RKF Kamen Rider Zero Two 仮面ライダーゼロツー ライジングホッパー Rider Kicks Figure

Hello, everyone, this is Jerry. Today I want to open this box with everyone RKF(Rider Kicks Figure) Kamen Rider Zero Two Let's take a brief look at the box surface I also took the RFK Zero One box for comparison The design of the two also follows the RKF box design The top of the box is a very sexy compound eye The position on the right is the holster diagram On the left is the body image of RKF Other works in the same series will be introduced later it is good! Then quickly open the box and try it out with everyone! There is a body inside the carton Wow! It's pretty loose this time (laughs) Shake off the whole foot as soon as I take it out (laughs) Okay, let’s quickly restore the leg components Become a (sound) Zero Two Basically, the painting of this Zero Two is…

Painted on the front, unpainted on the back Fluorescent yellow on the leather case design The silver of Feidian Metal and the red of No.2 All show up In addition to the body I also gave a small package of accessories There are Zero Two weapons and interchangeable hands In terms of weapons, this time comes with Progrise Hopper Blade Attache Calibur And two additional pairs of interchangeable hands Contains the Zero Two No. 2 classic… V gesture And his fist And Zero Two itself comes with a hand holding a weapon Can hold the weapon to show fighting action There is a little leakage in painting Compare with the box It can be seen that the color on the arm does not match the actual object but The color of the front chest Are simply presented The color on the belt is purely painted with one color There are many subtle points that are not shown But okay legs And the iconic color on the glove On the whole, it’s actually not too obtrusive Are some simple basic paintings Okay, it's the turn to test mobility The head can rotate 360 ​​degrees I found it while twisting The horns on the head turned out to be PVC glue But the silk scarf design on his neck is hard rubber I can't hit it anyway (laughs) Very hard! Hand mobility Can be turned a lot The upper arm also has a joint design that can rotate In addition, because the hands can be replaced So there is also a rotatable design Some punch movements can be made more natural We try to replace the included…

V-shaped gesture number two Although it’s not the shape of a yang finger But you can also restore some provocative poses The movable design of the arm can also be used To present the pose on the cover And some preparations for fighting Can be restored As for the twisting of the legs, it’s not bad The kick can be higher than 90 degrees No problem bending backwards The knee also has movable joints So that the legs can be twisted inwards The mobility of the lower disc joints is all OK Even take off to kick And a large fighting posture Can be presented The ankle position has a joint design close to the ground Twist the soles of your feet inwards Can be more natural The old rivers and lakes index is also quite high The old Jianghu level, close to the Swordsman Jianghu level (laughs)! Then continue to play weapon accessories The first thing to play is Attache Calibur Use Zero Two's ontology Can perform large fighting movements It’s okay to cut inwards and cut outwards.

Of course it can be equipped with the included Progrise Hopper Blade But this time this sword is different from the one given by Metal Cluster Hopper last time. Last time it was a black plastic mold But this time it’s back to the fluorescent yellow design Very eye-catching! Although the above is still lacking meticulous painting But at first glance it is still quite prominent And the two swords also have a combined mechanism You can combine the two by yourself Become a long sword! You can go to kill demons and slay demons (laughs) (Continuous magical laughter www) Finally finished playing this RKF Zero Two In terms of painting, some major color schemes have finally been restored Can be regarded as quite restore Zero Two But it’s a pity Arm, shoulder blade And the painting of the back position None of the original works have been completely restored You may need to color it yourself In terms of accessories, in addition to the additional two pairs of interchangeable hands Also comes with two swords In fact, the playability is quite high Okay, let’s play here today If you like this video Might as well than a Like support And subscribe to my Youtube Channel Also, remember to press the little bell below Easier to chase I'm jerry see you later! ~CIAO~

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