[Rider-Fest] S.I.C. Kamen Rider Zeronos Zero Form (Vol. 45) Review

sergeant-at-law hey sorry she let me say this to start hello Ryder fest witness this is rebirth and today I’ll be scrutinizing the si si Kamen Riders eros zero form part of volume 45 so like all the other revaluations let’s ride our knock Siddhartha’s refresh for more information about si si digits foreman over to Gil tars introduction to si si which you created during week one of equestrian fests if you’re interested about this figure line in general find out what you’re getting into first I’ll saucer some background info on this guy originally zero snout had two uses Altair and Vega nonetheless at a certain point he consumes up the cherry-red zero nose card and his own storages as a catalyst to transform into zero form therefore altair anatomies green armor begins to rust and he becomes this chap he can but becomes physically stronger and all his abilities have increased so therefore this is his ultimate form the volume 45 container is pretty nice you have this nice silver reflective text all over with steampunky blueprints on the inside “youve had” this silver contemplative background and despite the figures being held together which which does it’s okay for what you’re getting on the back “youve had” these delightful promotional images of both Kamen Rider denno liner form and zero knows zero sort you too get personas of them maintaining accessories and the accessories themselves and at the unusually bottom you have some useless information for North Americans and once you honcho over to the barcode you find out that this set retails for 6,000 yens now that zero notice is out of the box let’s take a look at some of the details found on him he has this nice rusty red brown color detected all over the body and vanishing along from that he has a dull antiquey inspecting amber are available on the chest the shoulders even the pate the improve line design twilights from the back to the front in like a zipper type of deal II the shoulders arms and chest have this nice little ancient paddle cable thing going on and I’m really really liking how it turned out from what I can tell there are no QC questions or cover defects the dye is absolutely flawless taking a look at zero snouts top he ogles relentles and he kind of reminds me of blade king sorts president zero snout has these nice red-faced compound seeings he’s even got translucent yellow constituents on his amber horns really really nice as well as that silver-tongued detail found on them and before I forget he’s got that green jewel on his forehead going along from that ancient antiquing inspect he’s got brass colored diecast bracelets both are shaped differently on both sides the other side has more of a triangular appearance is connected to it it really really looks nice though and now we have the plastic plateful that is known as their noses region I’m really surprised at how well detail the region is it’s got this nice dark silver that runs all the way around the belt and the zero gastric sores have these delightful blue-blooded committee courses are available on them and here “were having” the zero snout cardholder for any business he needs to attend to overall really really awesome region if you’re already very well known the denno SICS then these legs won’t surprised to see me the shin guards are always delightful though it’s got this nice rusty Brown red metallic pigment on it it’s also diecast as well as this brass ring anklet found at the ankle compared to liner form zero noses forearm expression is almost completely different his shoulder armor has his rotate hinge extend thing which is most likely meant for covering up any exposed chinks when the arms are in different positions the appendage is on a ball-joint so it can swivel like this it can go up about this far but hindered by the shoulder armor it can go a full 360 all the way around and it’s got this weird bicep II rotation movement it’s nice and what’s really nice is that the shoulders are double-jointed so they can bend at two points and you get that humanistic am thinking about it oh yeah the sides are connected to the arms by a peg so they can rotate a full 360 to swap sides you simply sounds them off and they likewise have a hinge attached to them so you can adjust the paws at any which way you demand sooner noses honcho is a lot better than dedos it can go down about this far and about this far up it’s got a ball joint at the upper part of the neck and the lower part of the cervix the head can spin off of a full 360 and can finally pull off the quandary/ chicken pate zero dosas waist expression is pretty freakin bad it can only bend down about that far only at one point bend up about that far spin that much spin that much it can bob to each respective area an interesting thing about the dresser armor is that it can be sounded off as well as the back one of the purposes of the armor this is reminiscent of the original zero snout liberate in which all terraform can be transformed into Vega form useless now the zeros belt has some saying as well as in row gasser holsters can move up about this far and can revolve a full 360 they’re too connected by a peg so it’s really easy to take off on the left holster you have a