S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo Review

right here at the review of si si kamen rider oohs puto tear combo so let's go ahead and do the thing you're most excited for which is obviously the box that's why you're all here I don't even know why we have the figure out anyways real quick pretty typical mrs. Conrad Oh puto Tierra Rose excuse me and then on the back here it's kind of neat I like a design of his just design with all three metals you know for the background you can't really see it unless you pull the figure out I just got the name around circle names up there really nothing spectacular exciting on the side here you do get some cool designs of the three metals which is neat just a nice touch on the other side you get some other designs of them that are in purple and then on the back shows you like what you can do with them poses and whatnot so all that cool stuff actually move it out of the way just cuz kind of a big box I don't know I'm just gonna move it so anyway that's the box nothing special I think I said nothing special like three times so um he's pretty well accessorized like usual in his first tray he comes with several accessories for changing him out you get this awesome tail here for the Tran asaurus bottom which I will presumably show how to put on basically you're gonna have to separate and put it on but so you have this and then you have these extra little arm pieces here so as you can see there's got is like arm horn things and these are larger versions for like more animalistic look very well detailed just like all the Nicene things are you get two of them there's the other one and then you get the meta Gabriel here which is awesome looking just look at the detail on this and as you can see I just showed you can actually move the head up and down it is a little bit loose as you can also see but otherwise very detailed as you can see the looks really awesome just sort of silvery pain you got on at the gold teeth of the clear plastic here for the blade all the little intricate designs the clear plastic here just very well done very awesome one of my favorite writer weapons and they did a really great job on it and then you also get this little extension here whoops for bazooka mode so that's cool and stuff and then you also get which I'm not gonna take out here because I want to lose a little cell metal versions you can see the individual details on them I don't know if they were sit-down or not but very cool they come this little tray so you get stopped metal versions well and then you get other effect parts I have one of the wing sets on him now which is the standard wings here are the other type of wings you get which can kind of go on top of his head if you want I always have this clear purple plastic here and the silver plastic here same deal here we go second one obviously cuz you can't just have one wing and then this piece here is obviously for switching them out which we will show shortly um you do get a stand which I am NOT going to show put together because you know what these look like and this is gonna waste time and I'm not gonna use it but this is the bottom of the stand that you get here and then you have this piece here which is more of a ratchet joint piece and then you get some extra pieces for extension depending what you want to do this piece here with an extra sort of crotch bottom piece that you can combine with this piece like a laser this is I'm like here's the pieces to put together at the stand and your extra tubing here so I'm just not gonna use it I don't want to waste your time um you get several different hands on him I have one hand for holding the next caliber because he was holding it in the closed fist you get some sort of martial arts he relaxed hands you could use it for either type of pose really and then more like holding hands and stuff like not like I'm gonna hold his hand but um you get about one two three sets of hands before including the the ones that are on him I already should pick this up trying something else up oh here we are now you get right now on him you have obviously you can see his metal design piece than the chest design but you also get the sort of clear plastic aversion which hopefully I remember to switch out and show you we just take it out here I don't know why I just thought it was easier to leave it in here but it's the clear plastic e-version as opposed to like the solid version right now so that's cool I'll try to show that so yeah um here's the figure I got a missed pose now I'm gonna have to get him back in this pose on this reviews done I hope you guys are happy for what I'm doing for you I'm gonna go ahead and take these off momentarily this back piece here must even give up on the link out completely comes off there's the wing and that also came off so these are the other type of wings you got the shiny purple back and the silver inside they're kind of more you can extend them out but I kind of use it for more of like a cape effect which is just easier I'm just gonna take them out right now because they're just gonna get in the way and here you can see these which you'll be able to switch out the other ones which I'll show momentarily I have a lot of problem with this left one always popping out which is rather annoying like right now won't even go back in properly there we go okay so I'm just gonna stand it out for a minute and readjust the camera I'm just gonna tell you exactly what I'm gonna be doing as a smidge all right so let's take a look at him detail wise first SICS are always known for their detail on their stylized look and I really really like what they've been doing with the OHS figures the O's rider designs are some of my favorites and I really like I said been liking what he's been doing with him I love poocho tira because I love OHS I know the dinosaurs so very cool a really awesome job here on the head sculpt I really enjoy what they did with it they gave it a very pterodactyl look you know with like the beak going on here the green compound eyes look really good they really stand out they're sort of circus from because not like a dark green but it's like this perfect darker green I'm not trying to but it just stands out really well amongst the purple which the purple just looks great it's nice and glossy I love the design they got here they got the sort of accentuated winged effects and then like the beak like it's whole elongated head here which looks really nice I'm here's the chest piece right here which I'll switch out in a minute you got the solid colored one as opposed to the clear version they got all the details on there you already saw these little pieces here which can tend to pop out but they ought to do look very nice and I also like a solid color as opposed to the clear actually that's not that clear there's just this is more of a lighter color as opposed to the darker color anyway the but the paint all looks nice nice sort of glossiness to it same continues on his arms here you got nice glossiness to the paint and you also have this really nice we can really tell like two Triceratops design on his arms here in particular with this design over here you get his giant ass oh scanner which it's really nicely detailed do you have like clear plastic all throughout here and all there it doesn't light up or anything but I'm gonna does pop out you got a driver here which has three individual metals in it I'm not gonna take them out but it is possible I'm gonna pop the lid off though to show you that you can