Review: Sound GaiaMemory Legend Rider Special (Kamen Rider W)

hey two chickens over here with the review of the sound gaya memory a legend rider special set which includes double Cougar ryouki Feist Hibiki Kaaba 210 Aquila and O's on the should sound very familiar because these ones right here basically all of the – O's are what I reviewed in the best selection because they were the same thing the best selection was just these 8 memories with the Holograms I will show them really quick in this review because I'm basically you've heard these before if you've watched the best selection review so I'm mostly going to use this review as a comparison between all the available versions of these memories as opposed to a review strictly on these if that makes any sort of sense but we'll go over the O's memory first real quick because it's somewhat new we've got a nice picture of oh is right here for sounds the metal memory looks really nice always memory right here back here it shows all the things that says and the lineup of the 8 right here so let's go ahead and get that open I know it was intentional or not but the box color matches the color scheme of that was box it's quite well alright and here it is it's a little bit blurry you something depend okis there we go so I'm really nice picture of top tato bah he Riley sighs yeah it looks like Todd oba thoughts kind of covered up sohcahtoa and bottom metals in the background here with a nice little swirl effect really really nice um here is the capsule on in comparison I like this one a lot better honestly I mean that one has a big tribe logo in the background but this one just kind of looks overall a little bit better to me so let's go through the sounds so it's the same thing is this one so it's not really new but on the only differences this one just says common writer OHS and this one says it's your turn common red rose so that's really the only difference and obviously the color of the memory as well I love the two-tone look on the gashapon version but um I like the picture on on the sound guy memory one a little bit better so um we'll set him back over here put the capsule one away and move on to double so on here's the double memory in this set here is the best selection one with the hologram as you can see the writer portion is a different sticker altogether the sticker is very flat however it is the same pose as the gashapon one with the two-tone back here it's the same pose but it has a cyclone than the Joker colors on the side here obviously this one plays a different amount of sounds and this one does but here they are all together for you to decide which one you like the most so obviously this one's different sound so I'm not only going to compare it and this one has the same sounds but let's go through the sounds real quick that's it um I I'm always gonna like the hologram one more I'm just telling you right now in advance I'm not gonna say which one I like more I dig the Holograms I love the logo in the writer being in the same memory I love the best selection ones so I'm not really gonna say which one I like the most because it's pretty much always gonna be that you have the double one the hologram one so just keep that in mind next step we've got Kouga here is the best selection one get it there we go as you can see they're different pictures once again however the one that came in this set is the same picture as the original one pretty much it's sumed in a tiny bit more that's really the only difference of the backgrounds different the backgrounds different all of these so um sounds are the exact same between all of these so um here they are all together I get the writer there we go and feel free to judge Harle like mighty form dragon Pegasus and Titan so Yuki we've got a clear memory just like the best selection you can judge is back best selection one here different picture completely a nice fiery red in the background here but they're both clear obviously stark contrast to the gash upon one the background is very similar with the broken glass thing but they are different poses slightly and this one just comes along looking a lot better the sounds are different on these if you want to hear that ryouki sounds go check out that review and they're the same things obviously so go through that and one click one click one quick look at all three of them I really do like the clear a lot better for Ryu key matches his mirror motif a lot better than the suit color kind of does here we have five-spice is interesting because he really hasn't changed at all I hear he is with the best selection one are very different pose and here is the original candy toy release a very shiny sticker all of these ones are very flat very vibrant sticker while the original releases are was more of a very shiny dark sticker background is different I do like this one this one's picture the most and back to fuzzy get my area situated here all right next up is Hibiki one of my favorite memories ever so here is a comparison between the three like the light right right about there you're gonna have to go on an angle so three different pictures for this guy I mean they're all generally about the same thing but um I don't know I kind of like the the legend Rider special one a little bit more myself but uh again I dig the whole hologram thing so that was the transformations for the main three in the attacks for Ibuki and Totoro key and all that fun stuff one thing i do want to point out is that ryu key memory does differ and has the advent and the final event and then they're appropriate attack noises as opposed to having us survive and stuff in there as well so next up is Kao butoh table which i was interesting to say the least here's the original one with a dark sticker black background this one has a nice vibrant blue with the kind of hive shaped thing that table which i always did in its opening and everything and as you can see right here it kind of mimicked the the blue in the in the best selection one but I think overall again the legend diner special looks the the best picture wise this one doesn't have any sort of differences dono the only thing that's changed with with denno is the the opening phrase was redone to sound more like denno then then dingo so we got a good shot right here they're all pretty much the same thing on the legend Rider special one right here and the original candy toy looked to be almost the same picture but I'm not exactly they're all kind of moved around a little bit but in this case I like the the best selection one more it has his logo in the background there as opposed to like the train tracks on this one and this one was just a green so nothing crazy there okay and lastly Kiva Kiva went through a ton of changes actually yeah so um let that reset now right here you can tell three very very different shots for Kiva here this one he's on his side you see a lot of his shoulder this one's more of a frontal slightly tilted shot with his hand and this one's just a strain on profile pretty much which is really nice and I mean this one is a silver border Kiva here has the gold border so I mean I love that key was one of my favorite riders and having three pretty much distinct different memories for him is really cool um fyz almost does it but the original candy toy and the new one both have the red border so I can't really hand that to him from being original but he has a black one a silver one and a gold border so um that's really neat and his sounds he did add the prehension sound on these ones and the awake up from ki vet on these ones that wasn't on this one um favorite picture probably this one the chains in the background and the stained glass effect or it's a single stained glass effect and bats actually this one has to change and then this one just has a logo it's not that epic so it says obviously the black and red color differences – really nice I'm definitely definitely glad that they have to wake up in there so let's chuck 'chuck O's right in the middle here and this is a huge huge mess but here are all of the memories here are all the best selection memories and then the original releases of all of them and then the legend Rider special one's right up here I'm not going to do any demonstrations only I'll do I'll do OHS real quick just because I'll do oh and because I well I that one up Kiba goes up here and B no no I can't Akiva oh he became develop even so it does the same thing as the capsule one – Tanaka set the zou obviously so I won't do any more demonstrations if you want more demonstrations for these check outs these reviews the review for review the review for the best selection will have all these same sounds in it as well so um one quick little pan on the fact that I own all these memories except O's three times is terrible but um anyway they look really neat and yeah that's what I use as a tripod and deal with it uh-huh I've got along way too much for this I'm going to end it right now I can check out a photo gallery of the the legend writer special these guys up here and I flirted icon / photos / you could show me and of course check with the blog at you can show me at Phillies news updates and release dates and check out the podcast writers range – rambles that writers ranges and rebels comm bringing the latest token news and the craziest way possible and take care and have a great day

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