Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider New Den-O Strike Form

[ Music][ Applause][ Music] hey “youre going to” send she’ll is still here with a review of the sh figuarts kamen rider new denno strike shape yes this expensive son of a is finally in my seize and it’s amazing first of all I want to thank Taku for selling it to me the circumstances weren’t as princely importance royal actually but um I represent I feel bad that he had to sell us off for less than he paid for it but I’m really really glad I got it and he’s really neat I’m not to see how much exactly mailed me back because I don’t want to and I want to try to forget that that ever happened so let’s go ahead and take a look at him so um here is new dental strike form right here the figure masked equestrian new denno strike form the final countdown’ symbol now the final countdown’ motto kamen equestrian new dental strike for me yahoo japan bandai limited because this was released before um was very reflective before Tamashii web existed so this was a yahoo japan and bandai exclusive and if I remember correctly they said that you can only get like 12 mm or something so on mostly yes it’s rare back here we have strike form back here with mass rider brand-new Dino in the background with the teddy is a teddy machete yeah yeah I think that’s right I don’t know what ever really cool helmet picture with the rider pass a cool gazing constitute I actually plan on probably doing that pose at that pole that pose is pretty cool too but I don’t really dig rest all that much my illustration so uh let’s go ahead and get him open and take a look really quick before I begin um he did come with us tamashii stage unfortunately it’s just a standard black Thomas you stage so um it’s currently my default Thomas II stage four pictures so thank you nude enou for supplying me with a blank standardized slapstick theatre anyway let’s get them open I’ll organize that up right here I guess it’s kind of like summer fish but whatever now he is in all of us Gloria knew Dennis strike them and he is oh my god beautiful my only problem with the figure is the shoulder pads a little bit loose it’s not like falling off loose it’s just it doesn’t wait stay up as well as the other one does but that’s a very small minor nitpick and that’s only because I can’t find anything else wrong with this figure totally awesome I’ll show off the details of figure in a second now let’s go through the supplementaries he’s got two pairs of entrusts weapon hands right here and then tightened paws right here to rider oversteps just like Gao on this one being a standardized rider pass of course and take a quick look at it maybe if it wants to focus on it yeah it did here’s a look at the equestrian pass both sides you can kind of see that side and a excerpt for the the machete all of his little done gasher bits and then the Teddy machete itself it was very very cool a stupid little face right there I don’t know I like it so only to demonstrate real quick we’ll take the mashed Eddie and kind of peg it in some text how disappears the other way only trumpet time poke me just like that and make his back here and only snap someplace right back here just like that slither that down a little bit if you like and now “theres going” here he is with the mesh teddy ogling pretty badass so genuinely just take this entire clip off you can leave it on the back if you really really wanted to when he’s holding it but I don’t know it simply gapes kind of tacky to me so let’s go ahead and get his den gasher articles in there since he never actually uses the den gasher in this mode pop that piece in and instead of wasting your time I’m just going to teleport and do this off camera right and it’s going to pa his hands off give him a magic teddy viewing hand and a market open mitts all right and let’s just aim everything else aside and taking a look at the figure itself particularly very nice detailing the the turntable style thing this chest is just absolutely ravishing the develop moves everywhere shoulder pads are great the details that extend out back here are prodigious take a look at this combination noses on his face right here they’re just absolutely stunning it’s it’s new and different I mean all the other common attentions are very buggy his is very like diamond table I don’t really know what else to describe it it looks like something in particular kinda looks like a disco ball type of texture and I don’t know it only looks absolutely beautiful gold trim round here blue-blooded the brand-new dental belt is gold stars the buttons really nice and colorful gold and blue back here gold the holes for the slot everything is just beautifully beautifully detailed and I I can’t get over how absolutely stunning this figures the bloom golden compounding is really cool to me it’s a compounding I really like the silver-tongued is just really stunning as well and my exclusively complaint about the figure is the unpainted den gasher sections it wasn’t as large-hearted for me on GAO because of the GAO gasher being his primary weapon but with this one with the with the fragments not being used there are going to be on the figure and it’s just a little bit disappointing that they aren’t coated but that’s it’s alright it’s a unusually very minor nitpick everything else is so beautiful about the figure that it doesn’t really matter so I get that arranged out so he kind of ogles something like this on the back of the box so we’re gonna go with that for now I precisely “ve learned that” part segment was probably moderately blurry but that’s okay so um I don’t know he’s one of my favorite figure that’s not only because well I paid a lot for him but uh the design is beautiful the complex sees are beautiful the details are absolutely wonderful the paint’s nice the Mesha teddy is nicely details as well he’s got everything he needs to have and more and if you can track this guy down I definitely recommend it if you’re willing to pay the price otherwise I intend it’s a it’s an easy pass especially if you’re not a new dental devotee and if you can’t waste that much money at one time but um it’s still a highly highly elegant figure one of my favourites and that I’m just gonna stop straying you can check out a photo gallery of this person throws we’re gonna come/ photos/ you can show me and of course check out the blog at you can show me out with probably its consideration of the report modernizes in freeing dates and check out our podcast columnists Commandos and jogs at columnists Commandos in strays dot-com and now if we satisfy subscribe and donate to the podcasts when we bring you the craziest or the latest toku news in the craziest behavior possible it was crazy token use to them restricted as a knot of psychopaths so regardles experience and look forward to this guy’s next meeting

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