Sculpt / Custom / Review SIC KAMEN RIDER BLACK SUN – Ksatria Baja Hitam (English subtitle)

Hello,, Sobat ART Welcome to Channel PUSANDING ARTWORKS Before continuing to this video it's Sobat ARt click the subscribe button first and don't forget to click the bell button to get a notification in the next videos In this video I will tell you about Kamen Rider Black … For friends born in the era of 80 and 90, you will know what Kamen Rider Black really is In Indonesia, this program first aired on RCTI in 1993 under the title KESATRIA BAJA HITAM at that time Ksatria Baja Hitam was very well known to both children and teenagers Even abroad, his series of Kamen Rider Black becomes the best-selling Showa era rider. The action figure that I will show this time is from the Super Imaginative Chogokin line, better known as SIC Starting with a sense of nostalgia for Kamen Rider Black or Baja Hitam finally I made a custom SIC by re-imagining his visual base on TV series The material used for custom kamen rider black is using epoclay brand clay And details are formed using a carving tool.

Before entering the coloring process, all the surfaces of the figure are first cleaned using a brush, The process of working on this figure takes approximately 2-4 months, depending on details And for coloring, you can use paint like the brand Mr. color or anaheimtpaint During the process of making the eyes, the material used is clear resin so that the impression of the insect's eyes can be seen. The base modification that I used this time was SIC kamen rider skull because the base was more authentic than the shape of kamen rider black. The visual display of Kamen Rider Black's SIC action figure was designed and inspired by Ride.116's original artwork.

I chose the reference and replicated the design because the form of Kamen Rider Black that was displayed was more unique and seemed more superior like the version on TV Sobat ART I want to try reviewing this modified kamen rider black For more details, let's compare the differences in the original form of this Kamen Rider in the series with the SIC Custom and official sic comparison Judging from the color, the custom sic is more dominant in black and brown than the official output sic. Here you can see that the armors that are made are already attached to the body parts so they cannot be removed as the official sic output Honestly, I really like this modified design, Because it looks very cyborg as in the series, whereas if the official SIC looks mutant grasshopper like from his comic That's the result of a review for Kamen Rider Black that I custom For this custom Sic articulation, it is like sic articulation in general because the base used is a new output with H-type joints, unlike the old sic output with minimal articulation.

Well, Sobat ART That's the result of a review for Kamen Rider Black that I custom Now, you know the difference between the official SIC RX, black and shadowmoon and the black that I custom. How? can you explain the difference? And don't forget to give input as to what characters we will discuss in the next video. PLEASE TYPE THE COMMENTS BELOW Well … don't rush off, after this there will be a video footage of SIC Kamen Rider Black, hopefully you, Sobat ART like the video and see you in the next video …,.

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