S.I.C. Kamen Rider ZX Review

what is up fam agent over here and I've got an action figure review and today I'm going to be reviewing the si si cam and rider Z cross I picked this figure up a long time ago like back when a zypher gets first dropped and I just I took it out a couple times just to play around with it and get some pictures and then I kind of put it back put it back in the box and four stories until I get some more shelf space and then I just kind of forgot about it that I was rummaging through some stuff and then I came across and I was like oh my god I never reviewed this so let me do one now and there are some really good things about this figure and there's some really bad things about this figure or not bad but not great but I'll get into that in a little bit I'm gonna talk about the good things about this guy and first off basically like the main thing that got me to buy this figure was basically all about the level of detail that you get with an si si figure and in the design like I I know about the show the old the old Cameron Rider show but I was never really a big fan of the show itself but then I saw this redesign of this classic character and I was like wow they really outdid themselves because the level of detail on this guy is I mean it's crazy the whole redesign I mean there's so much stuff going on everywhere you look there's there's something there's detail and there's you know he's got a utility belt that it looks like it just does all sorts of stuff like here it looks like he's got like a little canteen maybe some smoke bombs right here just all like pouches and just all sorts of things going on and then the whole the whole mixing with the whole feel of the cybernetics and you know ninja armor type deal it just it all just comes together well it it never looks like it's like the detailing is overdone and even in even some parts of it are a little bit asymmetrical but it just it all works to me and you know you've got of course you won't you've got the trademark Cameron Rider calm I I'm in the translucent plastic effect and I really love I'd always love how that looks I've never ever have a problem with it also he's got this uh this metallic really shiny glossy red on his head now I have heard that it can wear off after a while maybe from too much you know play or messing around with it so hopefully that doesn't happen um hopefully they figure that out I guess it happened on an older si si figure but uh yeah I mean really great detail can't really I mean that's what that's what this line this si si line is really known for is is the detailing that they do on these Cameron Rider figures and I just I can't get over just how nice it looks but aside from that I want to talk about the some of the accessories that he comes with okay now here are some just some of his accessories now among these he also comes with interchangeable hands I didn't show those I'll have them in a picture with everything that he comes with but you know interchangeable hands they're pretty self-explanatory they're open hands there's you know closed fist there's holding hands sort of holding hands and the holding hand for the sharika and this ninja bomb that he comes with if you can really see that but uh anyway it's a it's a really detailed really detailed bomb it just looks like he just presses little button and you don't want to be around when it blows up basically and he has this nice little throwing star you can see here fits into one of the hands he also he also comes with a translucent scarf which just lets just plugs into the back of the neck and since it's just on a peg you know you've got some play with it as to which direction you want it to flow nothing uh that I mean it's cool because it because of the translucent green that they use for it he also comes with this ninja sword even though it looks more like a samurai sword than a straight-up ninja ninja toe because a blade is curved and it's actually longer than what a Ninjago would be but uh surprisingly the sword is made out of diecast metal like the entire sword is is diecast metal even the handle and everything in this paint apps are done really well you know can't really complain there I don't really even know why they had to make this metal I just know that that they do incorporate diecast metal in a lot of these figures also in like the figure itself so this is not it's a nice touch it's not necessary but hey I can dig it it also has a scabbard which is cool and the sword the sword does fit into the scabbard like so and it and it stays really well I mean you have to I mean it fits in really nicely like almost like a real sword wood and that's crazy I mean it's nice because I've seen a lot of figures where the sword didn't fit in very well I think like the what is it the the DC Batman Arkham origins Deathstroke had some problems with some QC issues with the with the sword and the scabbard but no problem here he also comes with this little shrieking and he comes with this thing I don't know what it is it clips on to like I said I didn't watch the show it clips on to his to his left leg and I mean it looks like a lightsaber almost you know but I don't know what it is I don't know what it does one of these days I have to look it up when I look up the show I mainly bought this guy just because of the design the design aspect of this dude and I'm just gonna move all that stuff out the way because I want to talk about the main crux of this review which is the pose ability one thing that I've noticed with these si si figures is that they're high on detail but not really high on clothes ability now if they could get the same pose ability that that we get with the s.h.figuarts figures that would be totally awesome I would probably buy those over I'd probably buy these figures over the figure arts figures just because they look so much better and that's and that's saying a lot because s.h.figuarts figures look really really damn good you know show the detailing the paint apps it's all it's all done well on those figures and this is no slouch when it comes to those but where these figures lack and the s.h.figuarts figures shine really hard as in the poseability now you can see he does have he does have a ball jointed Hallett head and you do get a lot of good most and out of the head and the neck also rotates too so so there's and it moves up and down so you have so you can get that much more of a down look or an up look his arms are on ball joints and the solder pads do move so you do have some place so they don't get in the way which is really great because there's a figure there's an SI