Review:Kamen Rider Gaim Xmas Lockseed(Christmas special)

Hi all Silver's here and merry Christmas
to everyone. Today I will talk about the Kamen Rider Gaim Xmas lock seed Lock seeds are the main transformation
trinkets for Kamen Rider Gaim they are magical fruits from another dimension
that when activated give special armors and weapons to their users this lock
seed never appeared in the show and we don't know what powers would give to the
rider.This lock seed was also exclusive the Chara Deco cake
back in the year 2014 if you don't know what a Chara deco cake its simply every
year there is a promotion that if you buy a cake you get the toy with
it this lock city doesn't have a DX release so all the sounds can be
accessed by pressing the button on the back,downgrades
compared to the DX version is that we don't have any lights and the sounds
being accessed by the button is both a blessing and a curse
since yes it does give you all the playability without the belt but the
sound doesn't synchronize with your actions
Xmas lockscreen is a riddle of the orange lock seed difference is that the
Xmas world on the front red lock piece and different stickers on the inside the
top half shows a cut orange while the bottom part shows gaims sword with Merry
Christmas written next to it all the paint on the locks it is real nicely
applied I love it Okay now lets listen to the sounds Thank you all for watching remember to
have a happy holiday Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all this stuff thank
you all for watching me for all this year bye

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