SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga N Daguva Zeba Unidentified Lifeform #0 Review

but I'll reveal keen eyes and people who read the title who know what this is this is unidentified life-form number zero the first thing in Cougar the villain of course who also turned out to have the human form for child anywho I don't have too many evil rider figures I guess I mean this is enough amount there's more these days but you know based on the older stuff it's not too many you know you don't have like the the final are Guiteau villain or or the I guess any of the thighs actual villains dividers are coming out but not not defendants whatever Oh anyway another time she broke exclusive got this for relatively cheap this is quite an old figure as well maybe not to people not not too many people want this tell us Bret Neil no second ending anything they say that comes with a cup of pasta all the time she was coming these couple sub delivery boxes is to the feed box for protection and stuff I don't know why they don't do that with normal releases I can stop with the price up but don't see why the online web wants need this poverty protection because for collectors who who like to keep the box in pristine condition and all never open the figures are gonna love these couple of boxes but they did want that for normal releases as well anyway so this regards in the name right there says I am transport protection case can be no money nothing on behind just to go to Sela from numbers for him just yeah knows what he smoking down in this accounting book as always tape on here which has already been cut open because in the shop you got a man when you buy these in the shop you got a the sellers know what to do normally they'll say do you want to make sure and check I'm open for you because one she wants to read the store that's that if there's anything broken is not the sellers problem I guess the numbers fingers are so so you got to make sure that you check it before you need to store double check triple check quadruple check if you're not buying some things like twice of us which is a ripoff in Hong Kong you got a triple check or quadruple check you know you never checking too much unless you're there for like ten hours photo of therefore the actual suits in the corner cause generic back my stuff it always seems bit weird I sometimes times your exclusive you've got the window box like just like all the normal releases and sometimes you have the full cardboard box that covers everything inside high these boxes small because it not not everyone keeps the car for protection box so I mean all you put this you wanna put this on display it's nice and you can see in the figure inside some people who don't over boxes like to just displays like this I have a full copper box they can display the figure anyway so yeah pretty cool as a figures it's nice on the figure series incorporates upon a national figure out another field pursuing cat expression through him not action round it was perfect about that so many times and dug and dug and dug Coover zebra I think made copying something tiling oh that's a Chinese name : yep as its name again and cuz not in Hong Kong really so no sticker box seems thicker than the usual ones okay yep same sticker disarms I'm gonna assume that sickness for Bandai some simple stand in heroic action well yeah except he's not a hero so villainous action so uh yeah open the box up Thomas you up like that this one was released in 2010 so four years now almost depending on you know what month it was released in instructions booklet I'd take a both of that but that's not too much about this because it's just that you're swapping hands with this guy and because some QR code there so you take that by the way you can check out photos on Facebook which I'll be uploading them there on the Kouga and a guitar album so you can check that out come on along the look of clear look at the box art and instructions manual and care cards can goes in three two one box way yep very old as you figure out the style packaging when the top tray goes all the way down so uh pop pop pop four corners easily pop off nothing jumps out because the boss is done pretty well this guy changing the camera angle move on to the accessories so I spray open hands by default this is the first camera we need to figure I've seen do that so that's different he's like I'm a sailor moon' I don't have fists or my packaging so the fists are they're relaxed hands are there and the these are the I'm gonna bug you our hands which seem calm tick grabbing us excuse me what protection on him I'll call these passenger seats so protecting the Cape of course you got one behind his head hair and you've got this other sheet that goes underneath between the Cape because the cave is pretty awesome just by holding this right now it feels like the ultimate form figure it's got that classic feel to it and he's bloody tall so changing camera angle back can look at the articulation so much I'm going on by all these least soft plastics so that's pretty good okay please okay so a head articulation you got rotating but the sort of arm and gets in the way up kinda look down kind of sideways sideways so the does down the Nessie figures as a double neck Johnny thing going on this ball joint at the top and a budget at the bottom of the neck I'm sure gives you more movement you sure about that hooked on to the shoulders so shield is gonna go up that is rotating full 360 degree spin but I guess bit tightness like his elbow I'll gets in the way of a horn double elbow joint hand is on the ball peg that's on this double swivel so called movement dare turn out the way the Cape is just soft plastic hmm there's a piece on the batter pushes it up but it's not a peg you can see that there right there so just pushes it up I guess I gotta be a problem for some if they decide to have