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ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist and long long ago in the 20th century s.h.figuarts didn't exist but back in 2010 I looked at the Lions 2009 rendition of kamen rider black in 2013 the renewal wave touched Minami kono granting him a new sculpt a fresh box and a modernized bag of engineering the best place to begin with black renewal is by the side of his 2009 predecessor the immediate change is clear renewal looks more like a human being he's been carefully bulked in all the right places and slimmed in his shoulders also along with a matte black finish his suit has far more pronounced organic under bits in the joints and even a few reality accurate wrinkles in terms of the direction SH FiguArts has gone in the last four and a half years this is definitely an upgrade black renewal issues a lot of the more toy attic aspects of his predecessors aesthetics exuding far more subtlety and craft and I do mean craft this is a gorgeous sculpt with extremely well done paint apps and a deliciously crisp finish the King's stone and compound eyes are particularly awesome with black renewal clocking in a much higher dot per capita in his crimson optics crimson optics that are stuck on a ball-jointed figure arts Hin jebal double thing neck head but you know how it works there's a thing in here so he could look more up and then you can have them look more down and there's a ball at the base of the neck now this guy does a few things that Shadowmoon did like have this incredible amount of torso bending range and his shoulder has a pad that works a lot like shadow moons the thing about this one is instead of being connected by a single kind of like peg ball jointed connection it's actually on its own internal hinge there are like multiple discs running in here for the shoulder joint for the shoulder pad and everything and provided that this stuff all stays nice and not snapping apart it's a really cool setup because it means that you can bend him in a lot of positions shoulder wise and have the pads not flap about and not have the pads come off while you're making them not flap about you have to sometimes take him go like hey clean yourself up otherwise he's got a bicep swivel double-jointed elbows that shows a whole bunch of this organic meat and a fig arts wrist he has not gone all figma like Kabuto apparently will so I don't know maybe maybe soon we'll be saying goodbye to this kind of joint another cool touch is that on the shoulders if you want to swim them a little bit more forwards there's actually like this whole piece that will move forwards with them exposing some more meat and giving you these these options to have black just lay in his arms forward across his chest already – King stone Flash fool well if you didn't really need to put the map forward but you get the idea he can still go all like King stone flash below the belt there's still some more waist jointed here this is just a whole lot of moving stuff here and it all is a very natural much like shadow moon so that you just have to kind of turn stuff and it looks good when you turn it his hips are classic figure arts hips with the lowering stuff and you get to see more organic meat when you do that there is a thigh swivel up there somewhere and down here we've got some double jointed knees and if you look at the back of those double jointed knees there's more meat and his ankles are much like shadow moons the current modern s.h.figuarts ankle these ankle bits here actually can swivel around a little bit and that might annoy some people who aren't me and of course he can look all goofy I'm not gonna say the word I'm not gonna say the word anyway kamen rider black renewals poseability is this gorgeous mixture of fantastic engineering and super ease of use you kind of just have to go I want to pose him punching a guy like this and the whole toy it kind of just starts working with you and I think that's the big triumph of black renewal is his articulation kind I'm moves in tandem with what you're doing rather than just sitting there and go like well you want to move all the joints you got a finically take each one and tweak it just everything especially in the torso is so natural and flowing in a way that is wonderful for the fingers black renewal is a fantastic SH for your Arts Desk figure because you kind of don't have to worry about breaking or dropping stuff he just sits there and will pose the way you want him to pose black renewal has a bunch of accessories and they're all hands fists our first one of black Suns deadliest weapons however there are also calm and open hands for when Meena Mikoto Rose rage has not yet reached its climax there are also a pair of pose hands for enacting any number of his familiar power postures the chopping hands serve a similar function though he may also use them for straight up caving in a full skull finally black renewal gets one last leg up on his predecessor and just includes gripping hands with the figure itself so he can ride whatever battle hopper you have on hand while his predecessor was a great toy at the time black renewal has soundly dethroned him this is a clear effort to bring up to snuff some of the lines earliest designs especially in light of companion pieces like shadow moon and it has me hugely curious to see how the next renewal figure Kamen Rider Kabuto turns out that's not to say the 2009 original should be thrown out the window though while he is far more primitive and aesthetic there remains something charming about him that I found in many of the early Sh figure arts releases that odd lanky inhumanity of stature and of course he's the one with diecast feet if that's a hang-up of yours but between the tighter proportions matte black finish and far more impressive toy artistry I am glad that the renewal has arrived this isn't just a toy of common around a black this is a toy of Mina Mikoto and by extension a toy of Tetsuo Kurata and Jiro Okamoto and a showcase of my skills with Google anyway this has been internet personality evangelist and kamen rider black didn't undergo an evolution of renewal alone I mean it's not like he just walked here his name is Kamen Rider do you pick up the sticks that I am putting down were you here

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