S.H.Figuarts Review – Masked Rider Kabuto Rider Form (Renewal Ver.)

hey guys this is Ike relax with robot reviews bringing you another sh figuarts review at this time it is masked rider Kabuto rider form now this is a 2.0 or renewal version of this particular rider the original sh figuarts Kabuto came out quite a while ago and while I don't have it to compare it's pretty dated and it goes without saying that this version is vastly superior now Bandai Tamashii Nations has been advertising this figure for months because it is a pioneer for the new sh figuarts base mold which can do some pretty impressive things so let's take a look at this figure and see how it holds up we'll set tendo's so G walking the path of heaven over here and take a look at the impressive new packaging that this guy comes in it's like nothing we've ever seen before in the sh figuarts line and the presentation is just fantastic you have the figure itself right here on the front very minimal on the side but it still looks pretty quality on the back here you have some images of the toy itself now this slides open almost like a new cell phone case here are a new cell phone packaging and AIDS it's really nice so you got a message on the inside there I'm sure it's super important but I can't read Japanese then you have the clamshell on the inside here sort of a new style of clamshell the ease of access is very nice with this now inside you also get this little concept book now when I heard that this was coming with a concept book I was relatively excited because they hype up this figure so much about it being sort of like a marvel of toy engineering so I was expecting like a involved picture book you know showing off the design process for this figure but we ended up with this and it's incredibly underwhelming just a couple shots of the Figg year it might be a little more interesting if I could actually you know read Japanese but as is there's not a whole lot going on here you do have this interesting mold there they claim mold of you know a human body that they sort of molded the armor of this figure around which is kind of cool and then you have a couple sketches of the knee design and it's professional but yeah this is that's it you know I was expecting something a lot more out of this but this is not the reason you buy it here is the new Kabuto and Wow I just want to say like it blew me out of the water I was expecting quality when I went in on this deal but this blows me away so let's start off by taking a look at the head of vast improvement like I said over the original Kabuto s.h.figuarts the Kabuto the the original one it had sort of a stylized aesthetic most essays for you arts do but it seems that the original Kabuto was especially victim to that because the head sculpt was super thin and I know that a lot of people didn't find that too much of a problem but when you look at it side by side with this one you can definitely tell the well the level of accuracy that this one's going for in comparison and it's really impressive all the little details in there the beautiful compound eyes detail all the way around apparently there are some copies of this figure that have some pretty sketchy paint around the head sculpt mine seems pretty fine but do note that around the eyes here that is translucent plastic painted over in black on mine you can sort of see just around the horn a little bit of that translucent showing through but like I said on some copies of this figure that paint wasn't applied very well and it just doesn't look very good at all in the light hopefully that's not too common of a problem the chests there has some nice details molded throughout the belt itself actually has a little hinge on it so you can do some rider kick action and some great details on that not everything is present but you know it's it's close enough I guess I love these sort of panel lines all over this guy really make some of those details pop especially in the belt all those ridges in the back here you have some details that weren't present on the original Kabuto I really like the finish they decided to go with with the red here it is shiny enough to be very very noticeable very striking and beautiful but it's not nearly as can be read as the original figure art Kabuto and I think this version is a lot more show accurate in terms of the color the arm has some great details in there around the elbow in the hands you even have some little red pads on the palm just an excellent mold all the way around now he does have some modified type 2 hips here I'll show off the articulation here in just a bit but just judging by how it looks I personally don't find it too much of a problem but that breakage in there could bother plenty of people I assume the legs are molded maybe a little off there's some very noticeable angles there but again not too bad and of course the feet have some great details as well overall it is just a fantastic figure now by far my favorite part about this is just the fact that it actually looks like a man in a suit that's what I've wanted from an SH FiguArts kamen rider for so very long and some of them have got pretty clothes but for the most part they all just are a little bit off this guy that's not the case he has you know enough bulk all the way around to actually look like there's a man inside here and it really does look great if you remember back to that concept book they had the the mold the clay mold there and it really does look like they molded this around that so that it looked correct anatomically and I mean like the proportions on this guy are flawless he looks like he jumped out of the show and I can't ask for any more than that you have some nice like organic let's see if I can show this you know some nice like organic looking cloth details on the inside there if I lift this section up you can see sort of the the molding of the ABS underneath the armor itself same thing in the back here it's it's very very impressive all the way around I really have no problems with the way this guy looks and if they decide to take this route of you know actually looking like there's a guy in the suit with the rest of the figure arts from here on out I will definitely be pleased as for articulation we'll start off with the head here very very expressive neck joint here it goes down ridiculously far not too far back just because of the molding of the helmet here but it's still pretty good goes side to side all the way around I do find it's a little bit annoying trying to get that neck piece centered a little bit tedious but overall even though his neck is actually like proportional and thick whereas you know usual figure arts have