them take the cape off stamp back there but the front of the cape is okay the front is good on see tight and they don't double check that yeah the funds is definitely because the peg is glued down but you can probably remove the glue and moved to Cape entirely that's such uses aside I don't take any responsibility for you damaging the bigger his little skirt pieces completely loose on the bodies not connected to the hip so it can give more movement space top torso joint and bottom torso joy so they've got two four pegs there's a lot of movement again there you go leg is on Oh Lake is not like any of the other cougar figures is on a newer joints whether they can come down a little bit and go up a little bit so you got up down very easy to move but a bit loose I guess up double knee joint down it's like Terminator leg up leg doe feet is not diecast metal doesn't make sense for it to be and in a way toes are supposed to move but see if it's stiff add a girl you can move oh and move down like mmm ooh the waters cold yeah leg is on the full civil can move down a little bit move up is supposed to be on a ball joint and there's a swollen side but because of the shin armor a lot of it gets in the way but it seems to move okay it's on the yes Pina nothing is on a ball-joint the horns on his legs are also to be so fast they are pointing and can trick a little but they're not a soft plastic I saw the horns on the head so I don't worry too much the only pointy bits I would worry a little bit are the shoulder pads so yeah that's the particular Sheen over plastic bluejack injection is pretty good coloring is pretty much spot-on if you know correct color joints and all that articulation wise might seem a bit limited because of this bulky armor but that's again it's the fault of the suit and not of the figure itself so this figure can pretty much replicate all the movements done by this character in the show this figure looks absolutely stunning for me and I am big cougar fans so I'm gonna be a bit biased there I'm really like this figure is it's not often you get too many sort of villain SH figures of the previous lines it's always main heroes and all that lately you've been getting greets because they have their own characters you got shadow room because you know he has his own character but in the past the villains are usually just sort of OneNote and people tend to forget about them the other way is that you can get certain figures at the same scale like this but I think that's all final figures so you know you want articulation on that you're not gonna get it but he says you start to get more like a wizard you've got the zodiacs in fours you've got the some of the Phantom's and wizard but you know in the past I figured hard to guess so it's good that we got one of the older villains when when the oldest shows eventually we did get like people like Apollo guys to know that but we haven't got like the Shocker leader or anything so yeah or the best rom leader from fifi this thing is nice he's not too pricey he does cost more than regular figures but not too much more that's important you know it's work time she won't exclusive if your cougar fan then you're gonna want to get this before it gets expensive if you're just surpassing through right a fan then this isn't really a figure for you depends really if you like this sort of like really hard armor styles of the skeleton structure with gold very very very warrior like figure in fact Gaiman passes off as a good character if certain videos that people don't know who this guy is because of the white armor and all that is it's really cool thing like the hero was wearing black armor and the villains and white and villains even on the left hand side so which is usually where the good guy is in terms of filmography good guys are usually on the left and the poster and they usually come in on the left and usually wearing white and was a one and on the right hand side wearing black using the villain so since I swapped out around for funsies in the show and that's people yeah solid figure good for posing very free durable nothing fragile lots of details going especially on all is sort of the gonggi and stuff on his cloak and this is cape and waist and hip sort of cloth robes and such yeah fate eat out very very nicely sculpted nicely painted it's just it's just overall really nice figure even if you live you know cougar van you go look at this and think this is a pretty good representation what it's the show's suit so yeah pretty much for ya cougar fans if you're just collecting main writers this one isn't for you however if you some people might want you know dividers to have someone to battle with on display so these one of the more some older villains that you I want to get you know for people people who are not collecting every single villain but want new villains throughout history of camera item I want to pick this up but like I said it does cost more than slightly more just slightly more than usual SH figure out prices but I only cost a little bit more than shadow moon and black but because he's quite an old figure now so imagine the original price when he first came out wasn't that high so yeah if you like this character if you like cougar pick him up if you don't really care for cougar then you can probably skip this one not any sensual which is just pretty much why it wasn't a mushy well exclusive pretty much like going from you only gonna well he's he's better than growing from he's better than mighty form like if you just gonna get if you're only gonna get a few cougar figures I recommend going getting amazing mighty ultimate for man this guy and you know the rest you can probably skip if you're not a big cougar fan so a supposed to just come below and it does take care of nice day and check our facebook photos and such you

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