Review: SG and Capsule Legend Rider Lockseeds (Kamen Rider Gaim)

hey YouTube sequence nope here with her view of the Kevin Rider gaim SG and capsule legend rider lock seeds so this is not really a set so much as it is a collection as a collection of all 38 lakh seeds released featuring the legend riders that were released between the SG Locke seed 1 all the way through SG lack seat eight as well as capsule lakh seeds 0 1 all the way through capsule lock seed 14 and these were all released at various months and they're all kind of scattered around since memory is definitely a little bit hazy I will be putting all of the names what set they were in and the release date somewhere on the screen every time a lock seed shows up so you will know what set that was in when it came out and what you can search to try to find it on auction sites and the light so these were all purchased through various methods so I can't really say a whole lot else and of course prices will definitely be varying as well so our collection includes Kamen Rider 1 shocker combat man black Rx and that was it for the show was but now we have a show a set that was premium that we'll be taking a look at really soon as well as Kouga a Guiteau ryouki Faiz no true key survive rather fives fives blaster blade Hibiki Kabuto denno denno climax momotaro's new denno Kiva decayed double extreme skull Joker Oeste shadow OS Bhutto tera UNK fours a cosmic meteor wizard infinity and beast now on these two hanging out here beast in media were actually part of a lakh seed bandage set there was two I believe two sets released in the lock seed bandage collection that featured a variety of different ones but and meteor were only available in those releases now here's an example of each one before we get into the actual sounds so this is the COO galaxy this is an example of the SG lock seeds which were all candy toy releases now the SG lock seeds all featured they all three of them feature the same sort of setup back here instead of pressing all these different buttons it actually presses just the one singular giant button and it'll cycle through the activation the transformation sound and we'll have three different attacks first attack is one button press second TAC is two and third is three and I'll get a you'll get a different one depending on which how many times you hit the button so that is how each of these work now the SG lock seeds all featured an opaque ring around the sticker the sticker of course was a hollow foil sticker and of course all of them open up no problem so the key point in the SG lock seeds was the opaque ring around the two stickers they're the capsule lock seeds are more or less the definitive version of these cheaper lock seeds since they did feature the kind of translucent ring that the DX ones featured now of course there are no Springs so everything here is done manually but it does still of course have the lock but as you will see the lock is split in two and must be put together and that was in order to fit inside of the capsule that was available in the machine now you will also note that the capsule accents are actually a little bit louder then the candy toy ones are not by a whole lot and the loudness will definitely vary by a battery level but overall in general the capsule releases are a little bit louder than their candy toy counterparts now of course we have the bandage releases which really if you're collecting these loved ones you're gonna have to worry about our meteor and beast which we're only available in the lock seed bandage to the second set these are a little bit of a hodgepodge because they are opaque ring just like the candy toy releases but are a little bit louder just like the capsule releases however the stickers are completely flat there's no Howell file stickers on these ones so the lack of challah foil stickers want to set some apart from the other two releases but the lock is fully together just like this G releases so in quick summary the SG release releases feature in opaque ring the gash upon a capsule releases will feature a translucent ring and the bandage releases will feature an opaque ring with a solid sticker now it's time for me to kick back relax and stop talking we're going to go through each of these lock seeds go through all the sounds and you can get a good look at what each of these guys look like so I'm going to shut up for all your information it will be right here on the screen so no need to worry kick back relax and enjoy the show Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I Oh so overall the legend Ryder lock seeds were just a really big hit in Kamen Rider gaim I was fully ready after the rather disappointing wizard ring releases and the legend rider switches and stuff like that I was completely ready to forego these not bother getting the legend Rider lock seized I was done with legend Rider gimmicks but they totally wrote me in as soon as Ryu key which was the first one that was released came out and I heard the different transformation sounds but it still kept the feel of gaim the whole drew key arms and all these different attack noises instead of the individual scosh all day and sparking and stuff I I just I was hooked it would say it's a fantastic way of pulling in the legend Rider concept while fully embracing the heart of what makes lakh seeds fun and that is really what did it for me I now in terms of going full-on completest it will be difficult to get a full set now if you were collecting them as they were coming out it wasn't too difficult sands beasts in meteors and say where the bandage releases they're a lot harder to get ahold of but the capsule and cane toe releases weren't too difficult to gather as a reflecting but now it is obviously a lot harder to get a hold of them but if you have a favorite Rider I would certainly pick up their lock seed they definitely do not disappoint and for any collection it's always a nice sort of thing to have all the Heisei riders at least Oeste Toba and fours a bass dates were released in a candy toy format ie do not pick them up because I have the DX ones but if that's your kind of thing there was no stat oba and a four they base released as well but that about does it for these overall I do definitely recommend them if you have a favorite writer definitely pick up their set or at the very least pick up a set of the Heisei riders to go with the show of riders you went ahead and picked up that set I am hoping out for a premium haste a release just so that they all match because the canyon twin ones are a little bit gaudy especially compared to the capsule ones so we shall see but all these were a definite hit and I loved at the legend rider locks they did definitely hit it out of the park for these gimmicks so hopefully the the legend signal bikes can do the same but I don't think it's going to be there so thanks for watching take care and have a great one bye

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