Review & Unboxing Helm Kamen Rider Kuuga [ENG SUB] 仮面ライダークウガ made by Aniki Cosplay

Hello everyone, I'm Irfan from Showtime Hero team We usually make showcase video of Showtime Hero's costume in action But, this time is different.
We want to try something different Some of you probably have watched our Kuuga Cosplay Showcase video So in this video we are going to unbox and review the Kuuga helmet that we usually use for cosplay Slowly slowly~ So this is it, this is how Aniki Cosplay package of kamen Rider Kuuga helmet looks like when Showtime hero bought it at the first time You guys might be already familiar with Aniki Cosplay They got famous for producing high quality kamen Rider, Tokusatsu props whit years of experience and sell it worldwide Even JDF (Jason David Frank) buy Aniki Cosplay's product Let's start the unboxing Actually this is not really a freshly arrived and unopened package We already bought this and open this long time ago We just simulating how this item when it arrived at the first time, so you guys know How unboxing Aniki Cosplay Kuuga helmet package look like When you open the package, you'll get this thing Err..

What is this thing called? Pouch! Oh yes you will get a pouch or a goodie bag? Definitely a thing that you can use to cover the helmet People from our country usually call this pouch as "Sarung" If you guys want to store or carry the helmet, you can use this Aniki Cosplay pouch Not bad I can use this for shopping Ok, we also get bubble wrap This bubble wrap is not common This is a big ass bubble wrap the size is similiar to Jengkol (one of vegetable from Indonesia) I rarely see this kind of bubble wrap This thing definitely make the helmet more safe for shipping After a bunch of bubble wrap, finally the helmet appear Bismillah Ok, Inside the helmet you will find a Hood People from my country usually called this thing as "Kupluk" In English this thing called "Hood" and here is the unit Kamen Rider Kuuga helmet Made by Aniki Cosplay First thing to review is The Material Before you buy, you should know what kind of material used for the product So Aniki Cosplay standard material for helmet prop is FRP totally different type of material compared to EVA Foam FRP helmet are solid and rigid If you knock it, it will sounds sturdy Unfortunately FRP helmet could be cracked while EVA Foam can't be cracked since it flex can be bend and soft since it a "foam" Even if you smash it, EVA foam helmet won't crack So much different than this FRP helmet This could be cracked, scratched, chipped Holding this helmet feel like holding a plastic but mixed with ceramic After reviewing the material, now we will talk about The Paint Job You guys can see how the paint job on this helmet The helmet painted perfectly, I think Flawless paint It's like a factory product, done by machine No chipping, no miscolor in my opinion The black color is dull The gold color is ok, It's accurate enough The silver color is correct not so reflective Candytone transparent red on the eyes No mistake It's perfectly painted Also the finishing a process to perfecting the surface of the prop using filler and sanding How we check a good finished prop? Just by see and touch the surface, If it seamless and smooth af then It's good Like we can see here The surface of this Kuuga helmet is almost perfect no defect So smooth just like a baby butt So far I see no mistake and defect on this Aniki Cosplay Kuuuga helmet But I'm curious about one thing This, this surface of the horn is kinda sunk See, It's jutted inside I'm not sure If the original helmet from the show have this kind of cavity on the horn part If no, then maybe this is a little defect But not a big problem from me, It's not visibel Overall very cool finishing job you got here No bump, no grainy surface, It's definitely smooth Really!! Imagine If this thing as a face, the treatment and skincare must be expensive Now we discuss the Sculpt Job of this prop In short sculpt is how this helmet carved or shaped as far as I know, this Aniki Cosplay helmet is a stunt-cast FYI stunt cast is a recast product from the original prop which is usually used for stunt or action stuff while filming We can say that this is a replica of the same prop that used for filming or stage show Since this thing is a recast, the shape must be so similiar to the original But still this thing is not an original prop, not sold by official toei or bandai But this thing recasted from the original prop So we can tell that this prop is almost screen accurate The last thing we want to discuss is The detail of the helmet Detail is a little thing that you must pay attention For example you should be thorough about air vent I see there are some hole for air vent near the mouth piece You can see there are hole shaped air vents near the Labrum Also right here, a thin gap for air vent You can breath through this vent Now let's check the mesh that used for eyes piece The meshes are so accurate compared to the original prop As seen on series lot of bumps circulating to be a pattern of insect eyes And then the shape of transparent eyes piece look fine It's good Also the gemstone right on the middle of the horn Look fine, it's clear transparent red So far no problem, everything is fine Oh we got another air vent too There is some tiny holes near the ear piece This air-vent stuffs are so important and you guys should pay attention to this little detail Because without air vent, this helmet is unusable, you will be tortured when wearing this helmet because NO AIR TO BREATH Trust me