SIC Vol 58 Kamen Rider W HeatMetal & LunaTrigger – Vangelus Review 135-B

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist here with a review of si si vol 58 its more common writer double and this time it is heat metal and Luna trigger uh hold on a second um anyway as I was saying this is Luna trigger and heat metal these guys both come in the same package they are very similar to si si cyclone Joker but they also have a slightly different intent in what they deliver so we'll be exploring that more so than things we've already seen on cyclone Joker although I'll show you that those things are the same because that seems to be the kind of reassurance that toy collectors love to see anyway let's get on with the review and have a look at these guys sculpt ins and paintings entirely ditching the flatter black of the previous volumes Joker half all of the forms represented in this set have a shiny and somewhat metallic finish new to this aesthetic are the colored clear plastic overlays on the sculpted detailing strips for each of the philip halves which I like quite a bit these pieces also made me realize that si si s double shoulder pads have a more swirly trim on the Philip sides and a more angular trim on the show taro sides the unfortunate head sculpt seams are still there but this time there is a solution to that and we'll get to it later placing these guys alongside cyclone Joker I do have to say I am sold on this take on the double aesthetic it certainly is not for everyone but I love these panel line II flexing exoskeletal mystic cyborg two-in-one detectives say that a few times really fast give it a shot people will say to you why are you talking to my child Oh happened to me anyway the only other thing that really stands out to me is that heat metal and Luna Trigger have slightly more symmetrical double use on their chests anyway articulation I'll not belabor this point too much so I'll just show you that the articulation on these guys is pretty much identical to cyclone Joker there are no missing points and there are no additional points the only difference is I don't know if you notice this or not but here in the midsection this part doesn't jiggle anymore this this midsection bit I didn't actually mean to rip it in half but I wanted to show you I'm a strong boy it doesn't jiggle at all that's because these midsection pieces are actually clipped in place they're not just kind of shoved in between these plastic bits they're held in firmly so that is actually a bit of an improvement over the cyclone Joker release and just in case you're insane I'm going to show you that the articulation and all that stuff I just talked about is exactly the same here on Luna trigger are you do you really need to know this are you can we just can we have an establishment of trust here we can thank you cuz we're gonna need to do this one more time all right guys now you know how a few seconds ago we established this trust you might have forgotten so I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here okay you see how all the doubles have fists on right okay remember that part now I'm going to go down here and you see how all those hands are the same that's because heat metal and Luna trigger come with the identical hands as cyclone joker everything is identical all of the Philips side hands are the same all of the SHO Toro side hands are the same this means we can skip showing you all the hands thank you now for the new stuff let's take a look at the metal shaft which is conveniently attached to his back I know what you're saying that wasn't there before well it wasn't because you get this really cool little clip piece and a completely different thing to plug in its place I kind of like this approach because this means that you have a place to stick it by the way this uses a series of pegs one's thicker than the other but it's hard to tell at a distance I like that it uses this little plate because this way you can have this thing accurately clipped onto his back but you don't have any kind of unsightly peg holes or whatnot back there on his shoulder blades and once you've pulled this thing out the metal shaft is admittedly a little bit small it also doesn't want to let go thank you this thing actually comes apart in several places its design to be a very modular bit of display and I'll demonstrate this a little bit more clearly now here are all your bits and pieces as you saw before the smaller version of the metal shaft is assembled from these five bits then if you want you can replace those two grips with these two grips to show the metal shaft as though the first stage of extension has been initiated however if you want to go full on big old metal shaft you can then remove these two small bits and replace them with the two longer bits and get your full-size metal shaft if you want though you can start mixing and matching stuff like you could have this little handle piece here and then this short piece here or switch that short piece for this short piece put this long piece here you can have your metal shaft be oriented and extended in any number of ways and everything just pegs together very solidly there's a certain way that this goes this piece with the metal bar matches up with the block there and then this piece has a little tab sticking out that matches up with a groove on the top of the centre of the grip and you can just plug pieces together as you wish so the metal shaft I think is pretty well done it's a little bit daunting in the fact that there are so many pieces but it also lets you have so many options but let's say you want to get your maximum Drive on that can be done here first off let me grab the metal memory from the belt I should mention that these memories are of the same decent