[Reviews] Kamen Rider Den-O – DX Zeronos Belt

hey guys this is knife fury and today I'm presenting you with the DX 0 no spells so this is these DX 0 no spell can call it 0 nose driver because it's gonna be weird and this is kamen rider zeros at the front so yeah they had just pushed your slider it's like the card in to Han chin and to come on riders are on us and as you can see here this is the actual zero spell well in the past Bandai loves to let the audience see the belts so that you know you know that is in there but now in the future the belt are all concealed and you can't see anything on the inside until you open the box so yeah um here is this tension device with the little guy over here and here is it comes with lights of a light symbol sounds of the this symbol and I don't know what's this I hear the bundai symbol here is this henshin belts I don't think I see that so yeah on the top here we have kamen rider channel d logo and here is the two main forms Alto and Vega pardon me if I'm pronouncing them wrong and here is just a musk rider denno series tree there just says whatever I don't know so yeah so I decide over here we have common writers arrows a lot R and Vega forms with D things on the inside the belt itself the card and he caught holder and Jin device the Exynos belt so at the other side which is pretty cool we have bigger form on the front and outer form at the back the belts and carts and the back itself over here it just shows you how to use a belt I'm gonna get today so now that we have done with the box itself let's take a look at the inside Shelby so yeah this is all you get from the belts so yeah so let's start with the useless instruction metal I guess your DX there are no spells this is just an instruction manual with a brochure or a card which is actually a promotion for the figurine of Jane oh the hitch heads for me to all SWAT raw eggs and gun form which is a pretty cool figure but I was pretty expensive at that moment of time so yeah that's about it so here we have the belt itself the belt the belt buckle or something yeah the other half of the belt shrimp Andy card holder and here we have the card itself so yeah it's pretty cool yeah so let's take a look at the details of the belt shall we so yeah let's review the belt Shoei so here we have the belt strap or the belt buckle looks pretty generic yeah pretty cool yeah and here we have the other half of the belt strap with train tracks on them which is pretty cool I mean it is a train motive series and here is the arrow sign and just clip it all in like that so that when you have the belt right just clip it on like so and then it's clip on it won't budge it just clips on so yeah it's pretty cool pretty pretty cool and next we have the card holder I heard from the end driver uses that this belt hold this card holder was actually reused for that particular belt to store the gamourai cards just that it was painted differently pretty cool behind it's all rough surface and in front it's all smooth and rough and you just stick it out and here's the cart itself so the car is pretty cool on the front here I mean this is also front but we'll get to that soon on the front here we have the a the a the green a and here is this sign the arrow sign which tells you to hey put me this way with rough and smooth surfaces which is pretty cold and this and on the back it's just yellow v wave I'm isosurfaces and here is the arrow signer which tells you – hey put me here put meet you here so yeah so you just gotta take it out take it cut it in close it done so yeah so last but not least we have the actual Bell itself pretty cool I must admit pretty pretty cool here's the on and off switch but I don't have any batteries inside yet so yeah so here we have the LED the only LED on the belt which is well zero nose didn't really have any light action anywhere so yeah yeah so it's pretty logical and yeah and here's the here's the front with when you put it down as yellow when you put it down it's dreamy if you put a card in your stay at that particular color it's pretty cool and in here just open it to cite the card out later and here's this thing which I have no idea why is it here and here's a battle strap same as the other and on the back to prove that it's from 2007 there we go it says it says bundai I'm not sure you can see it one died 2007 made in China so yeah is a 2000 2007 production it's pretty cool so now we have done with a bell let's put it together shall we so yeah here we have these zeros belts as a belt and yeah so that's potatoes can are over here to balance it like so it's pretty cool off the lights and let's test out these sounds shall we and lights and sounds I mean so you just gotta tie it on like so pretty cool let's hear that again really cool as you can see the LED did light up just pretty cool so you just keep the caught out like so it's pretty cool close it and let's try it shall we and shin shall we so just like the cut you hear person oh yeah I mean it's a cow the freakin cow just gotta take a cut out like so she's pretty cool so that was a lot or form let's try it again shall we just put this push it aside start in the car as he sed it actually stays there because the car holds it at that position to make an a she's pretty cool yeah they just take it out and he goes back to the original position so yeah then to have try Vega form just flip flip it around the arrow sign and then you just push this one side pretty cool and as you can see here the car stops the thing at the yellow thing so it makes a V which is pretty cool yeah let's try again shall we just let it aside pretty cool so to do the bullet charge you gotta just press this button over here it's pretty short I wish they actually made some sound effects but oh well so it this vial actually doesn't really matter whether you have any cars on the inside or not it it still works no matter what you see so yeah it's a pretty cool belts pretty pretty cool so overall this belt is pretty cool for the zero nose friends you have to pick this up right now if you're in Singapore pick it up it's pretty cheap it's on sale okay just don't hesitate it's a really cool belt so yeah if you could still get his belt other than in Singapore I would suggest you to get it if you have to budget yeah I mean it only makes a few sounds so oh well so yeah there's also one sound which I haven't done yet which yeah I'm coming to that soon so yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this particular review more reviews coming up soon so do check it out and this is knife fury Andy's arrow nose belts signing out sorry Sunita okay Naoko on Cody don't sergeant oh hey sorry Duke see right

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