like a very thin neck just to allow more movement this guy gets around that very very well while still looking great his shoulders have this incredible amount of movement up like that they go all the way around on that internal joint in there you can get a better look of that organic looking cloth molding in there but you know it goes forward and back all the way around hilariously his PEC sections here are actually on little joints so they can compress in so that's something I've really never seen before that allows just a bit more movement in the arms forward whereas if you brought them like this you wouldn't nearly have as much mobility now his shoulder pads are on the double hinge here but they're also on a mini ball joint so basically they can get out of the way in whatever position you put them in and it's very seamless you know like you bring me arm up and it just goes where you want it it's really great rotation up here double joint in the elbow and his wrist has well gone a little bit figma you can go up like that down like that an incredible range there it rotates all the way around but unfortunately because it's not on a ball joint anymore you don't get any of this movement I think it's worth it for the incredible range you get out of this joint now his waist section here is pretty interesting it's actually on an internal hinge system that allows it to come out a little bit like this allowing just a bit more movement side to side and forward and back unfortunately the molding here causes it to catch a little bit sometimes easy enough to fix you just sort of push it like that back into the armor but it is worth noting same thing sort of happens when you bring the chest back like this but once again it's easy to get over but he goes that far back which is very nice forward this far however he does have this little hinge in his armor so that you can bring it over the kabuto sector so he can just get a little bit more crunch I think it looks just a little bit ugly because of that overlap but oh well it's worth it for that extra mobility I think rotates as well now his hip joints here you know they are the modify type two hips but I really like them they're very very solid I have no problems at all with it I actually prefer it over the type one but that is just me some people like I said will definitely be put off by the way that looks by the way it breaks up the armor but I'm definitely not one of those people the knee bends and you know like the concept book would illustrate it's very natural-looking the way they have sort of a slight hinge and then a bigger hinge down here makes the knee bend really well it doesn't go you know a full 180 there but somebody wearing a suit like this wouldn't be able to do that anyway so it's not a problem to me his ankles have a decent amount of tilt they go forward and back very very far I like that and he's got the toe so all things considered he's got a very organic very natural level of pose ability and get him in any pose and he just looks great seamless as for accessories first off this figure comes with this neat little rack for holding the additional hands so that's nice it can come apart and you can add on to it with future releases that have a similar hand joint so that's pretty cool keep all of your additional hands in one compact place as for additional hands he obviously comes with these standard fists as you can see there on this little peg joint there with a hinge he also comes with you know the path of heaven hand I do feel that this could have been molded maybe just a little bit better I feel the index fingers should be just a bit more straight and the thumb should be just a bit more bent but we're getting into nitpicky territory here he comes with these really nice calm hands this is is the ideal calm hand for me it it's very versatile and and looks great basically in any pose I love how that was done and again with the range in that wrist you can do some really great things with it he's also got some holding hands here for holding the kunai weapon which is very nicely done it's got some little tiny bits on the end there that you might want to be careful with don't want to break those and also have the blade some really nice details on this and once again it has the same exact red finish that I liked so much on the figure itself I think it's a little difficult getting the weapons in the hands but not too much a very snug fit which is good and replacing the hands is actually super easy a lot less scary than on some of the other figure arts that have ball joint replacement hands as you can see there's just a little socket there and we can plug his hand in place just like that so he has his kunai on top of that he also comes with some trigger finger holding hands so we get him in a little bit of a better pose here let's replace this hand with I don't know with a calm hand again and pull this one off again super easy to switch out these hands you can attach that and he comes with the kunai weapon in gun mode which is awesome you can't hold it by this end and have it be the axe but it doesn't have the additional axe add-on that's something sort of more exclusive for his masked form so it's not really needed here but this can fit into his hand this is one I have the hardest time actually fitting in see if I can do it there we go again nice and snug and you can have him holding his pistol which he only does you know a couple times in the show in this form at least but he is nice to have Kabuto isn't a very armed Rider he's very much a hand-to-hand combat based but it is nice that he came with the accessories that he did so overall this is an absolutely stunning figure it definitely lives up to the hype the articulation is impressive and fluid and natural the design is very complex but still simple enough in function to be fun to mess around with without it being too fiddly I love the way that this guy looks the proportions are phenomenal and it looks like he just jumped right off of the screen the only thing and I mean the only thing the original Kabuto figure has going for it is the diecast feet but if the fact that this guy has plastic feet is really gonna lose you on the deal then I don't even know what to say I definitely recommend this for any fan of Kabuto Kamen Rider or figure arts in general even if you have the original Kabuto I would still highly recommend this it is so much of an improvement and on top of that just because of this guy's design and execution alone you definitely want to have this in your sh figuarts collection so that is about it guys and this is ayat rollit IX signing off

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