S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Mach | REVIEW

hello and welcome everyone this is tight v3 and let's henshin with the sh figuarts kamen rider mach arriving from america he is the secondary speedster to appear in Kamen Rider Drive Mach streamlined suit design has made a solid transition into SH FiguArts form it resembles the characters on-screen appearance quite accurately everything from the color placement to the subtle surface sculpting of the armor is correct proportionally it leans towards the slightly to thin side of the spectrum still there's enough leeway to give the impression of a man in a suit here he's just very slim the smaller details of the figure are impressive the metallic blue and bronze paint apps pop with mocks drivers swimming as the figures nicest aspect the helmets quality came out pretty good it's accurate in appearance though not the spectacle you'd expect from a Kamen Rider SH FiguArts the visor can open up to reveal the shutter face guard and it looks great though it does emphasize how dull the transparency of the visor was also the red stripes on the visor don't line up with the helmet although I think shf mocks biggest visual flaw is the predominantly bare white plastic it just comes off as cheap and gummy I would have loved to have seen a glossy finish her even a more pure white plastic altogether overall mock looks good though he won't make for the most stunning display piece in terms of height MOC stands at around the five and three-quarter inch mark and seems scale well enough with the other Kamen Rider Drive SH FiguArts mocks articulation starts with a double ball jointed neck which has some amazing range I mean you can really do anything with it almost looks unnatural in how far you can get it to bend this pops up easily as you've already seen it's pretty good it's a similar story with the torso I mean there's a ball joint here and one of the waist and check that out you can get some awesome bending and rolling action and it all looks natural it doesn't never look just jointed so it just works it's it's great in that sense and if you're wondering about this little scarf piece here it's actually just a really soft plastic it's connected on a ball peg so you can't really do anything with it but it does its job fine the arms are the barbell ball joint into the ball socket connection with a bit of telescopic functionality so you can pull it out you can roll it around in that socket and the ball in the actual roll in the actual shoulder gives you the full 360 you have good outwards range this shoulder pad actually has a hinge and the a ball joint so upwards a bit so you can get it out of your way and then it just it works you do have a bicep swivel pretty well hidden you can't even notice it's there it's pretty good double joint at the elbow fantastic ball hinge and ball joint for the wrist so you have some pretty good mobility there and finally on this side this shoulder pads slightly different all you have here is there's just a peg here and this just swivels it's pretty simple it just swivels down so that you can open up that shoulder joint and get him to move the arm outwards so that's really how that works and this side has a slightly thicker forearm and the forearm piece itself can swivel now mock use is the newer figure arts hips they don't have the pull down functionality which and you know what I really dislike these type of hips because I don't feel like the Lawson functionality is really benefited more by the aesthetics but on mock I actually think these look great like I can like they don't really look distracting his hip joints they look fantastic so I really like them here articulation is what you'd expect though straight out is pretty good straight sideways pretty good you do have a thigh swivel and then of course a double joint at the knee and for the ankle it is a ball hinge so the pivot is good side to side is good there's a great ankle tilt built into it and then finally the toe joint like most the you aren't usually have mock streamline suit design easily makes him the most articulated Kamen Rider Drive s.h.figuarts the balance is great too there should be no trouble in getting him into any pose imaginable figure art smock comes with a decent amount of accessories for starters you get a total of five pairs of hands these include fists comm open palms splayed fingers thumbs up hands and gripping hands to the first four are for display purposes while the last pair is meant to wield his weapon the front wheel shooter as an accessory it looks decent much like the core figure mach has no issues holding the gun though there is a neat feature associated with it also included is the green tube end signal bike as well as a turn signal display for mocks shoulder tire the signal bike can slide into the gun while the tire can replace the existing one on the figure it's a pretty neat gimmick though not having a bet beam effect somewhat diminishes the novelty next is a more dynamic variant of Mach scarf it replaces the static one on the body via a ball peg though it lacks any real functionality still it's great for more active displays as a final feature I was surprised to find that machs driver is actually fully functional you can pop it open and switch out the signal bikes to replicate special attacks it's neat additionally as a first run bonus sh f mach includes the volume for Kamen Rider Drive funky spike set it consists of the funky spike tire activated shift car display screen and all of this is for use with the SH FiguArts Kamen Rider Drive the items look great and function in the same manner as previous tire pieces though if you want the matching effect set that they were unfortunately a first run bonus only included with mock spike the ride macher sh figuarts kamen rider mach is intriguing in that the idea behind this toy completely differs from the previous two releases both SH F Drive type speed and machine chaser made for excellent display pieces though not the most fulfilling toy packages Mach is the complete opposite unquestionably the instant you glance at this toy you don't get that striking visual appeal and I don't think it's because of the simpler costume design for whatever reason this figure didn't get the extra premium finish to it I mean it's good just not great on the other hand all the surrounding qualities outside of the visuals are superb the articulation is incredible and the opening visor and working Mach driver are both incredibly well done there's a respectable accessory count that should serve as a great platform for multiple display opportunities to again as a toy package its outstanding sure I may have exaggerated a bit on the quality of the presentation as Marc will still fit in well alongside the other Kamen Rider Drive figure arts nevertheless Mach is definitely aimed at the fan who prefers to sit down and play with their toys rather than simply admiring them on a shelf from a distance but that's all for me thanks for watching and when kamen rider drive coverage resumes it will make all the Royd mutes try to run

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