Review & Unboxing Helm Kamen Rider Agito Aniki Cosplay

Review & Unboxing Helm Kamen Rider Agito Aniki Cosplay

Hi the first racing helmet has so Teniro. It’S been a really long time. Maybe there are about three years: 3 years is almost four years. Maybe [ Music ], Hey Brother inside when you see it is there Babel rap is typical of Amigos play with lots of jengkol. Yes, it’s a recording.

If you thick a plastic wrap folder. This is interesting, so it’s a helmet. My post technique is given safety on this towel so that the hobby of safety is more safe because the horns are quite a potato can be top, so you can give the extract security like this has a plate. There is a pulse so it doesn’t attach when delivery. Okay, we lift hi.

Oh there As usual. I am sure what There is a Goodnight skullcap to wear before wearing a helmet

So this is it Helmet, Kamen Rider, Agito, aniki, cosplay production, Let’s review the plus and minus of What is this Agito helmet made of Agito aniki cosplay helmet? This helmet is made of fiber resin or FRP, so it’s the same. Diastolic like aniki cosplay helmets, usually solid. When you tap Fir sound and there is Mika The Stream Ikada clear racing also on The jewels are clear, so the machine is also from Mess.

These eyes are all that much too made from fiber resin, so FRP or fiber resin is the raw material. The same is used in the original Kamen Rider and Super Sentai products, so on average the helmet is used not what it is made with the raw material for fiber resin. Now we will see how they are finished, perfecting the informatics and form of this Agito helmet software sogood. Yes, this is really smooth Flawless. There are no lumps.

There is no pockmarked miss the craziness Hi Vira choliq hold it woah smooth. Do it too? Okay, don’t lose the details, awesome Wow, crazy, smooth, really cool. This is the most One of the things I like the most about the production of aniki cosplay is the initials of the putty amplification wakila, it’s already top-notch. Really.

The finishing is cool Okay, perfect From the problem. Now we see how to paint the seats on the Aniki cosplay helmet Nia. So no one is bothered. No one takes more chat, Yes, all according to their respective positions and the color too, because there is silver. There is an item There is this gold.

For me, it’s very accurate according to what is in the film color selection. More so there’s nothing wrong with the item it used to be spots or Dove. He also held Doh. The reflection wasn’t too much and the gold W was still this Already really Agito and the silver is also silver that fits Agito di. The film is not very reflective, not so shiny, neat, not clear.

Oh, if you look at all the Chat studies, no one touches the other paints with a mess. Well now this is the most assessment aspect, the most important crucial in choosing a cosplay helmet from anywhere The blooming. I want aniki, cosplay or other macromaker aspects of the School of so the aha shape of the hand or the ear or the physical, visual

Yes, how about it physically This helmet is accurate, whether or not it is similar to the finished film, Of course, as a buyer as a cosplayer, we definitely want to have and spraycan as accurately as possible. Then the physical shape must be so similar if possible. Even the original helmet that we use for cosplay, so this Agito helmet made by aniki cosplay.

As far as I know, this is a stand case for the ones I don’t know. I’Ve been discussed in the Kuuga post. Previously I went there. Replica of Princess is a reprint of the original proportions used by the scene action. That is why there is a stand-to word from starting, which is for the fashion.

So if you are fighting wearing a helmet start going there from the word casting or you can crack the ice or actually be a real helmet action printed, the mold continues to be printed again, So it can be said that Agito aniki’s helmet, This cosplay is physically Almost 100 % accurate with the physical cutting of Agito’s helmet. The film is the next day.

Hi the system uses an overvall lock. Yes, the usual offline link in the crate is so small and size works. Well, yes, it is painted the same color as the base color.

It is black, so it is more disguised. It is visible and yes, just open it and plug it in This is for the parts. Yes for sure the racing helmet is divided into two. You can use it, you can open it. The connection is Lucky.

You also open the helmet, namely Piece like this and continue in the middle. There are those who connect it usually here. This is what makes it move To tighten the racing helmet Fandi. The key to the overall is interested in fast. The top is rubber, so you open the fasteners and stay.

So if there is a state should be Japan, they have the average helmet. The system is overvalled like this. Okay locks, the link like this, so it can be opened alone, or it’s also easy. To put it on and take it off, there are air holes like usually in the ear. There is Ryan’s ear, Look at the ventilation holes on the left and on the right.

If there are more air holes in the mouth. Okay, It’s really physical, very basic, near the mouth. This part of us to breathe is also given a hole. My breathing was thinking that the ventilation holes were going to be holes. The air is like on the edges between the mouth and the This gold tooth will have ventilation vents too, because of this, the communication is thin, the mess is made of resin and there are holes Which makes seeing between the homeworks between the textures of Kamen Rider Agito’S eyes, this is a disease with the same drawbacks.

For me personally, I don’t like it What’s the matter with Kamen Rider Agito’s eye mess because he can’t be stuck to death. This number is removed in Fox blue glue. Yes, the film is hot blue, so it can’t be removed Why This is a real complaint. For me, because my Salma is a post before, if you wear a helmet cosplay, the mics will definitely get dewy how to avoid the dew. We should end the marriage, while if This is stuck to the block Mas permanently like this, we can’t hide the marriage.

This nature is the same, even though it is in marriage. So if the helmet is action, steam Usually used in the stage in this part of the machine, he can remove the timer fable. So if you want, before the show, they will release it first, given shampoo or soap first, the marriage and then put it back in again. This can’t be removed. So I’ll give you overtime for sure.

The eyesight is not good.

Okay, it is not enough for this action to be homework. Yes, because it’s troublesome, but it can still be helped if you dismantle it yourself, This can still be dismantled. It should be because the flu can still be heated by catfish can be removed, Masnya this. So you can fix the eye mess.

So there is a system removable before your show, Take off Dandi first soap and do not dewy Well now, Let’s just try to use it. How does it feel inside Kamen Rider Agito’s, helmet? Okay, now, let’s put it on I’ll hug the body with it a little Come on: let’s use the skullcaps first, This hair is awake, so the next day always wear skullcaps before grandpa. Besides keeping your hair, the helmet also keeps your Upin a little bit pinched. The same hemisphere of the helmet like that Keke is not using it now Hi without Kroya’s help.

If this is possible, it is possible to use it yourself. Even I wear glasses inside

This can still fit being pushed by Agito sure the helmet is Hi. It will feel cramped, huh Hi bro, the spirit to breathe Hi. Will you part right? Neighbor Wungu depends on the physicality of your head, the size of your head and hope for a helmet.

This is comfortable to wear right. It was really fitting for you to see this so thick. Even my glasses can fit into this helmet, but inside it’s really narrow. The chin can’t go down again, and it’s stuck in front like this, so the need to get stuck like this, It’s hard to speak to speak, but still in that position, Even though it’s difficult, it is still possible to make the sound of tea and even talk Behind the helmet, Then vision is also limited. Yes, because the holes are small and bandaged by Mika red is quite comfortable.

Wearing this helmet for possible action, more ventilation, holes, the cave will be more comfortable, the more it will be more feel at home. Wearing this helmet, especially for Hai erection, to make it perform well better sobral helmet, so it’s really satisfying. I really like it. The physical appearance of the scrub, the finishing to the detailed upholstery paint as well. Some, though

What are the shortcomings of air holes really perfect?

This is really cool really, in my opinion, so accurate, an honor to have very similar Profs with high accuracy and almost the same as in the film in the original skirt Okay. So that was it. What do you think about the review of the Kamen Rider Agito helmet, made by Andi
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