SHFiguarts Kamen Rider 1 (The First Ver.) – Vangelus Review 17-R

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist here with a review of SH figure arts Kamen Rider let's go through the list 1 number 1 V 1 Ichigo warrior leader from Kamen Rider the first a film whose costume designs I really like and it does kind of bring me back to my very first figure arts review shot on that camera many thanks to hlj for providing me with this Kai's own engine we are weeaboo in it up ladies and gentlemen this was one of the original 2 SH FiguArts in the engineering it does kind of show everything is a bit of a prototype e stage but it does mean he has all the basics he's got the type 1 hip he's got the ab crunch he's got copious movement he's got metal boots the triple ankle joint he's overall a complete package compared to more modern figure arts he may seem a little bit strange with the slightly lankier slightly more Spacey sculpt with the more obvious jointed all over the place but he is a very decent figure he is the original figure art he has a lot of the qualities people liked about these things with maybe just a little bit less of the polish but he's definitely not a crappy figure I don't think he really suffers that much for his age outside of the odd lank eNOS and space eNOS of the sculpt he's even got that unball jointed head that still works kind of just as well and still has the creepy scalp on the back so that you can do some Ascot switching and have it blow in the wind and it's a it's a cool effect it's like I said he's original he's gonna have things that to those of you who jumped on figure arts after the opening waves will find a little bit strange maybe a little bit disappointing but overall I think he's very much worth your time he's got a lot of character he's one of the redeeming factors of the first and the next that being be modernized he say ization of the schoois designs oh I agree I felt a little bit dirty doing but let's get down to the nitty gritty its comparison time the most immediate difference is that in the first Ichigo had a more steely or turqoise or blue sort of green while on the next he went full-on bug green also in the first his compound eyes were a bit Pinker whereas in the next they were again bloody red like his Ascot also the stripe down the side of his uniform in the first was a single stripe in the next was a double stripe those are all the differences in terms of construction in terms of accessories he is identical well except for that one other little thing let's take a look at their helmets side-by-side you'll see that in the first his helmet was all nice and pristine and in the next it was bashed the hell up all the cracks and whatnot were sculpted into the first release of this guy because figure arts debuted around about the time that the next was still having some press so if the colors don't really matter to you that is an advantage of picking up the the first version you get a cleaner helmet that looks a whole lot more like it just came off of the Shocker production line oh and those matching accessories aside from the wind blown Ascot it's just a bunch of hands aside from his fists you've got a pair of choppin hands a pair of calmly open hands and a pair of action e I've got fingers splayed hands and remember this was the first figure art all these ultimate hands kind of foreshadowed some of the more common alternate hands that future figure arts would come with these were the first rage hands Kamen Rider the one is currently the only real way to get a representation of hongo Takeshi nsh figure arts outside of that Showa era hongo that just keeps eluding us constantly as I said before he's kind of like the final prototype figure are the first in the lion with a few left over problems from socha Kenshin but all these problems are in hindsight of the evolution of the toy line which version of him should you pick up well this one's probably easier to find unless you really need a deeper green or really need red eyes or really need a smashed-up helmet and at this one unless the other one's easier to pick up it's all cosmetic differences and comes down to your own personal aesthetic tastes anyway this has been internet personality Vangelis and you know he is called Kamen Rider that does mean he needs a ride and the box he came in wasn't exactly empty I think we'll be seeing him again very soon

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