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hey what's up guys J man here with a review of sh figuarts masked rider one and new cyclone this is the set that comes together and wow this is the set that comes together in one package that's what the box looks like so basically this is a re-release of the sh figuarts mask rider one and an all-new release of the new cyclone the new cyclone is the motorcycle that Ichigo uses whenever he comes back to the series and gets his spiffy new duds basically this is the same figure that we've seen since 2011 as such I'm not gonna spend too much time going over it as he comes with all of the same accessories that he's always come with including his mountain of hands the Shocker sword a couple of scarves and his rider kick effect part and as an SH FiguArts release he has really good articulation this is the same articulation that he had they have not retooled him in any way which is kind of a shame because I don't really like the ball joints in the ankles but you know aside from that it's still a great figure but hey the real meat and potatoes of this set is the new cyclone this is the newest in the line of SH FiguArts motorcycles comes with everything you could possibly want in a motorcycle including multiple handles suspension rubber tires headlights a seat kickstand he also comes with a small little clear stand that you can put his back tire in so you can have Ichigo and some riding poses without having to worry about pulling out any of your other stands and he also comes with some wings that pop onto the front of the bike use of these occasionally when he needs to get some extra air and you may notice that there are two releases of the new cyclone one that just comes with the bike and the other one which is this set that comes with the bike and the figure the bikes are actually not identical and the one that comes by itself actually has extra paint apps around the headlights so I mean if you want to get both versions I guess you can spend the money and get an extra bike but if you already have the Ichigo you can just get the version of the bike with the extra paint apps and be awesome overall this is a great set and I highly recommend it especially because your Kamen Riders cannot be your writers without something to ride so this has been j-man for the full written review check out collection dx.com and as an added bonus I I'm including the original review that I had of the s.h.figuarts masked rider won back in the day in 2011 fun fact this is actually one of the first reviews that I had done for collection DX so look and enjoy the amateur riding so I'll see you guys later

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