quality as the cyclone joker ones and they seem to fit into the belts a little bit tighter anyway there's a slot on the metal shaft to stick the memory in and it's it fits in really snugly in there I'm actually quite impressed and there's a little bit of a raised tab on here so you can just pull it out afterwards so now you've gone metal maximum Drive but these things aren't on fire yet don't worry about it we can we can do something about that we'll just pop these things in and out and do the same over here and now you've got yourself a somewhat translucent red flaming metal shaft the effect is it's not actually as impressive as you might hope especially if you're used to the sh figuarts heatset explosion e parts but it gets the job done it it makes it look like the shaft is inflamed and and throbbing red with a little bit of a pulsing on me on the tip and and I'm okay with that I am but if you do need this to be bigger you'll want to look into the si se double effects part set where you get a big ass throbbing Li wide and huge flaming red end for both ends of your metal shaft in the meantime though this is still a pretty cool effect and it's a nice bonus to throw in let's take a break from shafts for now and move on to a man's other favorite plaything firearms guys can you tell where the trigger Magnum is it's kind of hidden on his body yeah the thing can plug into his chest like in the show but unlike the show it doesn't shrink so he just has a large gun stuck to one of his pecs I've never really enjoyed the way this looked and I kind of just want to pull it off of there unfortunately since it just pegs in this hole is always there and unlike the metal shafts storage there's no option to cover it up which i think is kind of a bummer the other bummer is getting anyone to hold the trigger Magnum because the holding things hand is sculpted so the trigger finger can actually go on the trigger of the trigger Magnum trigger trigger and the trigger trigger trigger the problem is that it sits in there pretty loosely it won't really fall out it'll just always be sagging and jiggling around and doesn't feel all that safe to me on the bright side it looks awesome it's got matching colours to the the trigger blue with the really cool metallics I really dig it and like the metal shaft you can take the trigger memory and stick it inside and here's where I think the engineering got really cool so it goes in there very snugly as with the metal shaft when you close this up you can see a little tee in there I think that's awesome that that actually all synchronizes up that that kind of thing gets me really giddy for reasons I can't quite explain but once you do that you can totally unleash some Trigger maximum Drive and get all Dirty Harry style hard-boiled so I kind of dig that and I really like that the thing is fully functional and has that almost role play toy ask interact ability with the trigger memory you can stick any memory in there I really but I just want to show you the trigger one because it's on topic and it's it's easier to to throw in there the trick though is trying to get them out afterwards you've got to you've got to for one kind of take it away from him and put them over here for a sec because I haven't had trouble getting these out in the sense of I can never get them out it just takes a bit of a fingernail pull to get it free before you can pull it out and stick it back into the double driver all this stuff is tiny I don't know if you notice this speaking of tiny do you remember memory gadgets and you remember how I just said this thing kind of had a miniaturized roleplay toy let me show you some miniature miniaturized role play toys these are the memory gadgets that you get with the set while there's those two and then this one but spider shock doesn't really fit anywhere on their bodies the phone actually can fold up and it has all this little phone centric ish detail all over it and is made of a whole bunch of very tiny fragile rickety parts I really like they pulled off such a tiny thing but it also like can can come apart in the package it's so tiny and held together with little friction pegs that's my thumb and the camera I think it's actually the most solid of the three because it's just got this nice comfy brick of an alt mode and you'll see how nice it is in bat mode later on so what you get with these things is aside from the memories weight aside from the gadgets you also get the memories I'm getting ahead of myself because my memory is pretty gadget 'add the memories don't have the symbols painted on them but they do have a decent amount of detail to show where those symbols might have potentially been and sticking them into the gadgets is pretty easy there's a slot on each one it's a show-accurate slot as far as I can tell just stuff it in there and then it's supposed to say bateau and these things literally transform like these are teeny tiny role play toys and they are so tiny that they are just as finicky and fragile in feel and in look as they may seem in the footage here the Spyder shock of course is the simplest one to work with as all you have to do to transform it is that and now you have a little spider and the phone is the most intricate one because it has just all these moving parts which almost arm maybe a little bit too intricate because you've got the side from folding this part open there's these tiny tiny little legs these legs can come off really easily and then down here are some more tiny tiny little legs like I appreciate the amount of effort that clearly went into doing this but man like even the little stag beetle things here can open up so it looks great it's just it's it's it's dangerous man is dangerous these things can also attach themselves to the weapons