SH Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Amazon Review

hey everybody OmegaRiderDX video review
today review is SH Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Amazon by Bandai
japan Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirit also I got WonderCon things to is $50 show you the $50 yeah also my first Shinkoucchou Seihou version SH
Figuarts a renewal yeah only different Bandai logo blue instead of red Bandai Spirit instead of red you have my first Bandai spirit the blue version instead of
red very awesome show you those is it open the accessory Amazon had to cross
fist and I show up a fist claw that was claw and holding fist alternate belt and alternate scarf I'm not using just only this accessory Amazon through back
the box excuse me second let's close detail the figure is awesome
SH Figuarts and I'm I know it's animal Lizard chameleon very awesome yeah Amazon
first not insect I know the first Kamen Rider
along V3,X they insect but I'm Amazon not insect nope it's the first
reptile reptile in animal motif yeah very awesome also articulation Amazon the
headset agree it go up and down also have bonus head up and down to also
the mouth open job is only missing teeth is missing sharp teeth is missing the arms sit
agree and go in a out rotate this and they come from the back
articulation this and what it is to only this because only protest thing
careful and claw no and fist concise I rotate this it contains also all the
difference that one joint ball joint difference brought back waist-level the crutch go up and down
side inside articulation the let's front and back it got in and now all of their
days all the different no ball-joint bend the knee
also roll so really pro this one the ankle up a dow science that's it
articulation amazon also know including effect the claw jumping Dai Setsudan
no including fortunately also Kamen Rider Amazon it's actually the last TV Broadcast called NET TV later known as TV Asahi but next but originally was came out but
instead of Kamen Rider Stronger what came out yep
the first Super Sentai came out Himitsu Sentai Goranger was came out and 70 75 series in TV yeah that one the last TV asahi because Instead of
Stronger well Kamen Rider Stronger with channel broadcast by TBS until Black RX
later until 2000 Kamen Rider Kuuga revival back TV asahi 19 years ago yeah and Amazon was awesome imposing are you
pose like this mouth open yeah this figure
I recommend there it's pretty awesome figure
yeah I'll review the Great Saiyanman too from Dragon Ball SH Figuarts review yeah
it's my first Shinkoucchou Seihou renewal Figuarts renew along the Showa Rider
Ichigo Nigo I hope make v3 Shinkocchou Seihou along Riderman if X
too or Stronger more accurate but no one Black and Black RX because already
renewal because along the Heisei Rider renewal Kuuga Agito Hibiki Kabuto Kiva
Decade Double OOO and Wizard I hope make Shinkocchou Seihou Fourze too
Fourze a more, more a TV this one is more accurate but the original SH
Figuarts Amazon not accurate I don't recommend the original SH Figuarts
this one I recommend it because there are more accurate suits to suit actor
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