I've been there so many times, wearing FRP helmet that made for decoration purpose only No air vent available, so little air, and hard to breath Sometimes lot of collector buy FRP helmet just for decoration, so they don't want any air vent sice they wont' wear it for cosplay Aside from that you must pay attention to the clasp The locking system So there are so many kind of locking system for FRP helmet This one is a type of clasp that usually used for live stage show and maybe some of action stuff in film This outer clasp called overval in my country Using this outer clasp is so convinient Because you can open, close, and lock your helmet just by yourself withou help from assistant Once again we take a look at the detail of eye mesh Like I said before, there are a lot of bumps circulating to make a pattern that similiar to insect eye See these pattern, the texture among them we can see there are some mini holes that used to see From far, the holes are not so visible All thanks to the tiny size of holes The bumps also help to make the holes to be not so visible So neat! They drill the holes orderly, I like this Ok before we try to put on this helmet We will take look fisrt at the inside of this helmet How the inside of this helmet will look like? The inside of FRP helmet made by Aniki Cosplay So let's open up Look at this This is it This is the inside of Kamen Rider Kuuga FRP Helmet As you can see there are some foams Foams are used as inner padding on top, one side for your cheeks and behind too This foam has many purposes First it will help the helmet to fit your head It protect you from sharp fiber inside the helmet The most important is to help the helmet to not wiggle when you do action You can adjust the foam to match your head size If you got big headsize you can take off the foam and If you got small head size, you can add more foam Now you can see this eye piece again This eye meshes are glued permanently See It glued to the helmet, i don't like it this meshes are made from resin This glued meshes makes a difference to the original official prop Why this thing matter? Because the meshes are glued, I cannot remove it, cannot put the mesh off Except you put more work using tool to melt or cut the glue You know what, when you do cosplay with helmet or mask the transparent part you use to see will will definitely be fogged This plastic clear red part here, will be full of fog which come out when you breathing How we get rid this for problem? The easiest way is lubricate it with some soap or shampoo on inside surface of clear part or you can use anti fog spray Now the problem is the eye meshes are glued and covering the clear part because of thismeshes get in the way, I cannot lubricate the clear part from inside I have to use force and tool to remove the meshes, not convinient When the visor got fog, It so difficult to see While you breath are limited, now you blinded by the fog It feel like grave torture level 1 Maybe the helmet are made for collector, for decoration purpose only because of fog problem, the original helmet have a very cool feature a feature that can easily remove and attach the mesh piece That feature way so convinient Feel like a heaven while wearing FRP helmet The removeable meshes helps a lot suit actor to do action With removeable mesh, you can put off the mash first then lubricate the clear-part visor with anti fog then you are ready to put on the helmet and do action stuff without worrying the fog Now let's put on the helmet One thing before I put on the helmet I have to wear this thing first Remember this is a must! Wear a hood first This hood protecting your hair and ears from the helmet gap Ok, Let's go As you can see, there is a rubber strap here You should attach this strap to your armpit but for now I'm not gonna do action, so I don't need to attach this strap I'll just hide this strap inside my shirt I regret here, I should attach the strap so the hood would look fit to my neck As you can sett the hood look terrible because the strap not attached to my armpit As you can see, I've tried the helmet It's difficult to speak while wearing helmet My sound would be difficult to hear Here is my impression when I wear this helmet First, for my head size, and fully foam padded helmet without removing any foam I cannot fit in with my glasses, so I have to put off my glasses before I wear this helmer You guys probably see some of fog already appeared when I wear the helmet Just little fog inside the visor and as usual, my breath are limited but still capable to do action I could wear this helmet and do photo for an hour with this air vent system Different story If I use this for jogging I'll be doomed In term of visual, shape, and proportion this is a beautiful helmet So good to see flawless and perfect I have no complain Unless this unremoveable mesh pieces and…

Probably the inner padding for me this is too many padding, too stiff to my head the rest of it are fine no trouble Ok! We just finished a review of Kamen Rider Kuuga helmet made by Aniki Cosplay now you know the build quality of this prop I also wore the helmet and told you how I felt inside the helmet as you might expect, limited breath and sight The bad part I cannot use anti fog to the visor because the unremovable mesh piece Well that's is it What do you think? I s this a good deal for FRP cosplay helmet? If you like our video, you can click the subscribe button, like, and comment Thanks for watching, more videos are coming soon

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