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Oh hello this is sound out here with a review of from kamen rider Dragonite of kamen rider black night with advent cycle also known as the ride shooter as you can see here you got the ride shooter guy try me for the lights and set for the lights show that later it's got picture of the character admin symbol your toy reflection of Dragon Knight no reflective surface which made me a little bit sad it's cool on the back it shows the Advent cycle the dragon cycle on the wing cycle and shows the drag adviser so let's get started on this ok so here we have Kamen Rider plague Knight with Advent cycle set out of package this is really nice box I'll just read the little show description here on the other side of every mirror on earth was the parallel dimension of ventura world destroyed by the interval generals AVX see the axon what are you the Kamen Riders warriors Kamen Rider war Kamen Riders are warriors from Vitara who were all but wiped out when they black stoller added X which power their abilities you think by how many times I've read this so far they could get it but no no not yes alright so this set as they come right a black knight figure that's not that articulated the Advent cycle a advic heart and some little flame pieces that came on a tree we'll get to that later first I'll talk about the figure the figures detailed as much as the basic four inch sized painted as well it's nuts translucent eyes but that's a little thing later not the ride visor no symbol on the deck because it's not supposed to tick ulation he's got a unit hip legs and 360 arms and a ball-joint neck but i got in the right position for the feature let's talk about the main focus of this after I show you the admin card this is the survived admit card for Kamen Rider wrap it's a generic card though it's got one hole on the top as opposed to other cards to have multiple holes so should activate the survive card sound effects and the other two stripe cards the ones for Dragon Knight and Knight come with the dragon cycle and wing cycle and I didn't decide to get those yet what felt like spending that money at the time so anyway here is the Advent cycle it's nicely detailed it's got paint applications here and here in Japan is called the ride shooter I'm still deciding which name I like better got some red on the back it's got two wheels so it's stable and yeah it's it's got some little detail on the wheel there if you open up the canopy you can see inside there's some handlebars there's nothing on the screen and it doesn't have a little hydraulic lift up that doesn't show it does have a little seatbelt detail like they had in the show just don't function and they didn't function on the Japanese tour either how do I know so much about the Japanese toy I watched a review but but I really like this one actually better because it's not like so explosion like throwing to figure across the room explosion take the figure and it fits in the side it's in a biker pose so really yeah you can't fit the other Kamen Rider in this bike just so it's design for it so yeah it's got a light feature so Oh I'll turn down the lights here seeing this nice light feature press the button and his eyes light up see that there his eyes light up like Dragon Knights do on the show so you should press the button back here and the eyes light up so that that's pretty neat it work it works kind of well inside the when the canopy is closed but not that well yeah the canopy you gonna have to tighten every so often just by it squeezing on the sides here so we close it and then you open it again you want either squeeze it then or you gonna close it and squeeze it again but otherwise you'll keep doing this and they'll pop up eventually I've seen the abuse what happened anyway take blank night out of here for now this finally the main reason you want to keep it around is because it's got those translucent eyes as far as I know the other cycles can't fit other riders in them or on them I should say it does come with a wolf bonus accessory comes these little flame pieces then I hated despised and hope they were won't which they are when the first Toy Fair images show up but I actually kind of run to like them a little bit still I'm not gonna keep them on display now it looked like that it's kind of like a speed thing some people like mine I just don't like them the toilet cheesy I think yeah yeah well I'll show you what they came on they came on this little plastic tree like some older toys or some Japanese candy toys yeah please so um that's kind of a bonus I think it's not really that big of deal I'm glad that wasn't what lit up but anyway I'll show you all the writers inside so I'll start off with the basic blank night so there's the regular blank night in the Advent cycle and there it is it can't be closed so let's do dragon magnets so there is a drag at night inside the admin cycle and can it be closed so I'll do wing night next so there's wing night beside the Advent cycle as you can see still keep the dark visor holstered I would suggest put the figure in then reattach it and there is the can be closed X told you in size one now for inside degrees a little hard yeah as you can see can get the scissors visor on since it moves the rest at the fold these up it bend these little um extensions out to the sides of the bike so I wouldn't suggest playing this one in a display for permanent and there you go candy clothes can please open let's move on and I'll do torque next okay so there's torque in the Advent cycle and as you can see it's same thing with the wind night you can attach his magnet visor you have to reattach it up to get the figure in then close it up and you can open it up yeah and last we'll do camera so there's camel in the admin cycle as you can see the hand doesn't really have one attached there and yeah can they be closed canopy open so come back of my Firefox so over all the assets cycle is had the best buy out of all of them since you invent all the writers in there for sure and so far and you can I get these little flame pieces for free this one was it'll be a hardest to find I think because I was at my toy store dead four or five winging night cycles winging dragon cycles and they're kind of like you know divided up so they had you know four or five in total of those two it only had one admin cycle so if you're looking for this I would just go looking for it now your Toys R Us if you see it you should get it because it's really cooling cycle sounds good is the Japanese version but it's pretty good and it gets the right card and they said they had been used in the show yet so I said it's pretty good overall I think this is pretty good now if you're one of those people are gonna wait for Walmart you see the dragon visor get the drag visor then get the rest of the toys because then you'll have your admin cards put to use no cuz right now they're just epic cards they don't do much on their own yeah so that's it for my house oh it's all bubbly for a little while oh wow color under watch this is snack saying state you may probably be doing more using the future and goodbye you

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