S.H. Figuarts – Kamen Rider Gaoh Review

hello youtube and welcome to my review of the sh figuarts kamen rider gaol now before I get into articulation I want to take this time to mention that this was my very first sh figuarts purchase and even though it's only been two two and a half years it just seems like so long ago that I got this guy in the mail his head can rotate 360 degrees you can go down up side to side and because the neck is that ball joint down there could go around a little bit of chicken movement overall very nice he does not have the compound eyes but it is nicely painted in there so it's a nice compromise he has a belt on here my ball joint there which you can twist side to side ever so slightly and bend down that far back that far and go side to side just a little bit his shoulder pad is on the hinge so we can go up and down until it touches his head can rotate 360 degrees it's on that ball on there so it has this circular movement the arm can be rotated below the shoulder at 360 degrees is a double-jointed elbow hand can rotate 360 degrees and it can swivel well we're all GAO has very nice articulation despite the fact of having huge shoulder pads they do not get in the way at all cow has the type two hips betweens they're not on a hand so they cannot be brought down but he still gets almost a complete split the egg can be rotated right here at the thigh and go that far forward that far back and the knee is double-jointed this being an old figure art he does have the metal style feet and they can rotate go that far in that far out you can bring them down bring them up a little bit and the toe is on the hinge so even for one as old as he is it's very nice okay he comes with two fists one card hold in hand or you could say it's a pass holding hand comes with one sword holding hand and two splayed open hands now these are a little special because they have the nice paint on the inside of the palms and he comes with two different passes I have not put the stickers on because I don't put stickers on toys and comes with the sword in the collapse form unfortunately it's not painted but I never had these on him because this is always on him beautiful beautiful denno sword or I called the den gasher very nice final thoughts while I do really like this action figure and I did love gals character in the movie I can't really recommend this guy to anyone other than a really diehard denno fan simply because I mean this guy is pretty old so a lot of the things on his body like say for instance the the feet not really show accurate at all but I don't know I don't know just things have been improved since this guy's time if you wanted a villain from Colorado denno I would just wait for the G dinner that's coming out pretty soon unless you really like that crocodile motif going on with gal but anyway see you at the next review

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