S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider 1 & 2 The First Review

hello everyone its diego ruin now and today i’m bring you another evaluation today I’ll be refreshing Kamen Rider 1 and kamen rider 2 the first copy s.h.figuarts kamen rider 1 and kamen are two the first account come from the movie kamen rider the first kamen equestrian the first originally premiere in 2005 and it’s a darker telling of the original Kamen Rider fib it’s a pretty neat and a pretty cool movie it’s um clearly interesting and I most recommend you check it out nonetheless s.h.figuarts has doing well and representing both personas from the first movie both Kamen Rider 1 and up-and-comer r2 the first version have incredible draw lotions a superb sculpt and stunning articulation both these figures are very neat and very cool and they emphatically are a terrific representation of the characters from Kamen Rider at the first the movie so first let’s check out their accessories okay let’s check out Kamen Rider 1 and common heir to the first edition accessories so both Kamen Riders come with pretty much the same supplements just different paint employments both anatomies come with three pairs of hands and then they both come with a scarf that’s blowing in the wind so it’s great for those motion constitutes so firstly let’s check out the first duet of handwritings which are these open mitts now so the open sides here are very nice very neat and very cool these are wonderfully sculpted they have that highly you know mechanical and bumpy gauntlet like figure as it is in the movie so these are done very nicely now this is Kamen Rider ones glove and you’ll notice it’s drawn um really nice it has a blue metal draw applied to it and it’s far from dull and it unquestionably sounds very well so it’s pretty neat very nice detailing here on the hands that maintain that mechanical and rough glove impression here and like all SH FiguArts illustrations on the sides affixed via a projectile seam peg so it’s pretty standard it’s pretty neat pretty cool now one thing to note as far as the paws are concerned with common writer – on his hands he still has the Shocker logo because I think in the movie he was the last he you are familiar with he kind of switched line-ups midway through the movie so he still has as a shocker logos on his mas and trash and like his body parts so that’s a pretty cool detail to add in you know it’s just those little details that really take these figures a long ways and everything so that’s pretty neat pretty cool so the next duo of sides that the Kamen Riders come with are they’re you know almost open hands so I would borderline say these are somewhat gripping sides I don’t know how “youve been” define these paws but these paws now highly elegant very cool we’ll just say that halfway open handwritings but you witness the detailing here is fantastic maintain an appearance you know the palm the knuckle notches awfully neat and very cool then the last pair mitts are the chopping handwritings or the hinge and handwritings and why I call these the hinge and sides is because the digits go in a little bit and that’s a lot of ways they do a lot of periods that’s how they do their hinge and poses so I like to call these the hinge in hands because they’re not necessarily chopping mitts but once again very neat very cool great detailing very nice very nice great detailing they did not spare an ounce of detail on these entrusts so terribly elegant and very cool and then the final supplement is the scarf blowing in the wind for gesture so this scarf here pretty neat pretty cool it’s just your standard red now delightful batch it’s detailing to show that you know that motion effect there and then how the scarf appends for these Kamen Riders unlike um the later released Kamen Rider 1 and Kamen Rider 2 that are from the original evidence these scarves how they attach to the figures you have to remove the head so I have to do just grab the front now pull that off you have an disclosed joint now as if the foreman pushes in you exactly remove your scarf because it just comes on like a reverberate let’s remove that off there seizure your new scarf slither that on just like so then grab the principal here plug that back in push it all the way down and there you have Kamen Rider one examining apart with the wind blowing fiercely so that’s definitely elegant and emphatically cool it’s a very cool accessor I really like how they you know include the extra attachments for the scarves and everything it’s just one of those detailed information that starts a long way so definitely kudos to s.h.figuarts and Bondi very cool very cool so with the supplements out of the way let’s move on to the figure review itself okay now let’s review the figures themselves so firstly you’ll notice Kamen Rider one and kamen are two the first versions are unquestionably unique and distinct from one another they do share a same body structure but their decorate employments are drastically different Kamen Rider one is a metal