c cameron rider figure i'm gonna be doing next that suffers from restriction of movement don't do to the armor placement and but I'll get to that next time and he does have he does have double-jointed elbows and his hands are on a ball-joint so there's no risk with I mean there's no forearm swivel but you don't really need it because you have this you have the swivel in the hands actually nope I take it back there is forearm swivel I did not notice that alright I stand corrected I never it was so firm that I didn't bother trying to see if it moved and it was so hidden I mean you can't you can't see the swivel at all so okay I guess there is forearm swivel but it's not like I said it's not really necessary because you know you can get all the movement you need out of the wrist but hey I'll take it if it's there you know this figure it's it's really good up until you get to the oh I'm sorry it also has he also has a at crunch and he also has you know hip swivel I forgot to mention that and the utility belt doesn't get in the way kind of have some movement to it too so it doesn't restrict any of the upper-body movement it's it's in the hips that's where the main problem of this figure lies even though he's got ball jointed hips and they're on a tee joint this is as far as you can get them apart his legs apart so you don't really have much of a much of oh I mean you can get some wide leg stances out of it and you can't get some rotation and the hips so you can have not need poses if you wanted but that's pretty much it like you can't really you can't really get him to kick really high or if I wanted to you know do all do a rider kick you like this is I mean this is about it for the rider kick you know you can't get the leg up I mean maybe maybe few finagle little bit but because he doesn't really have much of a of a much of a need a knee swivel like this is about it for the rider kick and a lot of and I mean and I know in the shows a lot of the riders they don't really extend a whole lot on the kick but I like to because it just looks that much more dynamic so I do like to play around and exaggerate the kick a bit more but that's my main problem is right in here which is kind of weird I don't really yeah I'm just gonna stop there I have a problem with with the with the with the pelvic region but uh yeah he's got you know double jointed knees which is always a plus and he's got he's got an ankle tilt and he's got a toe point and that's my other my other little bright with this figure is with you can see that you can actually see the joint now I have a pink of a better picture because I don't think my camera is picking it up very well but he has um he has this huge gap where the toe joint is supposed to be you can see it there you can see the white in the background poking through and I mean I don't know why they did that if it's if it was if it was a design um choice because it really is off-putting maybe it's supposed to maybe it's a cybernetic thing I don't know but it's it's weird it's it I thought maybe the foot pushed in or something but it doesn't it's it's just made that way and I don't know if it's my figure in particular because I haven't I haven't watched any other reviews on this guy maybe I will maybe they have the same problem it was just something that that occurs on all the figures but yeah I mean that's uh that's basically it for the for you know the pose ability that though the pose ability is what's really lacking in this figure especially in the leg area I can still get some pretty good poses out of him some cool action poses or some ninja like poses one thing I wish they would have included amongst the hands is like a ninja hand where you know he's doing the two fingers up you know like so that throwing that in there that would have been kind of cool too just so I could do some crouching you know ninja may be calm you know maybe doing some hand signs or something but you know you can't really make this guy like can we make this guy routes quite the way you want it to to where it looks to where it looks natural like he's always got this he's always got a lean you know or something I mean you can you can finagle with it and you can play around and you can get it you can get it to where to where you want it but that's what this isn't too bad when I was messing around with him earlier and trying to get some trying to get some action poses out of him it wasn't he wasn't quite doing what I wanted just because or though you know getting his I couldn't move his legs exactly where where I wanted them to be but it just sucks I wish there had been maybe they had cut I don't want to pull the I don't want to pull the leg out of the socket just because I don't want to I don't want to weaken the joint but second if they had just they had just made like maybe a maybe made the some more play inside of this inside of this inside of this leg so that you could get more you can get more of a spread pose that would be better I mean that would doubt be even better I mean like I said this having at this far parts not bad I just really wanted some really dynamic poses especially especially with the sword it just would have I think that just would have helped make this figure that much better but you know that I really don't have any other problems with this figure aside from the you know the pulls ability within the pelvic area yeah I mean if anything you know this figure still would make a really nice I don't know like a really poseable statue type of figure it's not one I would play with a whole lot or I would constantly play it with you know reposing it and whatnot I'll probably put them in a few poses and leave it at that and yeah I'll probably just use it more as like a statuesque type of thing just a statue with way more pols ability than you're used to especially with like some of the other DC figures that that they don't have a whole lot of articulation but they're really the sculpt is really really nice I will treat it more like those figures so that's really about it for this review like I said I got a couple more si si figures I'm gonna review and I just got all my SH figure arts Power Rangers figures so I'll be doing a mass review on that pretty soon probably within the next within the next week so that's what it's probably gonna be a big one so I'll be looking I'm looking forward to doing that and I'm looking forward to finally playing around with those guys but I've been waiting for them all to drop and so yeah that's gonna do it for this review and uh I made you know and I'm out peace

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