Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider 1 & 2 (The First Ver.)

hey YouTube's you can still be here with a review of the sh figuarts kamen rider 1 & 2 ichigo and ego the first versions you can basically just watch my the next versions and get the same review but whatever let's do this anyway so just like that review I am going to open one and the other ones just already here so I'm just going to go over the knee goes box real quick basically a really cool picture of knee go I would try to emulate that image with the figure but I don't know if I'd be able to so I just emulated this picture right here on the back flying kicks and fusion dances and punches and things so he's just doing the fusion dance cuz that's he wants to fuse with Ichigo to make v3 or something I don't know so anyway Ichigo the first version we've got Ichigo right here going like although I'm Ichigo and then a masked rider one I'm sort of in the darkness this is really key let's try two one first version first logo down here and back here we've got a very similar like karate chop action kind of pose a rider kick and they kind of beat him up pose whatever I don't know what I'll call these things but since my Ichigo is gonna be riding the cyclone I'll be needing a pose back here a little bit and go with that so we've got Ichigo right here he comes with groupie molest your hands kind of this hand like some sort of I don't know what to call it really in a Crotty chop hand and then the scarf that's just dangly scarf and then flapping in the wind skirt so not really huge on the accessory list but considering that these were pardon the pun for the first figure it's made I guess that's okay so do put on the scarfs you just kind of take each go and pop his head off and since he's gonna be on the bike I want him to emulate some sort of action so let's put the cool action scarf on him and then put his head back on I can figure out how there we go so articulation is really really basic we've got some really tight shoulder pads right here just like this and basically just typical figure its articulation leg joint that I actually really like the belts pretty cool let's get a good look at the belt here no belts really cool I like the first version of this belt looks really neat all the way to the back it's uh it's it's own little piece but it's like a big torso piece so it's kind of strange there's a little stamps right there and basically all the same molded details from the original releases except the helmets are now not battle damaged so as you can see right here on the original release of Ichigo it's all like burnt and battle damaged but on the the first versions they're all nice and clean so hooray let's kind of get Ichigo ready to ride the bike it doesn't come with any hands so the only the best ones to ride the bike with would probably be either the molester hands or these weird-looking hands so I'm just going to kind of go with these so pop both those off I guess that's in just like that so he's kind of all ready to go for the next review and I'm not even really gonna bother to pose him so he's just gonna kind of hang out here look like he's doing thriller or something and we'll place that back there so I'll let's compare the heat she goes and then we'll compare the knee goes on ego is the same exact mold as Ichigo except he doesn't have as you can see he doesn't have shoulder pads that is pretty much the only difference so here the two ichigo's just give him some sort of pose this is just kind of silly he's doing the robot now so as you can see there's actually quite a bit of difference between the the ichigo's the first version sorry for shaky cam is uh is very blue he's a very bluish tint to him he's got nice little pink eyes and it's just it's a really nice teal ish blue color while the next version not only features the battle damage helmet but it's also very green he's a very green color and as you can see he went from having the singular stripe on his line around his leg and arm that for that matter on the first version to the dual line on the next version so there's quite a bit of differences between there's my finger again between the first and the next versions but um overall if you have one you don't really need the other one so I would say just kind of pick your favorite you see that was a burp I don't know if you heard that or not I need go on the other hand sitting here doing as a fusion dance is pretty much the same thing as you can see right here um there's a slight shade difference the next versions a lot crisper and newer while the next version I don't I don't know if I said the next version over here this is the first version while the next version is a lot paler it looks older again with the very very battle-damaged helmet but the the next version is just a lot paler and it looks it looks a lot older than the other do then I'm so good in English in this review this is awesome so it's kind of like comparing a like a lime to not a lime I was coming nowhere quickly with that but um you can probably tell the shade difference on the camera here so that's fine and of course we go from having a single line here to a single line here as well so he doesn't really change at all there either the only really difference is that there's a shocker logo on the back here it's on the back of Ichigo too I think there we go the Shocker and bloom back there so that's really the only difference I'm kind of disappointed in the knee goes or not the knee goes but rather fall well rather the the first version of knee go oh no Ichigo doesn't have the chakra logo nevermind because knee go was developed as a shocker rider so there's our little group of four guys that are extremely identical to each other I do recommend Ichigo he's the first kamen rider he's very recognizable and the first was actually a pretty decent movie and there's a big enough difference between the first version in the next version to kind of warrant the purchase knee go however he's not as ignitable and the first and the next versions are almost the same exact figure in fact I feel really stupid for buying it it's kind of like the Kouga ultimate form all over again but it's just it's not worth the purchase for nigo if you already have the the next nigo each year however I think is one warrant of a purchase if you do like the mold and like the movie then you really wouldn't be disappointed there's a big enough difference to to where it feels like a new figure so be sure to check out the blog it's you can show me don't probably its reviews updates and release dates and check out the podcast at Ryder's Rangers and rambles around Rangers and rambles calm so uh see you there take care and have a great one

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