Review: TKPB01 – Kamen Rider Proto-Drive (Kamen Rider Drive)

hey YouTube secret instead I'm here with a review of the Kevin Rutter Drive tkp b01 kamen rider proto drive so this is the first hero seen in the show sort of if you want to get technical but anyway this is the prototype design for drive and for those of you that watch the show spoiler alert it's actually moshing chaser which eventually becomes kamen rider chasers so he's got quite a few forms under his belt at this point but anyway this figure was really used to be a premium bad knife my exclusive obviously hence the PB in May 2015 for about three thousand seven hundred and eighty yen give or take before middleman fees so you're looking at probably about forty bucks for this guy again give or take here is moshing chaser over here on there in the suit of the the pick of the suit of the show sued in the show I can't speak today so I don't even know why I'm bothering but you have this tiny box about the same size as you standard figure boxes nowadays and pretty simple nothing else really to it as you can see right here from the taxi and it does come with the dimension cab tire so that is pretty cool take a look at that as well so without further ado let's go ahead and let's open and take a look in here he is I I adore this figure this figure is great just like frosted flakes this figure is great so basically you have the same sort of mould or going on here as type speed which makes sense because it's the prototype for speed but man there's just a lot of cool going on this figure for one thing all of the main pieces of the armor our world over are all in a matt finish black it almost comes across a sort of really darker gray in person and uh man if you know me at all you know i have a thing for matte finish paint on figures hence why I really liked as I figure it's Kevin Ryder Joker and stuff like that it just it looks really nice on display and even not being a figure art the fact that this is a premium release of the gimmick figure means this guy gets a little bit more paint than other figures normally would and men it just looks gorgeous the the matte finish black against the kind of glossy black of the under suit looks great the the the head in the bluebird but words heavy design throughout his helmet is actually done very nicely and again when I bring in shift speed for comparison you'll see where that premium quality totally makes this guy very much worth it and stuff unfortunately the shift cars here are not painted I don't remember if he even had shift cars yeah he did even though I don't think he could use them I don't think the proto drive was capable of actual tire Co cons but apparently he had this the shift cars he did because they saved people so I'm not sure if you could actually do the tyre compounds or not I would have to double checked on that fact but he did have the the shift cars right there so it's a shame that they couldn't paint those in I mean it was just one solid color given the fact that the prima released here's a shift speed prototype right down here in his brace was actually painted so that's nice it would been really nice to get that silver painted down here as well but again what they did do to this figure over shift speed just makes it look really really nice I dig it a lot and then back here you have the painted red Panna back lights right there looking sharp and as always with these figures the just sort of the underside of the car I designed that the back of the suit has going on for it just looks great as well so an absolutely phenomenal looking figure in terms of articulation you have the same base points of articulation as shift speed full rotation it's just a ball and socket joint at the head full rotation at these shoulders working off a swivel system up there a swivel at the bicep though he biceps by Sep no you have to watch out because there is a line design there so if you get all too crazy with it ends up looking kind of stupid so watch that but you do have a single joint right there and a swivel at the cuff as well so there's all sorts a little swivel Easons arm you do get a waist movement no ab crunch or anything like that obviously maybe a little swivel system set up in his hips a swivel at the thigh single joint at the knee no other articulation down at the bottom of the leg there and a ball and socket joint for the flip so all the simple points of articulation are pretty much used to these gimmick figures and he just he looks really really great so bringing in shift shift speed type speed for comparison so obviously there's no spoiler on the back of said just like the ship speed prototype does the tire is different obviously because he doesn't have a tire he just has that base form of the suit that I can't really describe all that well but as I was mentioning through other points throughout the review the shift car is painted on the arm and that is really about it that's super noticeable right off the top of the head top of them Wow what I'm trying the same it is right off the top of your head that's probably the first thing that you see however if you look at the head this is paint in here while it isn't here and for some reason that just makes a world of difference on this figure and to top that off just the design of proto drives helmet right here with that line design that's also on chef speed prototype it just looks really nice and you could tell the premium quality that went of this and then back here again that silver runs throughout and the metallic red right there just really makes the head sculpt stand out more than anything on this figure but again just really a really gorgeous for this guy and of course being the same figure you can split them apart and you can mix and match them you can make like some sort of weird common art or double ask thing with the pieces of these two guys so it actually ends up looking pretty cool I kind of like this one over here cuz he has this nice headsculpt so I kind of like that one I dig it and of course you can just switch out the tires this is probably about as close as you can get toy wise for Drive type speed with no tire looks pretty close um I think the this one in this suit in the show is a little bit more kind of squished in to make it look like he has no tire and not like jettisoning out a little bit but I can get that design going for you and if you want him to look more like type speed you can do that as well so all sorts of mix-and-match possibilities with this set and of course if you want to put some other tires onto proto Drive you are more than welcome to when you use midnight shadow because that's usually my go-to for these sort of things plus I thought the purple would look really nice unfortunately the Purple's are nowhere near close to matching and it still comes across looking very blue and there's still a gap there that's really weird but hey it is what it is so you can use any of the other tires on this guy no sweat yeah and of course ups keep them apart while we look at the dimension cab tire and what's kind of unique about this one is that it's set up a little bit like Dream Vegas however instead of being put together be a via via a connection joint it's um done entirely through magnets and what's really cool about this is that just like how dream dream Vegas dimension cap works in the show the two parts split and he can travel around through portals so that is really cool so while you attach like this portion onto a figure and you can have them just sort of standing here doing whatever because that's generally what this portion of the body did while this portion of the body is the one that went through the portal and travel and I don't really have anything around me that can oh here we go I can use my light right here so these magnets are actually pretty powerful and if you have anything that's metal gotta get them situated and move our light so you can actually just like peg him on to metal things via the magnets and he just sort of hangs out and that's actually really really cool so you can like stick them to your fridge or anything like that and I like that a lot and of course they just snap right together to give the dimension cab look and of course you can use this on the long side type speed as well if you so are inclined the two parts do like I mean are part quite a bit and hey they're parts that's what they're supposed to do so you're gonna attach it to type speed as well so tkp b01 is just really really great at least for me I was really in love with the proto Drive suit the first time we've seen it – that color scheme is just really sharp and while I always like to drive space design prototypes leakes it out a bit and it turns into something that I just really love and so as soon as this figure was announced I knew I had to get it I'm still really holding out hope for a fig yards version because I think that would just be sexy as all hell but this one is certainly a great placeholder if you have other TK figures these this one works absolutely perfectly with all the other ones plus that middle section gives you a nice posing opportunity for drive with no tire so that sudden you couldn't really do before so that's really neat as well plus it's yellow main to get the dimension cab tire and with the magnets in that one it's really fun to kind of put them around your house and take goofy pictures so it is most certainly great for that the price is a little bit high for what you end up getting since them he is the same mold as the first release of the line however there is so much done to this figure that it is definitely justifiable if you are a fan if you are not a fan of the look of the toy or just don't really like the TK line obviously this is a pretty easy pass but if you're a fan whatsoever I do recommend hunting this figure down if you're too impatient to wait for a figure out version even if you're not if even if you don't want the figure everything you want this version to go ahead and get this person to what trying to say is that it's a really really fun figure and I like it a lot so that about does it for this review if you liked it go ahead and blast that like button comment below and subscribe for more so thank you for watching take care and have a great one

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