off-color whereas comer r2 is a metal green you’ll notice that Kamen Rider one has shoulder flaps whereas comer r2 does not so let’s just go ahead and jump in to the subtle differences in details and their articulation so first we’ll begins with Kamen Rider one so as you can see come rider one is um very nice particularly neat very Chloe has some great detailing here very nice compound hearts now get that the focus very nice compound looks here very cool um as far as head articulation concern he could move the he could do a full 360 as you construed his head is on a peg there his chin is a little bit bumped by his collar but that’s fine so he has that he has a little bit of forward and back movement in his head really a little bit pretty cool I’m pretty sure if you were to draw this head up exactly a little bit you can probably him look down but still nonetheless immense stray of shift in his head then here in his arm his arms come about this far now the shoulder flapping now does follow to make it seamless in the shoulder arena now he has a very nice ball joint give him a nice range of movement unusually nifty very cool he does have upper arm movement to twist his the rest of the length of his arm now he has double-jointed elbows extremely nifty very cool nice flex right there then his hands they are on ball joint pegs and they can spin freely as you need them to live in the chess province now the upper dresser moves the lower dresser moves so he has some ab crunch motion going on cool then in the trendy area now you can attract the hip down and get a greater range of progress as far as kickings concern terribly neat very cool now this is a earlier s.h.figuarts release so as far as the hip joints it’s you know it’s still in the process of being worked out compared to the later representations because the hip joint is a lot you know a lot better and a lot more I’m characterized so this is you know its initial liberate so you’ll notice that in the earlier s.h.figuarts illustrations the hip joints are a lot different than what you see now so but nonetheless it’s still a great joint he gets huge compas of campaign now and he couldn’t do all those dynamic poses and felt really any real deterrent so cool then also in the knees now you have a double jointed knee very nice exceedingly neat very cool and the feet now they are on um I guess what you call a hinge Ursula that not certainly a missile brace they can move a little bit but I don’t think that our dance seam so very elegant very cool and I’m not sure this is supposed to be happening but “youre seeing” my foot is able to turn from the boot here so I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be happy or not it may be so it could be a little paranoid but still it’s still good so the paw now can move quite a bit nice range of action from the toes now then for quite a bit yeah so nice some potential for some running pose is pretty cool and then the feet here I’m pretty sure are made out of diecast so it’s pretty cool and they stabilize are you all right pretty neat very cool and then as far as the detailing with Kamen Rider one the first explanation you’ll notice his belt is white whereas, or twos belt is blue you’ll notice exactly you know the overall cover intrigue he has the flaps towards common where two does not have the same shoulder flaps and that’s about it for him and then with Kamen Rider 2 the main thing to note you know the huge color change now but nonetheless you are familiar with same nice complex I specified this is consistent with red terms coming columnist ones is in a pink or maybe a magenta if you want to say it like that and then now he has a little bit of um some studs here and his shoulders pretty cool cuz I think he’s more of a brawler form kind of cool then on his hands now like mentioned before he has his Shocker logo on his hands and on his back too he has the shocker buffs who ignore this build in the China the noir that’s made in China sign right here so but terribly neat and very cool I think they did a very nice job as far as I’m kind of translating over this skin appeal that the specific characteristics both have they’ve done a great job on that too so both these figures are very nice terribly neat and very cool so with the review out of the way let’s go ahead and conclude this figure review to conclude the review s.h.figuarts kamen equestrian 1 and comer are to the firstly explanation are both marvelous handouts in the SH figure slime both illustrations have fantastic colour applications a phenomenal sculpt and incredible articulation I most recommend these figures they are very neat and very cool they’re terrific images of the specific characteristics from the movie Kamen Rider the first which is a movie I most recommend you check out if you’re a fan of Kamen Rider so these are great illustrations and a definite must buy this has been another review by Diego doom thank you very much for watching and please stay sung for more person 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