S.H.Figuarts Review – Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Combo

hey guys this is ayatollah night's with robot review is bringing you an SH FiguArts review at this time it is kamen rider owes tato ba combo so we'll set the figure itself off to the side briefly here and take a look at the packaging and there you go now here is the figure itself i'm really partial to the o's design because it's the first kamen rider series that i really invested myself into i love the concept of the show and especially love the concept of the main riders suit so let's jump right in first by taking a look at the chest section a very defining feature of the design and as the hock up above for the head the tiger in the center for the arms and the grasshopper down below for the legs i love how that whole section is actually molded into place rather than just painted or tamp out on it looks really sharp also reflecting that is the driver with the taka Torah and bata metals they're molded in translucent plastic now unfortunately this is removable that's basically for remould value and no other reason it has a little notch down below which means it can't even rotate but it has a hard time actually staying in unfortunately it has a little holster on the side of the belt there and on this side the scanner now my only qualm with the paint applications on this figure are on the scanner itself don't get me wrong the paint applications are great for such a tiny piece it has some very fine details but around the edge the paint application is a little bit shabby fortunately the worst of it is towards the back so it's not too big of a problem there's just a peg and port system there and it plugs on some lining detail on the legs and very similarly on the arm not a whole lot going on in the back but that's just the nature of the tato ba design or the o's design for that matter now the head is really well done it has the signature SH FiguArts kamen rider compound eyes they look really cool and here it's no exception very nicely done it also has a little jewel up on the forehead that detail is not missed now SH FiguArts generally takes a little bit of a stylized approach with their figures and with this guy he's well he's a little more streamlined and a slim than the actual on-screen suit but it still looks good I mean it doesn't look bad it looks like oh is this just it is noticeable it also does have a shiny like gloss finish on the armor parts when in the show the whole suit is matte and I would have liked to see that not only because it's show accurate but I just think that would have looked a lot better this looks almost a little too tight and I know it is a toy but it's an SH fit you are it's a little more of a high-end figure so I'd expect something maybe just a little more accurate speaking of that toy like nature the plastic is very different from any of the other figure arts I own it's almost kind of rubbery a little bit gummy and I don't know it's not a bad quality it just feels weird and especially like if I move this it's very squeaky and I don't know I don't like it as much but once again it's not bad overall I think it does look a little bit too perfect the normal folds and wrinkles that would be in a suit especially on screen in the show don't show up here it's very perfect and I don't know again that's just sort of a nitpicky thing but it is there and is worth noting I would have liked it maybe to look a little more like the suit design in the show but as it is it doesn't really look like a man in a suit but overall I gotta say as a figure not comparing it to the show design I mean it looks great now figure arts are known for their dynamic and natural range of articulation so let's take a look at what this guy can do his head is on a double joint here a double ball joint that can go side to side up and down and all the way around very expressive unfortunately this little neck section has a stripe going down the center and it likes to displace itself it's a little bit annoying trying to fill it back into place or in just the right position you want it but not too big of a deal these shoulder pads are on a hinge there and the arm itself is sort of on an internal ball joint in the chest there so it goes all the way around forward and back it's also on a hinge here so I can go outward that far it's not a rotation up here and it bends at the elbow it is a double joint but you're only going to get that much out of it at least it's a bit more than 90 degrees now a very expressive wrist joint on this guy it goes all the way around on a ball joint and a cup swivel so that's good the waist articulation is is pretty good although a little bit limited because of this circular section he doesn't have too much of an ab crunch but it goes back pretty far side to side and rotates pretty well now from the waist down things start getting a little bit limited granted the articulation is still pretty good but we are comparing this to figure arts of the past and well it starts to fall apart so figure arts have this kind of mechanism where they are on a double hinge and Hiep slides down to provide a bit more movement forward and back and outward but here it only goes out that far just due to how this section and here is molded and that's a little bit disappointing it only goes forward about that far again those squeaky joints but because forward only about that far like I said backward not very far at all so the hip section is relatively disappointing once again it's not bad we're just comparing this to the figure arts standard the knee bends very nicely on a double joint there and it's got this little bit of armour that kind of sticks out I don't like the way that looks it's just sort of pegged on that tends to fall off sometimes it's not too big of an issue I just don't like the way that it looks anyway what's really disappointing arguably even more disappointing than the hips are the ankles usually s.h.figuarts have an incredible range in their ankles but this guy seems to only be on a ball-joint maybe there's a hinge in there but I can't really detect one with all of this armor around it but it moves all the way around it only goes this far forward and this far back goes side to side just a little bit it even goes further in the opposite direction which is weird I mean it has the little toe joint but that only goes so far so I'm not too impressed with that it is also worth noting that this is the first to my knowledge main writer to have plastic feet now this is a more common thing now this figure is a few years old but at the time that this guy came out that was a big thing because all of the writers figure arts before him had diecast feet which gave them a really good well no pun intended footing this guy has little bit of a harder time standing because of these plastic ones but it's not too big of a deal overall I mean you can get some pretty dynamic poses out of him I mean he's not a mobile it's just a shame that below the waist you can't really get too much outside of just basic stances if you bring his legs out any further than this you know you can't really get a flat-footed position and and well that's a little disappointing now let's take a look at the accessory count for this figure first it comes with a replacement right hand for holding the scanner so we just pop this fist off here and plug this one on if we can it's a little bit tricky to get the hands on because you end up sliding this wrist armor off but there we go and we can take the scanner off of the belt and wedge it in his hand now it doesn't hold it all that great but for display I guess it does the job we can bring that down to his belt to scan the core metals just like that so that's pretty effective I suppose from there he comes with a set of holding hands now these actually hold the scanner a lot better it's just that the fingers don't quite fit in the slot but it's a much firmer grip but we'll just be using this hand here so pop that one off plug this one on and using this we can give him his sword weapon the meta caliber and this is a really nicely done great paint apps it definitely looks like it does in the show it's got some sell metals in there a little handle which doesn't move and a little slot there even some ridged designs in the blade so that's kind of cool but that fits into his hand here pretty well if I can get it in if you have it at a certain angle here it can be a bit loose but just rotate it into the right position and it should be fine you can also get these scanner scanning these cell metals on the blade which is kind of cool so you can get something like this going on here it's a nice display but I usually don't have him like this on my shelf I generally don't think of those as much of a swordsman so I'll pull these hands off here and replace the claws on his arms for some larger flipped out versions Wolverine style and those pretty securely slot in place of the folded up ones I mean they are rather large but they did get much bigger once they flipped out in the show so I don't have any problems there he also comes with some splayed out hands here and we'll use those here so again I do think it's a little bit tricky getting the hands on with that wrist armor but oh well it doesn't take too long to fix that problem there you go that definitely looks really really sweet so in the end this is a pretty great figure and I'm definitely glad I have it in my collection that said I might be a little bit biased because I absolutely love Ozen and because of that I love this figure if you're not so much of a big fan of OHS it definitely has flaws and this could be an easy pass but that is up to you if you want to complete your writer collection I think this is definitely worth that purchase and definitely worth hunting down so that is about it guys and this is IX Rolodex signing off

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