SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Stand & Effect Set – Vangelus Review 147-B

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist and it is add-on space-time releasing alongside SH figure arts for essays based States this is his stand and effect set a beefy box of stuff that looks like Bandai pre-order bonus material ignite your Rockets and join me for a look inside the included tamashii stage displaced and looks great with its name tag fors a chest logo and copious molded-in sparkles for additional space activity it also should have come with the base States figure in my opinion I know it's the stand and effects epic come on you also get a pair of arms with the stand to accommodate the large weight of the fully effects parted rocket module I appreciate this greatly one arm would have led to a lot of frustration and dangling joints and fours a falling down and embarrassing things like that but these arms should have been inside the base states box along with the stage feeling more like modern preorder bonus fare this larger hexagonal base is meant to show the collateral damage of the drill module inside the core of its violent crevice as a whole that nicely receives the tip of fours A's drill foot think this act v shaped stand is too large for your shelf Ori not space traveler there's also a smaller slightly less violent crevice that only adds a small radius of concrete ripich to the drill tip I dig this option it feels like it takes into account just how crowded a collector shelf can become especially when the addiction takes hold on a damn rabbit hole Rockets engage with the fiery effect part that drew many – this box of bits and pieces it looks a little gloopy between its sculpt and paint but I like its overall look however it attaches in a slightly odd way you have to remove all five of the small nozzles from the rocket module and then attach the flame effect using only the central peg hole do not try to use the other four holes as logical as it seems that will lead to a risk of parts breakage or at least bent pegs and who wants bent pegs once in place for days arm becomes incredibly heavy again many thanks to this set for including two armatures for the tamashii stage I think the effect looks alright but I hope the single peg connection does not lead to looseness through future wear and tear I feel torn about this set I like the stuff inside for sure tamashii stages are always appreciated especially one with an extra arm that I don't need to cannibalize from a box of three the drill display bits are a great throwback to the memorable fight scene from four days first episode perhaps the only weakness is the rocket flame due to the mushy look of the exhaust smoke the pieces large weight and it's single peg connection to the module but what makes me feel truly torn is that all this was sold on its own for just shy of 20 bucks objectively I think you get your money's worth in the simple weight of the plastic inside the box but it's just pricey enough to make me unsure if I would encourage its purchase this is one of those add-ons that you'd have already bought by now if you were into it I don't regret the purchase I made but if you're waffling or feeling against dropping the extra cash I'd recommend following your instincts it doesn't do anything surprising anyway this has been internet personality Vangelis and the first fours a figure art shuttle had one more passenger on board when it arrived let's reach out and grab our future whenever that video is done

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