SH Figuarts Kamen Rider 2 (The First Ver.) – Vangelus Review 17-R

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist and I hope you'll join me as we take a look at kamen rider ii kamen rider 2 hopper number two from kamen rider the first this immortal man invaded my desk from the secret headquarters of hlj and at this point i've said so much about these the first and the next moles there's not a whole lot to add there are no surprises here this is the modern movie remade ichimonji suit from the first it also sports a clean helmet and poignant green as well as some shocker logos on his knuckles and back since this is from the film where he started off as a bad guy the most important thing i can show you is what he looks like in comparison to his original release from kamen rider the next as you can see they are nearly completely identical the only different components are the cracked helmet versus the clean helmet but otherwise the next version is simply dulled in every way his green is slightly faded he's scuffed and dirty his Ascot is a little bit darker his compound eyes are maybe slightly darker only they really aren't it's almost impossible to tell the difference in the greens unless you've actually got these figures next to each other to be honest oh the next version doesn't have his shocker logos i'm sure this actually fits into the unstated canon of the movie verse these guys come from like the reason why there were so many more differences of Takeshi is because maybe he was upgraded while ichimonji was left to his own devices slowly withering away in the same cyborg body he had since the first movie then again neither move you made that very clear did they so all that aside on a toy buying level it's really hard to say that you'd actually need more than one of these and just in case you still do need to see it this guy's poseability is everything you expect out of the figure arts body and at least the early version of the figure arts body that this guy is as I said with the review of Kamen Rider 1 this guy has got maybe a few more gaps in his sculpt as the figure arts engineering has advanced since this guy came out that's really about it otherwise everything's tight maybe he actually feels a little bit tighter than the 2008 releases although that could just be because they are from that many years ago and this guy is from 2010 but it's it's a solid finger arts body it's still got all its diecast and after worried about the whole debacle that was going on with the ankles a couple months ago and if you want opposable common right or two this will work as for his accessories they are exactly the same as the ones that he came with in his the next version which are almost exactly the same as the ones that you get with any version of Kamen Rider one you've seen him before if you've seen any of the videos I've done on these guys why would you want to pick up this version of Hayatou basically he's the non battle-damaged version his green is barely different enough from the next version to warrant a ton of scrutiny so that's not really a factor since he's the newer version he may be easier to find than that one though if you aren't picky and just want the mold and/or character grab whichever one you can find for the lowest price and a least amount of trouble anyway this has been internet personality evangelist and that does it for Kamen Rider the first figure art selections with the double riders United I don't think anything can stand in their way except for maybe superior numbers

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