Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider 2 (Shin Nigo)

hey chips you can show me here is a review of the sh figuarts kamen rider 2 from the original kamen rider also known as knee go and he will sense be referred to as knee go from the remainder of this review so he is in the shin knee go colors his appropriate new true colors so we'll take a look at him in a minute i here's the box very much like ichigo's in fact it pretty much is ichigo's just with the masked rider – and we go all over it so you've got those two little transformation poses the rider kicked effect part and all that and he's just gone chillin out back here so the figure itself might look familiar because it literally is exactly like Ichigo except for my antennas are straight whereas my Ichigo my antennas are a little bit crooked but yeah pretty much the same exact figure differences being the belt is white on the inside as you can maybe see right there let's go ahead and get a little bit closer to the details white in there whereas ichigo's is black the backs are pretty much the same Ichigo seems to use a little bit glossy ER of paint in the belt whereas nigo seems to be glossy ER paint in the pants so that's a little bit different obviously the silver and red boots are a difference and then the two stripes on Ichigo in the one stripe Inigo which is kind of backwards but that's how they did things but yeah other than that pretty much the same exact figure just with very minor paint differences so if you see my Ichigo review you pretty much know this figure already and can either a leave or be you stick around the scarf is loose full head articulation as always I do like this head sculpt we did a pretty nice job on and I do like the body sculpt too they were able to get away with the big poofy chests and swim them down a little bit make them look a little bit more new-age I love these shoulder joints as I've been saying pretty much all the new reviews since most figures are using the shoulder joint style now double joint right there at the elbows double join right there at the knee I uses this style of hip joint right here so lots of movement there and then of course it's a plastic ball jointed ankle which is fine for these guys and then the belt is a separate piece as well so full range of motion as always with s.h.figuarts so again really really nice overall I do love this sculpt and this this mold in general yeah it's really basic but he is the first and second in this case Kamen Rider so you can't really fault them for that he was made in the seventies so there really isn't too much else to go over as far as the figure is concerned since he doesn't do anything super special so let's look at the accessories he comes with a blowing in the wind scarf that just hooks onto the ball joint right there you just pop it off right there and it hooks on right in there just like so so this is something like that I just a little bit maneuverable on there so you can kind of tilt it however you would like then obviously has a change of hands he's got his henshin hands as I like to call them for his poses then he's got little gropey molester hands weapon holding hands even though he doesn't come with any sort of shocker stick thing to hold like ichigo did and then some good old Ryder chop pans for both the hands obviously I was just showing one and of course he comes with a kick effect part two which is done a little bit differently than ichigo's but that just plugs right onto his foot like so and anyone else that uses that shape of foot is more than welcome to use the kick effect part like for instance hoja cannot use that effect part because his boot is shaped a little bit differently and is too big but there are some other figures that can probably get away with it like maybe denno nope his foots too big too so I might only be limited to Ichigo an ego that can use these maybe v3 and the other show riders as well so ah I mean I mean debates about whether to go for the fisty transformation pose or the initial transformation pose so let let's go with the fifties just because that looks pretty neat so incredibly simple pose here tilt the chest a little bit play the legs out Ted and there we go not a terrific pose by any means but doable so here we have Ichigo and knee go ready to go fight some bad guys because they are pro at justice and all that debating about whether that hug scopes are a little bit different knee goes helmet looks a little bit more concave than ichigo's does but anyway here they are together at last to go fight chakra together because that's how they roll so if you have Ichigo already knee go is honestly a really really easy skip unless you want the two of them together which makes sense I mean if you have each you might as well have knee go-to but they are pretty much identical mouldings with very little difference yeah it has more difference than the two uh ultimate rising Cudas but there's still just the whole thing going on that I pretty much own this figure already and it's just mine early different colors but that being said it is a really nice mold if you haven't picked up Ichigo yet and you like knee goes red coloring more than Ichigo silver go ahead and pick up an ego they really are pretty much the same figure which is a great figure great molding great sculpt so I can easily recommend one of the two molds but if you have one you don't really need to pick up the other unless you really want the duo together so you can check out shook and she'll be calm for all these updates on my reviews and of course check out resins or rambles combure you know latest took canoes and the craziest way possible so take care and have a great one you

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