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hey YouTube's you couldn't show me here with a review of these it's not transform that's a figure hey YouTube shukran shinobi here with a review of the SH FiguArts release of kamen rider axle from kamen rider double it sounds really really really cool I didn't particularly like his design too much at the beginning of the show he grande me as a character but I still don't really dig the design all that much but the figure is really really beautiful as it probably would be because it's a figure the box was an obnoxious fire engine red but now it's more subdued red color I don't know how well that cameras picking up the actual color of the red but it's not that I'm not just in real life I promise you a really cool picture of Excel right here the engine blade it's kind of taking up a lot of space but that's okay Kamen Rider move down here double logo coming rxl on all sides of the box on the back here we've got two Exel with this engine blade here this really cool pose you can only cheat with a Thomas you stand mr.

Estes he has to always have some pretty cool photos of it like this I don't have the room to pose it like this otherwise I would but he's probably gonna end up getting more like this just a profile shot and then the pre maximum Drive type of position pretty good Z breaking through I'll have fun stuff numbers that we need to call so it's kind of get it open set up the box right back here and plastic doll all right so we've got axle obviously the act XL driver got him stuttering all over the place to comes off however it uses a different Pegman the double driver apparently according to extruding shock so um you can't like put the double driver an excellent be all cool or out the other way around so um that is a disappointment but it does come off for all you people that like taking off and you can yeah so a detail wise absolutely superb standard shoulder pads standard articulation head is kind of hindered by this collar right here and the fact that head is just so goofy legal OOP goofing lee large I guess so it's kind of a hindered but the horns actually pretty solid so I don't think you have to worry too much about it like you would the doubles and tons so I'm just go ahead and get a little bit of more detail with his face here the helmet is really really pretty I think I think the home is gloomy I don't really know I'm kind of ready to have bright I hate this thing so I'm you can see the a right here along with here really need actually the on the the speedometer like effect that's in a axles helmet the show is in there it was just very very hard to see but it is in there it is included which is really nice I don't know he just looks really really really cool I think articulation like I said is pretty much standard he uses them double mold as a base these do move do they come out yep these pop right off there are actually on a small ball joint that's neat what else can come off the wheel back here spins I that player asleep fun and I could probably sit there and do that all day I don't know whether this is removable or not I don't particularly want to pull and find out so I won't anyway umm accessory-wise let me get him not looking like a I know it's hard for for Axl but set him up back here flip back focus the engine blade is really neat we'll look at that in a second he comes with I guess this is maximum Drive hands you could say and then weapon holding hands I believe I'll just look from the other side yeah weapon holding hands Oh their weapon holding hands okay these are definitely engine blade holding hands because it fits in this hand here really really nice actually so then these would be revving hands actually these don't open up so yeah they're for the for the axle driver in particular and then relaxed splayed open hands a tall figure that's come with fine I'm just going to leave his hand in there cuz I'm switching and eventually but the cool thing about the engine blade is I hate that I have to keep punching the camera knife get those four focused is that we press down it opens up that's all you have to do is press down it's not that difficult people I'm sorry but there's a groove there so it does slide nice and easy it slides open so it looks like he's inserting the engine memory or the cyclone memory or whatever other memory you wanted to put in there so that's a pretty neat touch I don't think you would display it like this just because that's kind of a weird pose to display it and but um the fact that it can move like this is actually really really neat something they didn't have to do but they did so um let's give him in some sort of pose before I wrap this up give him the engine blade well one thing I do want to point out I just noticed his uh hand joint thingy right here his wrist joint is done in red which is a really nice touch and his joints are done in red so that confuses me a slight bit on the double sets why they couldn't have their properly colored joints but again I think it's probably just because of money and the fact that I think the double molds are all done base in black and I'm not probably gonna bother to change out back I'll give him the maximum Drive ask hand back here just cuz it looks kind of neat just like that and I think he's already looking pretty badass bring the camera down so I can talk um I don't know he's really cool like I said I don't really dig axles design all that much from the UH from the show but he does make a really impressive and really beautiful figure at the red is all metallic and shiny he's not as thin as he looked in the previous pictures and he just comes off as actually pretty neat so um if you're on the fence about axle I would definitely recommend picking him up if you're a fan of double if you really hate him you're obviously probably gonna hate the figure but um I don't know I just think he makes a really beautiful figure so on I can easily recommend him obviously there's your choice to here's this little chibi self I'm just bored I do have the WFC figure coming uh that I actually got for free thanks to writer proxies so uh love you if if I get it before this goes up expect this right now if thing just happened and I don't have it yet but I'll do it in a V log or something I really wanted to show off axel riding axle because I think that'll be funny so um that's all easily recommended you can share the Frog a look at our counselor slash who can show me and of course check out the blog it's you can show me that fro latest news updates and release dates and check out our podcasts two riders Rangers and rambles our riders Rangers and rambles dot-com and subscribe via RSS feed iTunes whatever the latest token news in the craziest way possible so take care and have a great one and break through break it

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