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hey YouTube's you can show me here with a review of the SH FiguArts Kamen Rider Joker the tamashii festival 2010 exclusive for those of you who couldn't get one from any of the middlemen services or your middleman service didn't get any I know Rider proxy wasn't able to get any I don't know how the okaaay got hers and I know Okinawa got a fair amount for all the people that pre-ordered and I get that's where I got mine from Okinawa however if you didn't manage to get one pre-orders for the Tamashii web release of joker are going up September 3rd which is actually probably around the time this is going to go up so just be patient and contact your middleman and go ahead and pick one up for probably a little bit cheaper than I got mine but I don't feel like waiting until January or February when it gets released so here's the beautiful package we've got a whole black cross shaped thing that extends the entire back of the box except for down Kenya where all the numbers are common order Joker on the side down here here it is in kanji in katakana sh figuarts logo common are double A to Z forever whatever logo right here toey tamashii festival up here as a figure as a new standard figure but every but Joker up here doing his sell my notes to mio Caro thing kind of it that's more of his and after henchman pose but big Joker logo in the background here really plain side here just a joker logo and Kamen Rider Joker down here the back also playing a box of tiny bit beat up I don't like the tape that they used either it's colored Kamen Rider Joker with the purple gradient and him doing the Salman and Samuel pose here really really cool so enough looking at the super cool box and more at the figure itself I'll set this up back here so you can continue to Google at the box instructions I don't need it's a figure he comes with a Thomas you stand which I won't bother building but go ahead keep that popped off right here and so it says Kamen Rider Joker with the Joker emblem right here a typical Thomas you stage nothing really spectacular besides that so I'll go ahead and build that on my own time so let's take a look at the figure itself hands everywhere okay so this figure is awesome he comes with obviously common Eider Joker on the cell my notes Emil tension whatever hands the pointy Salman it's Emil Kazmir hands and the road relaxed hands the joints for the time she stager right here in this little bag down here as you can't see and the other parts of the stage are right here and behind the plastics so let's look at Joker because that's what y'all are here difference see holy crap what a beauty of a badass figure he is everything skull should have been and more let's take a look so he's got a little bit of residue paint here that I'll have to file away a little bit but beautiful double design with beautiful matte finish throughout the entire figure it's even there the hands have met finish on the purple parts don't but they're not supposed to his legs or matte finish his feet are matte finish his head's matte finish everything is a matte finish it is gorgeous and it's absolutely what skull should have been made out of considering he was a web exclusive too so it's highly disappointing it makes Scholl look bad really just the does the double design is a really beautiful design and done in this all-black style here it looks absolutely gorgeous the black and the purple complement each other perfectly the lost driver is all nice big and purple it's the same one that was on skull mines look slightly slanted but that's because his body is a little bit crooked and I can't seem to quite get it to line up yet but I'll work on that later really just all-around gorgeous I don't know where his his little stamps right over here in the corner maximum drives slot I don't know everything is just beautiful about this figure one of my favorite double figures just I'm a huge matte finish fan I love matte finish on figures that's why I love most of the animated line and he's just absolutely amazing joints are black obviously so they fit right in you can still see the line going down the middle but you can and Joker so it's supposed to be there I don't know what else to say besides that he's absolutely gorgeous articulation is the same as any other double figure that we've reviewed 10,000 times by now so I won't really go into that and I'll just say that this is an absolutely stunning figure let's go ahead and put them in the psalm I assume you'll cause a repose or one of them we'll give him the single finger pointy hand and the fists just for good measure will change that one Sal might not see me Oh cause away wrote I'm just gonna end this kind of short I don't know if I switch that over to look at the post don't pass this figure up please the the Tamashii web as I said is going up on the 2nd of a 3rd of September don't pass this up if you're a double fan Joker is a beautiful figure the matte finish is absolutely gorgeous the red compound eyes and the purple glassy kind of accents go absolutely beautiful with the with the black figure the stands really cool too for those who like Thomas she stands he comes to the Thomas you stand he's definitely definitely worth the 5,000 yen I paid and considering you guys will probably get it for a little bit cheaper than that for those of you that ordered off of Tamashii web it's definitely definitely worth that Joker is an absolute badass as proven in episode 49 and I cannot get over how absolutely gorgeous this figure is easily one of the best double figure arts to date and he's not even double so I'm gonna stop rambling about the beauty I'll take some pictures and put them up and you can check those out of liquor that calm / photos / you can show me – of course check out the blog it's you could show we don't for these news updates and release dates and of course if you're a fan of tokusatsu which you are because you're watching this how writers ranges and rambles are writers writers and rebels dot-com bringing the latest token news in the craziest way possible so take care have a great day and do not pass this up

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