they have enough tabbing and slotting to allow for all manner of assisted maximum drives whatever it is you may want to do so I love the fact that these were included because these these make this package feel really worthwhile like you're getting so much oomph in here again 2 full figures who are fully featured and three small transforming gadget thingies and there's still one more thing they threw in let's start this off by just pointing out that thing on cyclone Joker that I didn't really like which was this kind of ugly seam line that goes around the head as though the front of the mask were the part that comes off and being a split half-and-half design double doesn't really look good with a seam mark on the side of his head there is a fix for that in this set basically you take one of these pieces of which you receive two and then you line up all of these funny-looking bits and pieces around it there's some bits go around the bottom and then there are some bits that clip into this side as you can see you are basically creating through a sort of 1/2 and 1/2 combination the same head only without any kind of major seam lines there's like a teeny tiny one but it's nowhere near as noticeable as the one on there this does look a bit bald so let's just pull his you know sensory and 10a off of his head and stick them in here to kind of seal the deal now sure you're saying like oh well that's got to be tricky to install all right now you just you just pull the head off and stick this on now you've got a much better looking head and this is kind of the prelude to the big reason why you want to pick up this set because these guys can a form swath so let's do that now let's begin with some destruction because that's really what I'm best at first you got to embolden your common router and then start pulling pieces apart the head you've already seen how this comes apart you just pull off half of his face and in half of his throat and we'll deal with that later on the torso is where most of the new stuff is much like cyclone Joker's form change you peel off the arms and the jacket part up there and then here's the new bit you know how these didn't jiggle that's because they actually peg in now as halves this is a really great idea and it means that there's bit more stability and you get a form change gimmick down here on the legs much like cyclone Joker you just pull this bit off and Dee crotch the common rider and then get this bit off the new part is that this thing is no longer permanently fastened onto the frame you can actually pull it off with a little bit of gentle screwing and now if you really want to you can put all these bits and pieces back together and have you know pieces and bits of a rider so that's the deconstruction putting this thing back together is actually not all that hard despite all those bits and pieces you just saw being slung around much like cyclone Joker's transformation to and from extreme form this is actually a pretty intuitive bit of parts forming for all of its many bits and pieces I've actually managed to do this without instructions upon opening this dude right out of the box and did not have much trouble figuring out what went where and I got to say that's a credit to si si because as I've said in cyclone Joker's review this kind of stuff I'm used to this being a crazy go nuts kind of nightmare of bits and pieces everywhere and a whole lot of a lack of fun and I actually kind of have fun doing the form swaps on these guys it's not like as crack it out and just mess with it on the desk as a transformer but it is definitely not something that you need to set aside the better part of an evening to do it's actually quite simple and kind of kind of toy attic for si si which is a line that does not often engage in outright fun toy action feature times and as you can see with this set you can swap these dudes into Kamen Rider metal and Kamen Rider Kikaider and you're all set to go so I think that's pretty cool and just to take it one step further although the trigger Magnum doesn't really get much love in this respect the metal shaft does have ultimate bits and pieces to work with Aluna metal form these have to rip off the entirety of most of that connection and you've got this bendy shaft and you've got another bit for this side if you want a fully bendy shaft I kind of like that you can leave part of your shaft stiff all the other part gets floppy and you've totally got Luna metals own a personal version of this armament I'm really happy that this was thrown in because it helps make the form swap gimmick between just the two figures still feel like a full-on experience and like you're not missing out for perhaps lacking Cyclone Joker however if you do have cyclone Joker that is something you can still partake in using a few extra bits and pieces because as you saw cyclone Joker the s icy toy did not fully split in half that's where this si si release gives a little bit of uncharacteristic kindness and gives you these bits to make the si si parts work with these new versions of the inner frame thanks to those bits and pieces the cyclone and Joker components from si si volume 57 can be used and you can make stuff like cyclone metal and heat Joker it totally works this set provides you with new hip pieces new mid sections and new face and neck halves so that all of those arms and legs and chests from the old set can plug onto this new one so si si has actually pulled off full-on form change playability and that's really cool except for one small problem you see we've got these two guys but what about Luna and trigger the problem is the leftover torso from the cyclone Joker set even if you strip away as much of Cyclone Joker as you can this thing lacks a whole lot of basic stuff that's