Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider 1 (Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo)

he tip-off you can show me here with the review of the sh figuarts kamen rider Ichigo the very first kamen rider known as masked rider one that have confused with mass rider two so we have Kamen Rider Xin Ichigo down now shin sense true-life Ichi being one and depart is just a counter this is the coloration that he applied later on if you watch the first in the next movies it’s a coloration that they used and the next what happened in the original demonstrate Ichigo premiered with the original Kamen Rider then an ego took his place and then eventually they do ode up and went brand-new dres pigments and that’s what these are that’s what the sheen is so we got him we don’t know we’re ever gonna go in a original Ichigo in his original pigments but who knows so container is pretty neat all glowings aside I can blind you and make all the coloring weird Ichigo right here being pretty awesome disguised equestrian won the back and all that fun stuff so I really like this packaging design and it’s pretty neat moderately d’art recipe so let’s come along with the above figures he’s interesting to say the least I are able to really I really like him to be honest but top sculpt is pretty spot-on and looks very goofy specially if you liken him to hey say equestrians but uh it’s really well done it looks pretty identical to the one in the in the see and it all around looks pretty nice his scarf here is a little bit of a difficulty because his scarf likes to go frontwards as opposed to a lot of the old-fashioned but older scarves tending to go on down the back this one goes down the shoulder figurehead boob up here so it’s a little bit of a deterrent and get in the way a little bit but you just deal with it shoulders are a little bit like dark moons in the fact that there’s no shoulder pads exactly full operating shoulder lots of movement in fact probably more movement than if there was a shoulder pad so props them and that it does work really well ordinary there’s actually a great deal of push up now I don’t know if it’s just my anatomy that’s loose but there’s lots of motion up here in the the chest waist the region is a separate little part just like the first riders so I’m gonna a little throwback to that his but instead of having a butt plug he has like a little pant flap he’s about flapping gasps are done really well all of this is a very nice metallic silver I don’t know how well it’s showing off the camera but it is very shiny and it looks really nice it’s not Chrome or anything but only a unusually awfully metallic colour and overall it looks really great he’s just a missile joint on the foot so he doesn’t have the cool foot seam that I reflect Shadowmoon and new denno thought but he’s certainly stable he’s a moderately lightweight digit because he’s all plastic so you don’t really have to worry too much and the boots do a pretty good job of locking in the ankles to where he won’t fall over anything like that so really great really great figure I like the mold I like the sculpt and can’t wait for Nico and V 3 V 3 will probably if I had a guest come out in January with with Nico coming out in November if I recollect I remember right so accessory-wise he comes with some pretty cool stuff undoubtedly he comes with an additional scarf piece and the cool thing about this that you don’t have to do his head off because this is a separate little ball brace so you merely pop that one off and then pop this one on if I can find where it is might be a little bit hard to get in the coming the joint but you have an epic blowing in the wind scarf which I don’t generally put on the figure artworks I don’t know why I merely don’t peculiarly like those unless they’re on a motorcycle or in some sort of pose that establishes movement so applied that back on him I come here for some added sides as always come on Stan Ichigo you have his his henshin hand which we’ll go over later because that’s opposed I’m probably gonna exploit merely flung the fist some molester entrusts good old fashioned weapon folding entrusts and then I gotta find the other one fly somewhere novelist individual pass good old-time move I’ve chopped so for weapon he comes with this it is a I think it’s a shocker soldiers sword that glances various kinds of like a cane but it is a sword the tamashii page merely categorizes this as weapon so I don’t know what to call it but I write I’m just gonna call it the Shocker sword so that’s cool he didn’t have any artilleries of his own so he precisely kind of stole from other beings or squandered spades and stuff he was pretty he was like the Jackie Chan of Kamen Riders so it also comes with this which is a nice kicking aftermath percentage so how this works is you make his foot and time kind of slide it in there it isn’t the easiest thing in the world but and it’s also not the most stable thing in the world but if you get it just right it does stay in there well it’s just a matter of doing so well I gotta I’m better with the other foot but that that’s how it studies so you only fulfill him for so he’s doing a knock he’s all like consider and nonsense this is a terrible kick but it is a really cool effect part I certainly do like the path this appears unfortunately does that come with a Thomas you place so you pretty much have to own an extra tamashii stage to use this effectively otherwise it just looks like is what’s glowing which is really weird nonetheles you can use this for other chassis really it has to have roughly this shape of hoof in order to fit in there properly otherwise you’re gonna have to use strip or glue or something so you can multi-purpose this use it for or something I don’t know what you want to use it for but it’s pretty cool regardless so that’s all so let’s get them in a delightful little constitute and package this up I’m gonna try to do the henshin constitute it requires me to have the tension hand and a fist so just like that the direction the shoulders are designed you can’t get a really awesome pension pose so you’re gonna have to tilt his organization quite a bit I don’t want to tilt it so much that it appears totally wrong I guess we’ll just go with this is a terrible constitute I’m gonna know a brand-new pole attention constitutes really bad and I have to raise the camera so regardless that’s all that comes with Ichigo nothing nothing actually wild or crazy but a pretty awesome figure if you equate this to the next Kamen Rider Ichigo it’s amazing to see how much figures have progressed as a line if you compare that to compare now I did it but they’re the very back of my exhibition and I don’t really want to cause a knock-on effect but the photo halls around the net have some compare similarity illustrates that you might want to take a look at it’s just really fun is how much anatomy it’s have grown as a line overall from starting from where we were to the joints and molding wordings that we have now is just absolutely amazing I’m really glad they terminated up making this guy he was in development for god knows how long they finally perfected the what the look what they wanted to do and it searches absolutely fantastic anas ons up next with knee go and v3 on the way so it’s a good time to be a Showa era Rider fan with some pretty awesome figure that’s coming your style so you can check out a written re-examine at the registry information and rambles pacify and of course you can check out shook and she’ll be allay for all these updates on my evaluation plus sizing focus and all that fun stuff at the Ren committees at riders array reachings soothe/ ways take care have a great one

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