S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black Shinkochou Seihou Unbox & Review

Hye guys, i'm imkamen, and today we'll unbox and review S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black Shinkochou Seihou This is the newest release form Bandai which is at the end of April 2021 this is the boxart where we can see Kamen Rider Black itself There's Tamashi Nation Quality sticker, Bandai and Tamashi Nation Logo At the back of the box , we can see the action that we can do with this figure This is Chinkochou Seihou mold (True Bone) People in Malysia love to called it SKC. Lets Unbox For your information, preorder and retail price for this SHF is around RM310 (USD76) And i bought this for RM370 (USD90) using DHL After we opened the box, we'll get this manual This is some extra This is the figure itself Kamen Rider Black was my childhood hero I watched it in 1991 ( local television ) This is when i met Mr Tetsuo Kurata This is it, the figure. Before we check the details and articulation , lets check the accessories first. Although there's other review for this Kamen Rider Black Shinkouchou Seihou in Malaysia, But in my review, i'll show you guys the difference between this SHFiguarts and some other articulate Kamen Rider Black figure from Bandai Firstly, we throw away this plastic

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