S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Zi O Unboxing & Review in Bahasa Malaysia

and today, I would like to review S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider ZI O and this time Bandai offered this figure for a very cheap price it's only RM 130 (Malaysian Ringgit) With shipping to Malaysia and that price may vary depends on sellers that's the price that I bought myself (I preordered this figures from last year -2018) This is the box art for SHF Kamen Rider Zi O we can see 20th Rider Kicks logo, this Blue Bandai Logo and 2019, the year that this figured released And this is Tamashii Nation Quality Logo At the back of the box, we can see the action that we can pose with this figure this is the illustration of the exact figure lets unbox and see what's inside This is it we'll get a manual and this is the figure Kamen Rider Zi O we can see that those extra accessories 5 types of different hands (ridewatch Demo) the belt with the year 2018 the gimmick….

and 4 extra uncolour ridewatch we have to touch up by ourself and for my figure I didn't any defect and for the articulation… most of us are already know i'll show just a lil' bit why Bandai didn't give us weapon this time ? we will get those weapon if we buy ZIO motorbike from Premium Bandai (showing SHF Build and Ex Aid) actually the height was the same for this 3 figures and this is the size comparison SHFiguarts Soft Vinyl (soFuBi) RKF (Rider Kick Figure) Candytoy SODO and Candytoy Converge that's it. Don't forget to subscribe my channel Thanks For Watching ! .

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