SIC Kamen Rider Kuuga Decade edition review

and here's the video review for kamen rider kuuga decade edition this is from the super imaginative Qi token line or si si and it is the volume 56 of the series it's also the second time they've done Kouga the first time was in the early series and he was a lot skinnier like you're sort of showed off his show appearance a little more but also they made him a lot more buggy and organic this is definitely a more I don't know how to put it less organic but also more beefy kind of makes him look a little less like a bug and more like a monster bug I don't know but it's definitely a different interpretation I wish I had the first one to show the two but I do have figure arts Kouga is normal show buddy I'll show costume I should say now as you can see the differences between the two is kouga's red is figure arts Kouga talking about two Cougars here should specify figure arts Kouga has a more yellow gold and his red is a little brighter but it's also a different color on his arms whereas over here on the si si version the gold is a little more gold and the red is more of a consistent color but once again the arms and the chest piece do have two different Reds I'm not sure if that's how it was in the show I can't really recall but it's sort of an interesting thing that both cuca figures have it as you can see with his vest it has the writing the grongi writing but then over here as you can see his vest it's got a lot more detail worked into it kind of looks more like almost more organic the armor has like different lines panels like they're they're different groupings of panels grown and fused together like a bone versus just the regular armor cucas accessories are sort of sparse to an extent he has this form change so he can go to amazing mighty form which I'll show you in a bit Andy has an interesting interesting accessories since this is the Kouga or decade edition of Kouga he comes with a decade belt with the ride Booker now – this is to facilitate and I guess some of the things that's something they're going to be doing with the all of the decade addition figures which is kind of interesting but you just pop off kouga's belt and then pop open this one decades bill got a there's grooves there and gotta go in just right I have a right no did you do it's really a tight tight squeeze on there I don't know if you can hear the plastic it sounds like it's about to break and I don't want to force it on anymore but it's definitely a tight squeeze so now you can have a decade edition of cuca now some of the interesting things here is with the decade with the the belt decades belt that Kouga comes with is actually different from the si si decade I have the two to compare here first off kouga's is smaller because it doesn't do the transformation gimmick or card gimmick that decade studs and also interesting is the ride Booker's his decades opens up and has to turn into the gun and the sword whereas kouga's just turns into the gun and doesn't have any opening mechanism so there are benefits to having both I think with getting the decade edition of Kouga you kind of get a smaller cooler belt more show-accurate belt it's belts kind of huge and you get a more show accurate ride Booker because cop the si si Kabuto decade edition comes with another belt and his comes with the ride Booker in sword form so you can kind of have a I don't know it's kind of neat I guess it's sort of a weird thing to throw in there but it also there's another part of Kouga that is the considered part of the decade edition that I'll show you in a bit as I pull them off camera like an idiot if this belt popped back on here painted the belt kouga's belt goes on and off pretty easily if I could get it the decade one is real little tough there we go I was really looking forward to this figure because I missed out on a lot of the older si si releases because I was still getting into the Kamen Rider and everything when they first came out and I didn't even know they existed for a long time but thanks to Vangelis and his great reviews of a lot of the riders stuff it kind of got me interested so thank you Vangelis for making me spend my money anyway so Kouga comes with some interesting things he's the interesting features from past si si releases I should say he's the newest release they've done and Kamen Rider double comes out this month being March and I'm curious to see if anything they did for Kouga will carry over now some of the things I'm talking about is the hands mostly on every other si si I own the hands have their own peg each so each hand each set of hands would have an individual peg but on this it's actually in his arm so I thought that was kind of an interesting choice they did his like over here if you look at since I have decade right here see his hands all have the different pegs so I'm kind of curious if double will continue with that but since we're gonna do the transformation on him I'll just leave his hands off now transforming them into his amazing mighty form is simple enough but one thing they did that I'm really impressed with that they didn't do with the Kabuto and I wish they would have SSD Kabuto is his knee pads si si Kabuto has different colored knee pads when he goes into hyper form and it's kind of a nitpick but I was sort of disappointed when the si si Kabuto figure didn't have interchangeable knee pads I'm gonna make strip prove it down here also the diecast content is his knee pads are diecast on both forms and his shin guards are diecast on die cast and his replacement ones are diecast so now we have emaciated Kouga he needs some help so it's pretty simple he has the same chest