Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider G3-X

hey YouTube while I sit here and wait for to use 18 key to activate my iPhone 4 or whatever is going on right now I need to preorder it I am reviewing the SH figure its Kamen Rider g3 X from Common Era Draghi to master IG 3 X right here picture black and white as always basically he's like the cousin to the g4 they're rivals they hate each other stuff like that I don't know I don't know about how you two but uh Jafar is gonna see you in the backer and watch his buddy so back here we've got g3 X with all the weapons attached most of the weapons that come with this do have some sort of form that can attached to g3 X directly so uh no worry about getting chins down the weapons here a nice picture with the Cerberus right here holding the Cerberus combined with the Scorpion and showing all the weapons that come with it it comes with an extended and a non extending garlic seller Miz Liz police baton the GMO one scorpion a little G X grenade thing and the gko six unicorn the combat knife extended a none extended and then the GXL v service so it's going to take a look so we've got G 3x right here two four six different hands it looks like kind of sword holding hands for the garlic cellar maybe for the for the unicorn it's really hard to tell the unicorns I got a hole so it might benefit from the extra finger but uh I'll see when I take pictures splayed open relaxed hands and then they'll gun filming hands the scorpion right here the two forms of the Garda seller unicorn extended unicorn condensed TX grenade thing and these tubers it's going to get it opened yep take a quick look at G 3x since uses the start of the show joints are very very tight I know if they're as tight as my rising except but they're definitely pretty close to that so no problems holding poses here really nice it's got pegs and stuff all over and for holding the weapons so uh let's go ahead and uh peg those in so we'll take the guard if seller in the closed mode that fits right here like that snaps right in here is a look at the extended form by the way I don't have that much time so I'm not gonna go through him holding all the weapons but here's the unicorn combat knife the little one can fit right here I keep doing this backwards just like that I do believe just like that it's comfortably in that little slot underneath the shoulder pad and obviously the Scorpion can fit right down here just like g3x there is a spot on the belt right here to plug in the gig ant so uh so g3x can hold the gig ant if you so inclines to but I don't think you for would be too happy with that though do four shouldn't be too happy with the way the Microsoft confidence but anywho enough jokes it's quite actually going gun folding hands first then I'll show off the Cerberus I named it dog on my farmville server he's quite the cool dog he's a demon puppy I feel safer with these joints might even galleon you know ones a wrist broke and I'm pissed anyway enough weeping they've got g3x and you just fell over it cool so here's the the sort of the Cerberus it does fold open to make the actual Cerberus gun but it does fold up nice and compact so you can kind of hold in return he's a businessman salaryman g3 XE so um open it up pop it open just like that everything does lock fairly nice in the places a little bit loose but uh no harm really attach this thing to the front of it for some reason whatever you want to I don't know what it is it's a grenade of some sort and that can obviously just fit nice and snug into g3 X's hand you get it past all the just like that so you're gonna have them all badass I look at me I've got a giant friggin gun what are you gonna do so overall it's a really nice gun and it does actually have some more features it does combined with the other scorpion so let's pop that off of his leg just like so take off the take off the scope attach that right up here am i doing it backwards no I'm not doing it backwards this is just really weird then okay drop it that works dude and then take these scorpion and then that will plug in right here just like that so here's the combined mode with the scorpion all it really does is give him all the kind of additional support so that plugs in and then he drops it again figure out don't be cooperating with me lately soya so I see I'm the the scorpion I'm sorry g3x the scorpion doesn't fit too well into his hands just like g4 it just doesn't really work so I'll take a little bit of maneuvering but eventually you'll get it lined up to where it doesn't suck and when you do then everything will come undone and then you'll cry it's not the best at all in fact I had this looking nicer earlier but it'll it'll do for now because I want to end this in a fair amount of time so I just splay the legs open a little bit I'm not the best poser well yeah well that's there you go that's a little bit better sort of so I'm looking over here so uh really it's it's a really nice thick yard I mean I'm not really too familiar with with g3x or G for any of these guys but um this accessory counts huge for for Santa release I mean his price showed but uh the molding details are great too the only main differences between G Force ISM legs obviously he's got the hooks for the garlic cellar and stuff um these shoulder pads are different obviously the chests one is the G one as a police star and his head obviously our are different he has a three-horn he has a two horn different logos on the side and everything like that but overall they're the same mold base if you're really picking you only want to get one of these I do suggest g3x he was actually in the show so that's a plus his guns really neat I'm nearly real upside 4g4 is that if you're friend of black he's black and he's got the key again so um I highly recommend g3x of your fan of Augie to if you're not you might not enjoy it as much but singing out I've never had seen how you to and I love the thing to death so I don't know I'm biased maybe whatever really cool highly recommend it so check out a photo gallery Africa and they're thicker / photos / you can show me an of course check out the blog at Shu gonna show me don't for Ollie's news updates and release dates and check out our toku podcast writers or news and rambles that suga show me that pod bean comm featuring myself Dawson Ryder and Jed I'm on you can subscribe via the RSS feed or iTunes or any other thing that's listed on the sidebar to the right so I take care have a great one bye just a quick little annotation for those of you that are looking for the GGO – salamander the GSO 3 destroyer and the GAO for anthros i'm pretty sure those are all coming packed with g3 which is the normal g3 which is coming out down in September I do believe check out my blog for the release date but um I know that the anchor hook the anthros is coming with g3 but I'm not entirely positive about the others but our fellows are you looking for more accessories for g3 X and everything g3 will be on September so take care

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