needed the legs down here can't be swapped out so this entire piece basically needs to be replaced needs to be replaced with swappable hip bits it needs to have the pegs in there for the mid section bits basically if it weren't for this bit you might be able to pull it off except there's one more problem for Luna and trigger we'd be okay because you could totally use this head to make things work but you're only provided with the two bodies in this set which means you only have the two swappable sub heads that all the facemask parts go on to what I'm trying to tell you is you just got si seed by Bandai volumes 57 and 58 will allow you to make cyclone and Joker and heat and Luna and trigger and metal into any forms you want provided you're only you two bodies for anything that goes outside of the pre prescribed forms there are a few workarounds though much like cyclone Joker it's almost as though this set is trying to be merciful and then realizing its roots as an SI si costume change set because you see for all those leftover bits and pieces you may have you're also provided with a counterpart to this component all right let's build us half of a heat so these things work more or less like the cyclone half except that they're modified slightly to work with all of the extra bits and pieces that are involved in the full-on deal you get in this set for form swapping so they work with the new hips and whatnot also they do come with the pre-made waist pieces you also get enough of these little things here to make both the Luna or heat halves so they didn't chintz out on parts enough to make you have to pick one in that regard but that almost makes it even more frustrating that those extra little bits for the actual poseable bodies were left out I don't know man it's it's kind of uncool you also will notice that unlike the cyclone half this thing is designed to work with the half of a heat head that you would have left over from a disassembled form swap and because of that they actually include a pair of these little half and 10a both are for the same side because they go with Luna and heat and boom then you just gotta stick the leg down here and you've got half a heat there this is really cool part storage but also much like cyclone Joker there are some bits left over namely the little half of a neck and the little half of a belly that aside it's really cool that you have basically three Phillip halves that you can use for all the various Joker maximum drives they've all got the crazy creepy half a person sculpted inside and all three of these plus this means you have some really cool display options because they all work with the stand as well so just as an example if you wanted to do a joker grenade it would not be too difficult you just got to stick both these guys in here and then make them look like they're punching while you're doing that also try not to have the shoulders fall out so this is kind of cool because if you use Joker and one of these things in this display option it does free up the poseable bodies so that you can then have three customized forms all for display it's a it's a bit of an unfortunate workaround but I'm glad it's there because this means you could have Heat Joker here and then cyclone metal and Luna trigger or cyclone trigger and Luna metal uh the bummer is that for all this effort you know I wish there had just been those extra bits so you could have three form swappable bodies between these two sets volume 58 is a dense packed box of shiny plastic heroism from the two full figures that bear a form swap gimmick that they themselves can make decent use of without their predecessor set to the trio of fully transforming memory gadgets and capped with the bevy of extra pieces specifically aimed at owners of si si volume 57 the heat metal Luna trigger set utterly proves its monetary worth several times over however in providing so much to its buyer it in turn makes its biggest flaw completely inexcusable to do so much and offer so many options and components to owners of si si cyclone Joker yet leave out the minimal number of components that would be needed to outfit that set with form swap compatibility puts a heavy ceiling on what could have been a perfect companion package don't get me wrong though si si heat metal and Luna trigger are a great set of figures loaded with a lot of love for collectors of the si si double series despite falling short at the very last moment and hugely to its credit this set is an entirely fun and playable experience for folks who do not own the cyclone Joker figure that came before owners of si si cyclone Joker absolutely should purchase these guys and fans of double will likely get a kick out of them even if they don't own Phillip and show to Rose most iconic iteration just be aware of the specifics of the form swap gimmick before you end up disappointing yourself with a totally reasonable expectation anyway this has been internet personality evangelist I hope you enjoyed that look at a monolithic box of teeny-tiny parts that's a whole bunch of fun but still kind of feels like it betrayed you at the last moment many thanks to the heated lunatic jokes and the guy ripped that acronym off from in the last comment section there is one more si si kamen rider double set to go through in this brief little series ladies and gentlemen it's a set about fury and a set about being a man it also comes with the den den sensor and I know we all love that so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen and put on your hats this set also comes with three memory gadgets you can see the bat camera and the beetle phone or stag phone I forgot which is which you can also actually let's start this over again

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