the chest pieces are the same just ones painted black so I believe that show accurate I don't think the amazing mighty chest piece really got any different I would have almost like to have seen Kouga come with his ultimate or rising form but I think that would have probably been way too much of a mold issue I don't know if they've announced they're gonna do it or not or what but I've always been partial to his amazing mighty form simply because I like the all-black color scheme but it's still sort of a simplistic design yeah these also can here see it but these his new shin pieces are also all diecast which is nice but his feet aren't unlike the Phaedo arts there we go pop off his little belt piece which I think was neat there we go now one of the other things they did with him that I thought was interesting is instead of giving him a ton of different hands they only gave him one set of hands and then the plates on the back of his hands actually pop off and you can replace them so yeah it's a tiny piece to lose but I thought it was sort of a interesting way to save money that's what it seems like they went for it with him his new ways to save money because and all the other ones I have ladies head to hand I think the hand pegs probably have cheaper this way and I sort of like it because it's a smaller peg and you just get since it's very similar setup you get just the same amount of poseability as before although I'm not sure we'll see what double does there we go as far as hand counts he comes with these kind of relaxed hands fists his signature thumbs up hand and part of his pension sequence hand one of the things I do love about him is best to show on these splayed open hands is they're really pointy they look almost like you don't want you don't want kukuda scratch your back cuz it'll hurt ya his pose ability is pretty good because he doesn't have a lot of extra armor or anything to hinder it so he's got the you know the only thing that really hinders is his chest but even then now cuckoo looks like he's shocked and appalled like what's going on over there but the other thing cuca comes with it solidifies his decade addition is his giant beetle form oh and it fell only I don't like about it is one of the hands are always coming off so now we have always see what I mean just pop down it does not go in there very well this thing is definitely a as you see pops apart here display piece now if I was going to be doing this properly which I'm not because I don't really like the giant final form rides and we just tilt this down so you can see it better there we go not really a big fan of the final form rides personally I think the neat but I would have liked to see the plastic especially on Kabuto used better because in Kabuto it's kind of in my opinion a gigantic waste but that's a different story for a different day anyway back to uh and I cannot get my camera in college Oh service can I get my camera too there we go anyway so he comes with his final form ride which decade in the show turns him into I think it's really neat looking and really frustrated by these little arm things they're always falling out they don't like to sit in there very well they just sort of there's no clip or bump or anything they just friction in there you got a wedge in and they're pretty good and then it falls out but usually what you can do is you can actually fold Kouga up and attach these special like pieces on Kouga and they plug into here to anchor his legs in but I think it's kind of stupid to just have cuca hanging off the back of the stupid thing I usually just have this displayed off in the background well yeah the togas like would just go right there and he's kind of you know weird pose hanging out in there I think it's what I like about this versus Kabuto as this can display by itself Kabuto actually Kabuto final form riders in his SS he actually needs Kabuto to hang out in there which means you can't really have both on display fully I'll go into that in my review copy to later but with Kouga is the one thing I like is a batwing so and see that stupid leg fell off the back wings up now now the detailing on this is great you've got the like a see-through jamb see-through gem here legs the the pincers open I mean it is cool and ugly one of my buddies called it hideous so that thing is hideous I had it on display but it's you know it's one of those things it's for some people not for others you can actually sort of get decade to stand on it kinda you know what I have like you did in the show I'll just pan out real quick I wouldn't trust it to mat fall but anyway it's neat if not just a big showpiece to have next to Kouga it's one of the things I do sort of like is you can have him stand next to it like it's his mount or something there we go but yeah definitely a great figure I really do enjoy him he does some neat things with the si si line that I haven't seen done yet considering he's the newest well see what happens with the carry-ons but i really suggest picking him up he's like usually 50 to $60 I picked him up on ami ami back when he first came out right now hey chill J is running a rider sale I think he's like 35 bucks totally a steal at 35 bucks 35 bucks is a great price for this figure you get a regular kook of mighty form and then you get amazing fight even mighty form and the giant beetle so it's it's definitely a you're getting a lot for the price I just wish they would have instead of having the giant beetle packaged some upgrade parts for his ultimate rising form that would have been cool but you know you can't have it all so anyway thanks for watching

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