Soundout Review – Kamen Rider W – DoubleDriver Part A

I hello this is sound activity PureView packaging review for the Common Era double deluxe double driver yeah you got one up yours a packaging see advertised the for gamers comes with mentions of dad memory three Joker forms a double approved by toey bottom see the some pictures here says come writer double very lightly their side double cyclone Joker double cyclone Joker Joker side seat the joke aside the cycle inside on top same thing as the bottom not much else to say glue on the back is where everything interesting happens bc it says insert to guy memories open it up become account at ur to you get these three and this one but in order to get the metal and the trigger memories yet to buy the metal shaft and the trigger trigger magnum which 909 1009 then maximum drive Joker straight and then the books trapanese stuff choking kid it's become famous and a barcode of boo I'll so stay tuned for the actual review coming up right after this

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