S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Blades Lion Senki Review (Bahasa) (ENG SUBTITLES AVAILABLE TURN ON CAPTION)

Peace be upon you and good day Welcome to Mohd Amer channel. Today I will make a review on S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Blades Lion Senki. Made by Bandai. but first let's take a look at the box This is the box you can see the picture of Kamen Rider Blades with his sword, Suiseiken Nagare. Tamashii Nations Quality logo His name, Kamen Rider Blades. Not to confused with Kamen Rider Blade which he is Heisei rider phase 1 The series logo in the series, he is the secondary rider Tamashii Nations logo Bandai's blue logo, Bandai Spirits On back of the box you can see the picture of various posing that you can do The small sword (seiken) also included Japanese language that I can't understand warning and also Toei Ltd logo, which is the product is licensed Let's open the box and check the accessories first The accessories are..

I will show you one by one. you will get three pair of hands pair of open hands pair of weapon holding hand and hand doing technique. but you need to attach the pad on each hand and I'm not sure what Bandai is thinking. let see here This the one we have to remove, *That damn autofocus* as you can see, you need to remove this part and be careful not to lose this small part. but now there's some third party that make the custom pad, so less hassle. next is his sword, Suiseiken Nagare It's look the same like Kaenken Rekka with main difference on emblem combination between Lion and water element sword handle and button middle part is the LED blue colour Scanner for attack but the color is not that good but if you good at painting you can repaint it.

This is back of the sword this is the speaker This figure also include the small Seiken, the DX sword you can slot in the Seiken Swordriver It's easy to slot in the DX sword Let's bring in the figure If you don't to display with sword you can do this, Now let's take a look on the details on feet details you can see the details on shoe, the wording that needs to decipher on the feet, got blue and light blue color and also got white color The feet just looks like lion feet (lower part details) this the cape but sadly It's just a hard rubber and not poseable. just a rubber maybe it hindered the movement a bit The belt with DX belt included on the driver this the wonder ride book as usual, the sticker is not included maybe Bandai is stingy on left side is hissatsu holder for attack on the right side is slot for inserting wonder ride books.

As you can see, main focus is on his chest, a blue lion looks weird but nice The eyes and the detail is nice. the arm part with nice pattern (back part) This is the face part, wait let me adjust the tripod first. This is the visor, it's not symmetrical and the head looks like lion this is his horn quite big his horn just looks like his sword horn is painted better than the sword. that's all for detail next is articulation the head can rotate up, down, left and right. can rotate 360 degree but I don't want to try it 😂 the head can tilt left and right. on shoulder, you rotate the arm 90 degree. you can rotate the arm 360 degree and the shoulder also have butterfly joint but limited the elbow can do the double joint you can rotate the hand upper chest can rotate up rotate downwards but the lion chest hindered the movement can rotate side to side and link side to side.

As for thigh, it can be dangerous because the joint too near so you need to pull down the thigh so you can do a high kick double joint on the knee feet movement the tight also can be swivel you can slide up the thigh if you want return it to usual position. alright that's all for articulation. Before I end this video, let's make a comparison between different figure let's bring in Sofubi 5.5 inch Sevenger.

(I pronounced it wrong 😂) this is S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Taiga next we bring Shinkoucchou Seihou Momotaros look a bit short next is S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Vulcan Shooting Wolf. this figure also short compare to blades. and lastly his partner, Kamen Rider Saber if you noticed, shf kamen rider saber line is quite tall compare to other figure and it even taller than shinckoucchou seihou figure. Maybe they use actor height. that's all for the comparison. bla bla bla..goodbye and don't forget to subscribe my channel and rate all my videos..

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