the bad door pins so until next time it's the awesome writer out

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