I'm trying to be careful in that take off all driver you can take this whole thing off take the metals out switch them out for the course or the cells if you want to I guess or just take them out to show them off but it's a very nice little detail that you are able to do that Wow you also get his little metal holder here so you can put the cell metals in there suppose if you want so it's really cool it is full functioning many others little flat pieces here once again very nicely detailed a very nice paint on here I love the this shiny look I'm his legs here also very nicely done you kind of got like this sort of rough scaly look to him which is really nice and same thing down here you kind of got this layered scaly look for his his Taranto feet so very very cool and then here's the back with the flap and whatnot so yeah design wise very very cool lots of cool details love the color scheme articulation wise you do have your 360 ball joint here you are quite hindered by his large shoulder piece swiveling at the arm you do have a double elbow joint but it is quite hundred once again by a shoulder piece and then like the large arm gauntlet as hands swivel you do get some waist and chest articulation you don't get as much of the chest articulation just because of the solid piece here you got a nice vault right here on is a leg you do get a little bit hundred movement as well just because of the general design it does swivel a bit you got your double knee joint and this is gonna pop out because I switch to have the China Soros thing anyway and then you have this nice little joint here on his foot and then you do get a little bit of a joint here well I meant angle here you do get a little bit of joint here on this so he is well articulated but like as you saw a little bit hindrances and not really any terrible loose joint problems his arm is a little loose and then you kinda have to be careful with the waist when you're switching out stuff like the tail but other than that he's fairly solid and a lot better compared to some older si si releases which had a lot of problems so as you saw these are the sort of K pieces this piece sort of slides into the back and then you place these on here like so and this is just the sort of regular wing piece I'll put it back on there just to show it who cares about you anyway so you can do that like I said I had it down kind of like this for the pose I had a min you can move them out to give them more wing like effect and then you can switch them out for the other ones if you wish you come out damn it no one take the whole thing out and for whatever reason the left side here when I put this on is very tight but the other one likes to come off a lot I don't know why but so anyhow you can switch the other side out for the other wings damn it stay on there and these are all just to show while I'm here these are all on a nice little swivel joint move up and down so you can get various wingspan movements depending on what exactly you want to do put it down it'd be easier there we go got it got it so these are the other style and like I said you can move them out you can flap them you can kind of move a back so it looks like he's mid flight so yeah that is cool for the wings and then the other function here I thought function I just feel like saying that so let's pull these out is the other piece which allows you to make it look like the wings are coming from his head area like it is in the show so basically this just flips in backwards not backwards but and then you get the flaps up here and so you can put these these wing pieces up here so just bear with me a few seconds while I do that and then I'll probably put on the giant shoulder pieces up sniffing come on in just to show you and like I said this one shoulder piece always gives me trouble I'm just trying to detain you so this one time at band camp no there you go so I had to pull back a little bit and maybe pull the camera up let's see if we can just stand there for a second so you can see it a little bit it's a little bit awkward but you can place it like that which is rather cool that you can do that it's not very efficient space wise especially for where I have to put him but it's very cool that you can do that I'll probably just keep the ones I had on him but like I said cool that you can do that I'm gonna go ahead and put the regular piece back on him I'm gonna kind of get a mall monster it out for you so this might take a few minutes so just bear with me here all right so I cut away while I did that just to save you some time she already saw me rambling enough um so anyway to switch out the the tail you can basically pull this off after check all that time on it um it's easier that way anyway basically gonna separate these pieces here because you're gonna want to take off his whole little flat piece here with the belt and replace it with this piece won't be easier to go on the bottom so it's gonna go like that so I'm gonna set this down okay sorry about like the weird camera angles this is just kind of difficult to make sure everything lines up right so just place that on there so it lines up and I'm gonna get his tail so it's not so it's out of the way and then take his driver off there stand awesome tails helping him stand you know so he's driving off so he's not without a driver not like a car driver but so there you can see he's got his tail on so very cool there now I'm gonna switch out these pieces here to give him some awesome arms Hey so that's cool and then now we will finish it up with some awesome wings oops damn it these reviews always feel so clumsy because of the amount of pieces that just love to fall off on these and all the things that could possibly go wrong but it's going better than the last one so I'm gonna count it as a victory except for that piece damnit peace I just an account this is a victory and this piece was like nope you don't get a victory okay so I cut away it again to get him in this cool pose so as you can see he's got the wings he's got the cool shoulder pieces and the tail not really gonna move him because was a bit difficult to maneuver him but anyway overall very very cool I love all the effects you can get for him I'm sorry about all the little hiccups but it's kind of difficult to do everything right I'm so overall this is a really cool figure like I said I love the design love this I see two design choices I made for this and I love all the very things you can do with it if you are a nose fan and particularly this design I can recommend this I really do like it there's a lot of things you can do with it as drivers crooked but let's just pretend that didn't happen a lot of different things you can do with it you can pose a normal pose own but just wings pose them of spikes pose them with tail pose them with all some combination of those very cool he does have a bit loose problems and sometimes you know the pieces all don't stay on there very well in particularly these pieces I have problems falling off but other than that it's still a solid figure so if you're really a huge fan of those I can't recommend these I really do like the designs I did for them and like I said great variation on all the various things you can do with it can be a bit frustrating trying to make sure everything fits right but overall still very solid figure but yeah that's about it till next time make sure you check out rider's ranges and rainbows until next time I'm Stas from rider signing out

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