today we will review, shf we rider kuuga rising mighty ORI versus Bootleg after this one Before the review, I will show the item I just bought from, which is a notebook His notebook is different from usual, because it is designed with Very very Indonesian by using wood and the more beautiful, we can custom accordingly with what we want, here is my own favorite character that is the ultimate kuuga well, just check Instagram on This is perfect for souvenirs for ourselves or for others Good looking who want to buy the link is in the description okey in front of me there already shf sinkocho seiho kamen rider kuuga rising mighty the original version and the bootleg version so I often see my friends are upset, eh want to buy shf rising mighty kuuga ori but the price is expensive now the price range of 800-1 million while the bootleg or this version the cheapest price is 250 thousand I got it The box is still sealed, and I got it from Tokopedia so the price is too hundreds of thousands different but here we will review one by one from the box to the contents inside, guess the comparison is far from the logic, the original is definitely superior let's review it for the packaging it's the same as shf sinkocho shf seiho iphone box like this the difference is here is the bandai logo and the tamashi nations logo while you don't have one if friends pay attention here this is a clone from photoshop so the bandai and tamashi nation logo were removed so this is not so neat for the box color itself is rather reddish so it's not as clear as this one he is also darker the box I mean the picture is darker than the original one the sides are the same I guessed the masked rider's writing and it appeared look? the same for on the back so it's done the one on the back of the contrast is darker the color and here there is a hazard warning sticker for the original, while for the one you don't have for the back, if the original if the original one has the words shfiguarts, while the kws don't this is like the scan well if I pay attention so for the original box it was scanned then printed again, and this was deleted okay this is for the packaging, let's see the contents let's open the shfiguarts, rider kuuga which is the bootleg version still sealed let's try to see the details Here we try to highlight the figure first let's see what we get in the box is it the same as the original version here we get 1 2 3 4 5, 5 pairs of hands and one thumb hand part same as the original one Fill in the same box as the original one let's review the details of the hand parts first for this hand part, I'll just sample it the details are really good the rising mighty detail is accurate only if I pay attention to this not so neat there are remaining pieces it's just really good for the details let's compare it with the original version now in my hand there is the original version and the kw version if friends see which one is the original one ??? same right? so this one is the original version and this one is the kw version for red and gold the same color but for the black one, for the original one the color is more glossy if the bootleg version is better off color for the same size Bootleg versions are not neat the marks on the scissors are not neat we got more hand parts the last part is the thumb hand okay, let's just review the figure this crazy is cool, shf kamen rider kuuga rising mighty bootleg version it really tastes like bootleg, wow this is bad if we look like this it doesn't look bootleg it even looks like the oti but if we try to pay attention to more detail might find out anything different later we will detail it little by little okay so this is the version of bootleg, if I hold this this part is really rough for the pain so the base part of the body is black, rough so it's not soft for all the rough paint we try to see in more detail from pain and others okay first we have the belt arcle this if I pay attention for this golden paint, it's not so neat and the silver color is not very neat the details aren't that good if I pay attention yeah because this is your version, so you can't expect more let's compare it with the original version

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