Review & Unboxing Helm Kamen Rider Agito Aniki Cosplay [ENG SUB] 仮面ライダーアギト

The very first Kamen Rider helmet owned by Showtime Hero The helmet has been around for 3 – 4 years Let's open it… There are large size bubble wrap inside, the ones you get from Aniki Cosplay so many of them, to make the helmet safe. bubble wraps, plastic covers.. the most interesting thing in Agito helmet by Aniki Cosplay is there are safety foam for the horns for safety and minimize the risk of chipping since the horn part is fragile. there are extra paddings & foam so it wont be chipped / broken on shipping the helmet also come with hood, to be wear before you put the helmet on So there you go, Kamen Rider Agito helmet by Aniki Cosplay. let's review the helmet! so what is the material for the helmet? the helmet using FRP as its basic material, it's durable & tough similar to the helmet that Aniki Cosplay produced (knocking noises) the visor uses transparent plastic (vacuum formed) there is also a clear resin on the forehead the eye detail inside is also made from FRP FRP is also the same material used in original helmet of Kamen Rider & Super Sentai most of the helmet are made using FRP as the basic material now we will review how Aniki Cosplay's work on the helmet so far so good, smooth detailing & mostly flawless no bump or defects.

You can feel the smoothness the details are carefully shaped & still intact awesome one of the upside of the helmet from aniki cosplay is the finishing job on the helmet the primer & sanding process on the helmet a very top notch process the finishing job is perfect, now let's review the paint job there are no spilled paint. accurate & clean on the paint job and the color (black, silver, gold) for me is very accurate to the screen props so far so good, the black paint is matte black / dull black and the gold paint is very resembling to Agito in the series the silver paint is also close to the helmet in the series. not to glossy the paint job is neat, no spilled paint / overpaint to other part now is the most important aspect in choosing the cosplay helmet either from Aniki Cosplay or other costume makers, which is the sculpting which mean the shape of the helmet whether it is screen accurate or not as costumer or cosplayer, we tend to have a prop that as accurate as possible so the props must be accurate, or if possible, we use the original prop used in the screen Aniki Cosplay's KR Agito helmet is, as far as i know it, a stunt cast helmet as i mentioned before in Kuuga helmet review, stunt cast is replica / recast from original screen helmet which used in action scene, hence the name "stunt" and cast as for resin casting process so recast is basically a copy process from the original and i can conclude that Aniki Cosplay Agito helmet is almost 100% screen accurate the helmet use overval for the lock, similar to the lock used in suitcase and painted the same color as the part it attached to this lock allow us to open & close the helmet easily this helmet is split into two parts so it can be worn there is a mechanism inside the helmet to keep the helmet stay locked as you can see, this is the part that connect both part together it was made from rubber the rubber pull the helmet parts together and then locked using overval in Japan kamen rider livestage, most of the helmet using this mechanism on their helmet so it can easily opened & closed by the suit actor there are air holes on the sides of the helmet there are also air holes on the front side, which enable the user to breath with more ease i thought there are more air holes on the helmet, like on these parts the eye detail / mesh is made from resin, with holes within the detail pattern so the user can see through the visor the downside of the eye detail is similar to Kuuga cosplay helmet which is the part is glued tightly using hot glue why it will become a problem? as i mentioned in Kuuga helmet review when you use the helmet for cosplay, the visor will be fogged up and to prevent that, we can use a soap inside the visor but since the eye detail is glued permanently, it's hard to rub the soap on the inside of the visor the livestage helmet, especially on the eye detail can be detached and reattached at will so before the show begin, they will rub a soap/shampoo inside the visor and reattached the eye detail and since this helmet didnt provide us with that feature, well, it will be fogged up when used and it might be decrease your action performance but if you could open it yourself and make the feature yourself, since hot glue can be melted now we can tried it out before wearing the helmet, we should wear he hood first to make sure our hair not get in the way always make sure you wear the hood first then the helmet to avoid injury on the ear or hair even without someone to help wear the helmet, it is still possible to wear it by myself.

I'm also wearing glasses yet the helmet still fit it will feel tight inside the helmet and it's not easy to breath. some part my press your face whether it's chin or the head. the helmet is comfortable, there are enough paddings inside the paddings are perfectly fit, even i can wear glasses inside. but there are part that feels too tight in my chin and some part pressed against my lips makes it harder to speak even so, it is still possible to speak the visibility is also reduced since the holes on the eye details are small and covered in red-painted visor it's comfortable enough for action, but if they made more air holes on the helmet, it might be more comfortable especially for action pose so overall, this Agito helmet is satisfactory. i really love the sculpt, finishing & paint job even though there should be more air holes, but but by the looks it's so perfect, in my opinion so accurate it's a pleasant experience that i can wear a cosplay prop that very similar with the prop they use on screen so that's it folks, Kamen Rider Agito review made by Aniki Cosplay do you agree or not with our review? you can write your opinion on the comment below and if you like Tokusatsu content like helmet review from us click SUBSCRIBE & LIKE so you wont missed out another content from SHOWTIME HERO

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