card holder for 0 noses posters the best thing about it is that it can open up and viewed a predict zero nose card the roundabout on the region can also spin around and move you just have to use your digit to spin it but I think you guys would get the gist of what it would look like the lighter articulation is okay the leg can go up about this far and it can go back about this far so off at an direction because of the but for the thighs you get some pretty nice in-and-out movement and it out in an out the denno series legs are reused with zeros so the thigh armor can throw down and you can remove the rusty red metallic case from it this peculiarity is only really used with the denno sword form with Momotaro set so you don’t really need to open these up ever again the knees are doubled jointed so they’ve been to two points really really nice for that human esque look the ankles are really bad in my opinion you can’t really move them that much they can only go up about that far down about that far so they can move side to side a little bit more force it can go a bit more but the best part of it all is the toe Bend yeah regarding the red zero nose card I mentioned earlier it can fit into both sides of the region but it can get stuck in there a great deal I choose not to protrude it in there because it’s a small piece of plastic and it’s thin so I fear actually violating it out of the box zero nose comes with two clenched fists but you likewise get two opens blade hands a paw that moment at you entrust this hand is mostly utilized when zero greenbacks consumes his catchphrase slice chewy tail coop or de Vaca naughty see ya oh yeah you likewise get to holding things mitts to those used pass you are eligible to let zero nose deem the dynamic Buster this BFG is actually zero doses BFF the imagine Deneb can actually turn into a giant Gatling gun when zero snout transforms at the zero sort you are eligible to even recognize denim space denim like lighter form the mitts are an absolute to get into any weapon handle but once you do zero nose gapes absolutely badass precisely look at him human I wonder if he’s reimbursing for something in addition to the gun you also get parts of the zero gasher here a handle and you also get two blades a bigger one for actual application and a smaller one meant for storage though you can store both all these divisions plug into the pegs found on the holsters so it’s actually really easy to put in though once you articulated the bigger blade on the loop it ogles kind of awkward to keep the 0 gasser in Sabre mode simply plug in an additional extension handle then take the larger blade and push it in at the bottom only make sure the pegs line up with each other and it’s easy as that though the only problem is that the blades are kind of loose the blade can actually transform into a crossbow yes you are eligible to have the 0 slouse or blade turn into gun bow mode yep this is pretty awesome the saber mode is kind of ok the blade have suffered from some loose segments left over from the artillery fore state but it’s decent the hinge at the hand is kind of loose but it’s ok if you place the sword what’s even worse when you use it in firearm arc mode it exactly looks so finicky with the helping hand but if you use two handwritings to hold it in saber state it’s actually pretty nice though I can’t get the hands to quite angle it a neat course “when youve got” both artilleries together you get some epic dual wielding poses but for some reason the left hand braces the grease-gun kowtow even better than the privilege I has got no idea why the final accessory you get is a rusty pocket watch this small item is often paired with 0 Knossos rider with the splayed side you’re able to get 0 greenbacks to hold the watch time for some size likeness here’s the 1 to 144 magnitude high-pitched position gundam exia reparation – here’s the master score 1 to 100 magnitude gundam exia here is the SI CQ amitabha sheath gazes here’s the SH FiguArts Kamen Rider Joker and here’s the final fantasize 7 actor yuffie hmm they’re almost in magnitude I wonder and now he is with his peeing I view Kamen Rider den no liner for all in all si si zero zero form is a pretty amazing si si figure for its cost you are getting two illustrations with crapload of accessories for each though there are some shortcoming with zero indicates though especially with his hands either the mitts can’t get around the weapons it’s too hard to get the handwritings around the holds at all the hinges in the entrusts are either too weak or the weapons are too heavy in the end it’s just the handwritings are just a major problem with it I’m not even going to complain about the ankles they’re fine I guess but this is just the pass so in the end I can’t really recommend this to anyone who isn’t a fan of denno or zeros but if you are a fan of zero no sword n oh this is probably a must pick up for you since you’re getting both eventual forms in one rectified the problem is that it’s been recently discontinued and it’s harder to find it now also it has a high price point of 6,000 yens and that’s pretty much all I have to say about this chap so until next time chaps enjoy the rest of writer fest socially

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